So Many

so many projects-5337 so many projects-5714
Larkspur is getting her garden planted.
I’m not, yet. I thought I was ahead, but as usual, I’m behind.

Job has discovered the mud pie kitchen and he’s pretty serious about it.

Seth made a mini sawmill using scavenged motors and can lids. It makes me nervous. But, he’s nearly fifteen (well not quite).

I made a tiny doll for Beatrix one day when we were really supposed to be doing school work. She was desperate though, so we had to drop everything and get it made. Of course now she has no idea where the doll is because, it’s tiny!

I painted my upstairs bathroom white while listening to Woolful podcasts.  It was a nice blue-green before, but I was tired of it.  I love white walls but don’t have the lifestyle to support them.  I figured I might be able to pull white off in my tiny upstairs bath.  We’ll see.

There were lots of haircuts last week.  No, not Seth, but quite a few of the other kids are looking a little bit neater now.  I tried scrubbing the dirt from Larkspur’s fingernails before Easter Mass and she informed me that it is so deep in her skin that it won’t come out.  She was right, but there was a small improvement at least.

I am knitting.  A little here, a little there.  So is Lark.  I think we’re going to dye yarn this week.  Fun!

So many projects, never enough time.  And it’s always a mess around here.


  1. They’ll never remember the mess, just the fun! 🙂

  2. Your blog makes me feel okay about myself in away that others definitely don’t. Not that any one’s life is better than anothers, but sometimes after reading blogs I can get stuck in a wanting for something that is not mine. But some how you write and show a real life that has ups and downs, mess and clean, projects and procrastination. Your organizing is always inspiring if only because you are constantly updating and revizing. Maybe it’s frustrating for you to start over or keep tweaking, but you still inspire us to try something new.

  3. “So many projects, never enough time. And it’s always a mess around here.”

    This could be a quote from myself on any given day. Life with children and interests!

  4. I love your mud kitchens and have always enjoyed reading about them, but this week was inspired to set up our own. I love how you just use household items and it has that nice ‘cobbled together’ feel. I am embracing imperfection this year in my garden, the main thing is that the kids enjoy playing, which gives me the chance to put my feet up occasionally!

  5. You are amazing!! I just love reading your stories. I only have four and we homeschool. I was just commenting today on the perpetual tornado that seems to exist in EVERY ROOM IN MY HOUSE. … despite my naturally very organized ways. Praise God for his grace, which gives me the lens to see this mess for what it is. All good!

    Have a blessed week and thanks for sharing!

  6. I laughed to myself just now as I looked at the pony tail picture trying to figure out where the extra daughter came from – then I realized it was you! Ha! Kindest wishes to you.

  7. I think being “ahead” is a myth. No matter how hard I try, I am never ahead. Which used to drive me to exhaustion because I would not slow down until I had everything done. Ha! Fortunately, my husband taught me the art of relaxing. Now, I am much better at slowing down and relaxing, especially on evenings when we don’t have plans. However, any day now our daughter will be born. Who knows how that will change life! I hear sleep disappears . . .

  8. Mess? Chaos? Those are good signs to me, you have an energetic and creative bunch there.

  9. This was a really nice post for me to read today. I feel so much the same way–too many projects, not enough time, always a mess around here. And yet, we’re happy. We’re busy. We’re living life. Here’s to finishing projects, finding time, and cleaning the house–or not.

  10. You didn’t give us an ‘after’ photo of the haircuts!!

  11. It sounds so great Ginny!

  12. There were lots of haircuts last week. No, not Seth

    Hee Hee Hee 🙂

  13. I am old enough to be your grandmother and old enough to so love everything that you and your family does. You truly make my heart smile. It is God’s wonder that I have found you…I am not a Catholic…was raised in the Episcopal Church…but you do help me to get back to the love of God and all that is good.
    Sending love your way, Ellen.

  14. it’s hard when you have so many people to keep things neat! but you are always working on it and are with your family and this is good; have a great and fun time dying yarn!!!

  15. I love your mess!!!!!!! Don’t you just love woolful? I do my cleaning to it. It keeps me going for hours and makes cleaning a tiny bit less painful. I hate cleaning. so much. But hearing people talk about sheep and yarn and wool and farmy stuff just makes it all easier. Hint hint…time for you guys to do a podcast. Have a great week!

  16. I just love that picture of the kitchen. We’re in a similar situation in that our house is always a mess too, but it seems to be less of projects and more of surviving. 🙂

  17. Aww, these are beautiful photos. It seems like Spring is really happening full force with you, with many new things coming into being! I love the energy of Spring for starting all sorts of new projects and getting on with cleaning. 🙂

  18. All of it lovely and perfect, the way more people should live! Now that my children are grown, I look on your life with envy and regret that I worried about unimportant things. Trust the adage, they grow in a blink. Love your mess!

  19. Your home just screams love! Your children are so very blessed.

  20. I don’t have the lifestyle to support white walls either. And we have a million projects going on, too.

  21. It’s a happy & lively mess! You’ve inspired me to set up another mud kitchen, Spring is a ideal time. I love looking into your daily goings on.


  22. Not a mess! It’s a house full of business and love. My house is almost always neat as a pin these days and I would love to have my “mess” back. I love all of your projects and especially that Larkspur is knitting with you. So sweet.

  23. I like white bathrooms too, and now that my children are (almost) old enough to keep their hands clean, I’m starting to lighten up. I am astonished at how dirty my 13 yo daughter’s hands can be (and she can have no clue!). I keep baby wipes in the bathrooms to clean up light switches and smudges on the walls. Thy are cheap (relatively) and good cleaners.

    Dying yarn sounds fun (and messy). It sounds like a great way to remember Elizabeth. She would be so pleased. Maybe she’ll be the patron saint of knitters and spinners.

  24. I want to play in your mud pie kitchen! Seth’s sawmill is ingenious and so good to see Lark knitting. Your kids are the best Ginny.

  25. as I sit here with my 5 day old, doing a whole lot of nothing but nursing and trying to rest, I really enjoyed looking at these lovely pictures. they get me excited about getting back into “doing” in a couple of weeks 🙂

  26. Trichat says:

    So much love! You still put big, big wings in my days… Thank you so much for being real, for being you!
    Love from Quebec! 🙂

  27. since we have a wedding this summer, I’m trying to pick paint colors for the whole main level. My goal is to pick lots and lots and then hand them over to my husband for the final decision. We tend to disagree on paint. This way I’ll be happy because I made the first cut!! Love the busyness of your life. So incredibly FULL of goodness.

  28. A meaningful mess is not a mess, it is a project in progress! We will soon have 8 people living in our house…I assume this will mean 8 (or twice that many) areas of projects in progress. 🙂 It’s a good thing.

    Peace be with you!

  29. Brigitte says:

    I ought the yarn basket was Easter eggs at first. Happy Easter Tuesday. Beautiful family as always.

  30. Love the mudpie kitchen. Soggy days like today just beg for such a place!

  31. Hi Ginny,
    I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Hope you can stop by my blog to check out the details.
    I hope you had a nice Easter and I love the pictures of the baby goats!

  32. A happy and beautiful mess though. Enjoy those kiddos and I love the line about the dirt under her fingernails. It’s a sign of enjoying life.

  33. Just discovered Woolful–very excited to listen!

    “I love white walls but don’t have the lifestyle to support them”–perhaps my favorite Small Things quote ever. 🙂

  34. But, my friend, a big, glorious, beautiful mess. It’s all in the adjectives.

    Blessings to you and your people, this week.


  35. Love all the projects! We just put together the beginning of a mud kitchen this weekend for our kids and it has been a HUGE hit! I feel the same way….so many projects I want to do and never enough time. And our house is always a mess!!

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