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From The Isle of Purbeck to Big Meadows

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Traditionally, we visit Big Meadows at the end of the day.  The kids play hide and seek in the tall grass and I watch the deer.  Afterward, we head to a picnic ground and cook hot dogs over a fire in the near or total darkness, and finally, drive home, getting in close to midnight and tucking dirty little ones right into bed.  I don’t know that I will have a completed mystery knit along shawl to photograph there every year, but this is the second June that I have.  Maybe a short lived tradition?  Last year it was Follow Your Arrow, and this year, Tales from the Isle of Purbeck.  This latest shawl is my favorite.  I can’t remember if I always say that, but this time I really mean it.  It almost makes me long for cold weather (but not quite.)