Archives for May 12, 2015

Summer Shawl

Over the weekend I reached the end of this shawl, but I had so much yarn left over that I decided to add extra repeats of the border.  Then I decided that all that openwork needed a little bit of garter stitch to ground it, and then I added more border rows.  It ended up so long that it occupied the entire length of my kitchen table for blocking.  (Photos were taken just after I removed the blocking pins.  “Don’t touch boys!”  Touch. Touch. Grab!)

Last fall, when we were in Georgia for a visit, my baby sister, Angie,  requested a shawl that she could use as a nursing cover with the baby boy she is expecting this month.  I was all, “Really?  A knitted nursing cover for a summertime Georgia baby?”  But I guess it won’t be summer forever down there.  I chose the Antarktis pattern because it has so much openwork (Is that what you call it?  All those yarnovers?) and I paired it with an amazing summery yarn.  The shawl is nice and airy and long and I think it will work for her.  If not, she can just wait until the weather cools off and she’ll have what I hope she thinks is a pretty accessory.  She’s a brown-eyed brunette and I think the color will be amazing on her.

As far as difficulty goes,  this isn’t a hard pattern, and I love that it is all garter stitch.  No purling!  I think that if you can work a knit two together, and a yarn over, and can read a pattern, you could knit this.  I suspect I’ll knit it again someday.

This shawl will go in the mail today!  I’m so happy that I was able to finish it before baby’s arrival!