Spring Rains


  1. Just beautiful!

  2. Lovely, lovely. Your photos are spring itself. Many thanks for sharing!

  3. What wonderful photos !!! I love the colors and the subject matter … I miss spring in your area 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Our spring rains here in the desert are all past and the heat has arrived. However, we are celebrating the arrival of our sweet daughter Rebekah. Today, I posted several pictures of her from her first five days on our blog. My picture quality is no where near as good, but we did have a friend take gorgeous pictures last night that I can’t wait to share!

  5. You have captured Spring to a tee in your photos. Lovely, thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the goat collars with bells…..reminds me of the book ‘Heidi’ and her goats in the alps!! Beautiful photos Ginny.

  7. Looks lovely there! Beautiful sunshine here in the UK today with no sign of showers. Just adore spring.

  8. Raining here too in Ontario. But my you’re ahead of the game with the colour of spring. It keeps me going since I know this is around the corner for us. Thanks for the lovely pics!

  9. SonjaKuvikLoyd says:

    Love your little goats and are always fun to have,and they sure do love to eat anything,Spring is my favorite time of the year,Its all new and so refreshing.

  10. So beautiful. Wow, do I miss Spring in Virginia. We have snow falling right now here in Alaska!

  11. Great photos, but my favorite is the last one. Your little girl drenched in a fancy dress. Sums up so much of spring and how excited kids are to enjoy every aspect of the weather!

  12. Beautiful photos! That photo of the goat jumping made me smile. I love seeing exuberance in animals (and people, but animals and babies just do so much more freely, don’t they?).

  13. Such life-giving photos, THANK YOU! We have had some rain here in MN so trees are budding out and the grass is starting to green BUT snow is again predicted this week…sigh. Your photos give me a taste of spring, your goats are getting bigger and cuter than ever. They always bring a smile to my face and heart.

  14. Hi Ginny,
    I love your goats!! I live deep in the heart of a city with brick, traffic, and city things. I am a city girl at heart but it is so wonderful to look at your blog with bees, goats, and children making mud pies. It’s a happy place.

  15. Such a great combination of photos, can almost smell the greenness of it all.

  16. Oh the Spring rain. It makes for lots of green afterwards. Which for us in the northeast is a welcome color after all the white we had this winter.

  17. April Showers, bring May flowers, and it’s pouring down here in Southern Ontario as well.

  18. A question. Why the big chains around the goats necks? I have always used a dog collar. They seem to be less bulky. I always thought it would fun to put a goat bell on the goats.

    • Do you use safety collars? I just chose the lightweight plastic because it’s so light and can be worn loosely. We have a lot of brush here, so there is a risk that they will get tangled up. The plastic breaks really easily. They are wearing bells so we can hear where they are when they are roaming our property.

      • I have never seen the chains that use chose. I wonder if twigs would get stuck in them? I have used the nylon dog collars with the plastic fasteners because that is what the people we got our goats from use. I can’t let my goats just out to roam because they come to the house door and bang on it for me to come out! (Spoiled little things) Well, actually now we are down to one fifteen year old goat. Enjoy yours!!
        P.S. I really enjoy your blog. I don’t know how you find the time for it but it is much appreciated. You have encouraged me to knit more!

        • I don’t know about twigs. I feel like everything we are doing is experimental at this point. 🙂 I think I would prefer the look of a nylon collar if it had a safety release mechanism. The collars at our farm store had metal buckles and didn’t seem safe. I need to keep shopping around. And yes, ours tend to come to the door as well, but every now and then they head off into the woods! I will be very happy when they have a proper fenced area! 🙂 (And, thank you! I’m glad you are knitting more!)

          • I got the collars at the pet store. I don’t really know if they were the best choice but that’s what I have seen people around here use. I would never use a buckle collar. Have you thought about the children joining a goat 4-H club? It was a big part of our girls homeschooled childhood. And, also you can be 7-18 and be in the same club. Definitely something to look into. If there isn’t one around, you could start one! I started a dog 4-H club and had it for 8 years because there wasn’t one around.
            Be well.

  19. Rain is all I have seen for three weeks! I need some sunshine. Three dogs and a cat stuck in a little house this long and a very wet back yard is not a happy place. Your goats look as if they have grown! Beautiful pics as usual.

  20. your photos always make me smile!

  21. Lovely photos. Your goats are so cute! And blossoming trees, green green grass. Blessings to you and yours. Thanks for posting!

  22. I would love to have some of that rain here in NM. These are such pretty photos. The goats are getting big!

  23. i love spring rains. <3 i wish we had some here. those goat pictures are so darn cute!

  24. Gwendolyn says:

    Is that Greta in the first goat picture? I love it. Yes, it’s so pretty in the Spring. I’m knitting along on the Antarktis by Janina Kallio and am excited it looks like your pictures. This is the first shawl I’ve actually tried and so far the pattern is not hard…just starting the second segment of the entire body directions. It’s been quite rainy in Iowa so we haven’t been doing much yard work…perfect knitting weather.

  25. Lots of rain here today, too. I sort of like it though. I was nice to wake up to bird and the sound of rain. 🙂 Beautiful photos.

  26. Oh but you are so lucky – you have flowers, leaves, and grass! Even our daffodils are still far from blooming, and there are still snowdrifts in the woods…maybe today’s rain here will wash them away!

  27. lovely pictures! it is raining hard here this morning!

  28. Beautiful.
    The rain has been really, really bad here and yesterday we were under a tornado watch all day, yuck!

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