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The New Chicks

Small Things new chicks Small Things new chicks Small Things new chicks

See that old hay wagon that my littlest ones are sitting on?  That is supposed to become a new chicken coop.  A chicken coop that can be moved around, that will always stay stationed far enough away from our house so that I don’t have chicken poop on my front porch.  I probably should have waited to order new chicks until the new coop was finished, or at the very least started, but I didn’t.  So for now, the new babies are living in our old coop.  The one that is pretty great, but too close to the house.

In case you are wondering here’s the breakdown:  We have mainly Buff Orpington pullets along with a Buff Orpington rooster.  I have an irrational (or actually maybe it’s rational) fear of roosters, but they are useful, and  I am hoping to raise our own buffs in the future.  For variety I also ordered a few Welsummers and Easter Eggers. And yes, once again, Silas is wearing Beatrix’s clothes!

We’re all pretty excited to have chickens again!