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Gabe's birthday-8864

(busted taking pictures by both Gabe and Trudy)

I thought that Gabe might like to have friends over for his birthday this weekend (and he did), so we all went into “get the house ready for company” mode.  Only, there was so much to do that I got overwhelmed.  I spent Saturday morning grocery and forget-me-not shopping.  Saturday afternoon I really meant to clean, I was supposed to, but I ended up winding yarn.  I’ve been resisting this particular Gotland yarn for weeks, because I need to finish my sister’s shawl.  But all that cleaning that needed to be done pushed me over the edge.  I thought that I would just wind it.  So I did.  Then I thought that I might just cast on for something, a lacy shawl perhaps, and then put it away.  The cast on stretched into a few rows and I am wondering what I was thinking because that is all I want to work on now!  I must stop.  I must finish my sister’s shawl.  Must.  Will.

We did manage to get everything in order for Gabe’s birthday celebration.  I even managed to make his cheesecake the day before, and for the first time ever, it didn’t crack!  (I followed these instructions using cornstarch, but no water bath.)  I must have said to him half a dozen times, “Gabe!!!  Your cheesecake isn’t cracked!”  He didn’t share my enthusiasm, just didn’t understand that this was a big deal.  Because you’re just going to eat it, right?

When it was time to sing and eat cake, I joked with Gabe about putting on his birthday crown, and he said that was okay, he would just pass on wearing it.  His baseball coach said, “Come on, wear your crown!” and with a smile, Gabe immediately said, “Allright.”  We laughed and told him that he didn’t really have to.  But I felt thankful in that moment that Gabe has this other positive influence in his life outside our family, someone whom he respects so much that he would agree to wear the birthday crown that I am sure he feels he outgrew a couple of years ago.  Lately I have found myself feeling very grateful for all the adults that my kids have relationships with.  Our village.

I bought Gabe a life jacket to go with the kayak he got for his birthday.  The original plan was that he would have to buy his own, because the kayak was way beyond the birthday budget to begin with.  But then I thought, wait a minute, we’re talking about preserving his life.  And besides, Jonny went out and bought him a new fishing pole too.  Sometimes the budget just gets thrown out the window.  We adore this kid of ours.

Happy Birthday, Gabe!  We love you!


  1. I have two men now and I just love seeing Gabe so grown up!! What a beautiful cheesecake. My Eric has hacked for cheesecake for his birthday more often than not, I’ve never made one tho!! Where does the time go?!

  2. awww, happy birthday Gabe! <3

  3. Ginny,These pictures are perfect!!!!Happy Birthday to Gabe!!!!He is a very special kid it seems with an amazing family!!!!!Your such a good mom,sometimes I read your blog and hope that I match up to half of what you do!!!!!Enjoy the celebration!!!HUGS

  4. I just love all pictures of Gabe. His eyes are so gentle, and soul so sweet. Happy Birthday to him, and love to all of you. Xo

  5. Corinne says:

    Happy Birthday to Gabe!!!
    ……….my, looks like soooooo much fun!

  6. Louise says:

    haha! That busted picture is great!
    Happy Birthday to your precious boy.

    How did you like Heidi?

  7. I’m glad for your gushing over Gabe. Lovely young man. Lovely celebration. And good for him for wearing the crown! Yes, yes, yes on your words on being ever thankful lately on the other adults in your children’s’ lives. Feeling much the same. A hug sent for some kindred thoughts.

  8. Hope he had a great brithday – certainly looks like he did!

  9. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your kayak!

  10. Gorgeous cheesecake, Ginny! I’m a pastry chef and I still have them crack every now and then.

  11. Happy Birthday Gabe!!!! You are blessed with the most wonderful family.

  12. We finally got my husband a kayak for his last birthday (he turned 62!) He’s gotten so much peace & joy from it! So glad Gabe didn’t have to wait that long! Sometimes it’s nice to be spoiled a little! Such wonderful photos again Ginny. I love the crown one! Happy Birthday Gabe!!

  13. Happy Birthday, Gabe!

    As a Mommy of 3 grown up boys I can say that he may not want to wear the crown this year but you may be surprised that one year in the future he may wear it all day. My boys really got nostalgic about some things as they got older. It is a really sweet thing about boys!

  14. Happy Birthday Gabe!!

  15. I appreciate the other adults in our children’s lives too. Happy Birthday to Gabe. You know, when I was little my mom had this bright pink button that she would always put on us that said, “Kiss me, it’s my birthday!” It was sort of childish, but even as a teenager, I hoped that she would insist that I wear it, (I was too cool to put in on myself!) So I bet Gabe really liked it when his coach told him to wear it. It’s fun to feel special on your birthday, especially when you have to wear something a bit ‘goofy’.

  16. Jeannine says:

    Happy Birthday Gabe! Such a blessing to your family:)

  17. I for one, am in support of your winding and casting on. And I totally agree that knitting a few rows was OK! The pattern looks lovely and I can not wait to see the progress and hear how you like our yarn.
    And look at all those happy children! I don’t think they noticed you were knitting.
    Happy Birthday Gabe!

  18. All of this is so beautiful– Happy Birthday to your gorgeous son.

  19. I love it all — So beautiful. Happy Birthday to your wonderful son.

  20. The way you feel about non-cracking cheesecake, I feel about successfully getting a bundt out of its pan!

    Happy Birthday, Gabe!

  21. He such a man, Ginny. (sad/happy faces!) Happy Birthday, Gabe! I so agree with you, Ginny, about other adults in our children’s lives. My son’s future mother-in-law has always been very jealous of time her daughter spends with us, but I am just so grateful that someone else loves my kid! There can’t be enough!

  22. Wishing Gabe a belated birthday – I bet he is going to have many years of fun with his gifts.

  23. happy birthday to your sweet Gabe!

  24. Happy belated birthday, Gabe! It looks like a wonderful, joyful celebration. Love the pic with his birthday crown! 😉

  25. Thank you for blowing the budget. Birthdays are special no matter the age. Happy Birthday Gabe!

  26. Happy birthday, Gabe! I fully support blowing birthday budgets, I do it all the time. Ha! And I have never made a cheesecake that didn’t crack so I have to try this recipe!

  27. how wonderful!!! What a lovely event!! It IS exciting when a cheesecake does not crack!!!! I totally get the lets-do-something-else when overwhelmed 🙂 Many years to Gabe and God bless him!!! Your family, your pictures, they are both beautiful!!!

  28. Happy birthday to Gabe! He seems like a wonderful kid. I hope he had the best day ever.

  29. Happy birthday, Gabe!!

  30. Happy birthday Gabe, that is one great smile you have there!
    PS- Cheesecake is a favorite of mine too.

  31. I don’t know what it is, but I loved this post. Your family is so beautiful and just seems so warm and loving. Thank you for sharing. And of course, happy birthday to Gabe! Hope his day was wonderful! On a side note, do you like your swift – it is gorgeous! I have a plastic one my husband bought for me while we were living overseas – it works fine but it sure isn’t pretty :-). We were at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend and saw some beautiful swifts (and everything else too – spinning wheels, carders….and of course yarn….and much more!). Your swift made me think of some that I saw there!

    • Thank you, Laura! I hope that our family is warm and loving, that is so what I want my kids to feel. Yes, I love that swift. It will last forever and it is so pretty! I bought mine after seeing it at our local fiber festival.

  32. I love that picture where Gabe is smiling looking down at the game. I remember a post where you talked about how he sometimes might feel out of place (it was an older post, when he was much younger), but here, in this picture, he just fits so perfectly.

    Happy Birthday to Gabe. 🙂

    • Oh yes, he does fit perfectly. To think he wasn’t always with us is unthinkable now. I think he must feel the same way.

  33. What a great birthday! I would like a kayak for my birthday too! And yes, hooray for coaches and other adults who impact our children with such positive force! 🙂

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