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For Him

Gabe's birthday-8864

(busted taking pictures by both Gabe and Trudy)

I thought that Gabe might like to have friends over for his birthday this weekend (and he did), so we all went into “get the house ready for company” mode.  Only, there was so much to do that I got overwhelmed.  I spent Saturday morning grocery and forget-me-not shopping.  Saturday afternoon I really meant to clean, I was supposed to, but I ended up winding yarn.  I’ve been resisting this particular Gotland yarn for weeks, because I need to finish my sister’s shawl.  But all that cleaning that needed to be done pushed me over the edge.  I thought that I would just wind it.  So I did.  Then I thought that I might just cast on for something, a lacy shawl perhaps, and then put it away.  The cast on stretched into a few rows and I am wondering what I was thinking because that is all I want to work on now!  I must stop.  I must finish my sister’s shawl.  Must.  Will.

We did manage to get everything in order for Gabe’s birthday celebration.  I even managed to make his cheesecake the day before, and for the first time ever, it didn’t crack!  (I followed these instructions using cornstarch, but no water bath.)  I must have said to him half a dozen times, “Gabe!!!  Your cheesecake isn’t cracked!”  He didn’t share my enthusiasm, just didn’t understand that this was a big deal.  Because you’re just going to eat it, right?

When it was time to sing and eat cake, I joked with Gabe about putting on his birthday crown, and he said that was okay, he would just pass on wearing it.  His baseball coach said, “Come on, wear your crown!” and with a smile, Gabe immediately said, “Allright.”  We laughed and told him that he didn’t really have to.  But I felt thankful in that moment that Gabe has this other positive influence in his life outside our family, someone whom he respects so much that he would agree to wear the birthday crown that I am sure he feels he outgrew a couple of years ago.  Lately I have found myself feeling very grateful for all the adults that my kids have relationships with.  Our village.

I bought Gabe a life jacket to go with the kayak he got for his birthday.  The original plan was that he would have to buy his own, because the kayak was way beyond the birthday budget to begin with.  But then I thought, wait a minute, we’re talking about preserving his life.  And besides, Jonny went out and bought him a new fishing pole too.  Sometimes the budget just gets thrown out the window.  We adore this kid of ours.

Happy Birthday, Gabe!  We love you!