Larkspur, the violets (and Weasel)

Our violets are on their way out.  I so wish they bloomed all summer long.  Larkspur and I spent some time yesterday afternoon picking them and taking photos.  She and I are two peas in a pod.  Of all of my children, she is the most like me.  We are a dangerous team at a plant sale, and we are the biggest animal lovers in the family.  We even love the bad ones, and I’m specifically talking about Weasel, because if ever there was a very bad little doggie, ’twas he.  He’s adorable in many ways (in my opinion and in Larkspur’s, though the rest of the family mostly just tolerates him), and while he is housebroken now, he has some behavioral issues.  We were right to think that it was a little nuts to bring him home.  Perhaps most forgivable (because obviously he can’t help it) is his tendency to roll over and projectile tinkle when he feels threatened in any way.  It doesn’t take much, and I have to say it’s truly a special talent.  I’ve never known a dog like him.  He almost got me in the face the other day and all I was doing was trying to pull a piece of tape off his back paw while using my singsong voice.  Scared the poor thing to death.  And for the millionth time I thought to myself, “Thank goodness we don’t have any carpet!”  Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a post about Weasel, but it feels good to get his “bad dog” status out there.  I’ve encouraged my family to just do their best to keep loving him, that it’s good practice.  We all have to love difficult people, why not practice on a neurotic little wiener dog?

p.s. Here are a few of Larkspur’s photos:


  1. Wow, that last photo is heavenly. Nice one, Larkspur!!!! I also have a big heart for ALL the animals and I just lost my 15 year old furry puppy love who was the naughtiest of all. Man I miss her mischievous ways.

  2. Sometimes the naughty ones are the cutest. I think he’s adorable. 🙂

  3. ha! he’s adorable. he must have some sort of hound in him because his eyes look like our (much bigger) girl. as if he put eyeliner on them! my favorite puppy/dog book is by caesar. it’s called “how to raise the perfect dog.” it helped us with some neurotic (ahem) behavior with our girl. she’s still crazy mind you, but a bit more well behaved … though probably nowhere near caesar’s idea of a perfect dog 😉

  4. We have a small dog with a pee problem, too. Have you heard of belly bands? We now have them on him when he’s in the house and while I don’t think it has actually made much of a change in his behavior it has made a huge change in my couch! And curtains…and laundry hampers…and, well you get the idea 🙂 Good luck with your tiny Weasel – he’s a cutie even if he has some (ahem) less than desirable habits!

  5. wow, she has a great eye. love that last photo of you and the dog. 🙂

  6. Oh these photos are so lovely. Yes our recently rescued Jack Russell has more bad qualities than good ones but that face! It just melts my heart. And he can’t help being so naughty. I like to think of him like a little boy who has a very bad case of ADHD. When he snuggles up with me in bed at night he is just the sweetest thing! He is very loving and loyal. So yes just love Weasel in spite of his issues and maybe one day they will just melt away. the photo of you loving on him is precious. We certainly look forward to seeing more of Larkspurs photos. She’s a natural.

  7. I love the wisdom you weave into your amusing anecdotes. We have a ‘bad’ lovely dog who suffers fear aggression. Your post reminded me to keep loving her even when it gets frustrating – she needs and deserves it. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing yours too Larkspur. Love, love, love the last one. As an aside, but in the same vein as being weed on, our baby managed to wee in my husband’s mouth this week while on the changing mat. I think you got off lightly just being caught in the face Ginny!

  8. So very beautiful.

    Things here will green and violet up soon. Soon.

  9. Larkspur, your photos are just lovely!

  10. Lark has a good eye for composition.

  11. Love that last photo of you with Weasel and the flowers. All animals have their quirks–as things go, projectile peeing isn’t the worst thing in the world. Our dog eats anything–mostly he leaves the furniture and drywall alone now, but when we first got him, oy. And we kept him and love him because he is sweet and amazing with our kids. 🙂

  12. Lovely photos once again! Thank you both! I have a story about violets passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me (and then to my children too). Here it is in case Larkspur would like to try it: If you pull all of the petals from the violet, you will be left with a king wearing a crown, sitting on his throne, and soaking his feet!

  13. Oh your words crack me up, But Your Photos are something else. Really some of them are just wonderful. Well, they are all nice, but some are just beautiful. Photography is one of my daughters hobbies, maybe I will follow in her footsteps someday. How wonderful it is to have a child with such like mindedness. (And one with very different ways of looking at things, I have one of each:)

  14. Those violets are so so beautiful.

    And I’m so glad Weasel didn’t “get you” with his special talent the other day! Who knew you were going to be able to count “not getting peed in the face” as one of your blessings for the day? 🙂

  15. “We all have to love difficult people, why not practice on a neurotic little wiener dog?” haha, you totally got me laughing with that. Sorry about the peeing and all, though.

  16. Beautiful photos Ginny. Its raining here so they have brightened up my day 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.

  17. No dog stories to share. I just wanted to say how I love that Larkspur is taking after her momma and pursuing photography; her photos are wonderful. I hope she wants to write like you too. I can’t really say which I enjoy more on your blog, Ginny, the photos or the writing. BTW, though they don’t know it now, your other kids will be very happy some day that Larkspur was there to get more photos of you. Blessings to you all.

  18. haha, I enjoyed reading about Weasel! You have to live by the quote that says” those that are hardest to love need it the most”. I find it very helpful to remember that quote sometimes, with people and animals. Our oldest dog likes to leave worse presents than pee when he’s scared…just consider yourself lucky!
    Tell Larkspur her pictures are wonderful. I especially like the one of the bouquet in your hands!

  19. Oh puppy. We have a……well, he’s just a dumb dog. He’s so good with the kids (seriously, Stormageddon will grab his ears, face, fur, whatever and just pull and he takes it and gives him a kiss when he finally lets go – I don’t let him do it often, though)…….but even at 4 years old, he still does predominantly “puppy” things. Yesterday, he stole Little Man’s hot dog right out of his hand. He also chases frogs in the yard. And barks and squirrels. But if there’s a bird a foot away, he just looks at it. Silly dog.

    We don’t have violets around here. But, we’re getting some more flowering on our lemon tree again. I think it’s confused. And I keep finding snakes in our yard. We’ve been in this house over two years and I didn’t see a snake until two weeks ago…and I’ve seen four more since then.

  20. Oh Weasel. You are so right that the poor animal needs lots of love, and I am glad he can get it from you and Larkspur. Great photos from both of you!

  21. Love, love, love the photo she took of you and Weasel. “Projectile tinkle” is going to have me laughing and cringing (in sympathy) all day long. 🙂

  22. Her pictures are lovely. She is her mother’s daughter.

  23. Beautiful photos! Oh, Weasel!
    This line made me laugh out loud at work: “We all have to love difficult people, why not practice on a neurotic little wiener dog?”

    I have two neurotic Boston Terriers.. and boy, they’re a test of patience, that’s for sure! Keep on loving that little guy 🙂

  24. Such beauty captured in both yours and Larkspurs photos, stunning.

  25. The violets are just coming up now–I live, coincidentally, in Violet Township, which is the “Violet Capital of Ohio” (or so we say). So there are violets everywhere, all spring and summer.

  26. These photos are probably some of my favorites that you’ve posted. I don’t know, there’s just something quiet and peaceful about them that I really like :). Larkspur’s pics are great, too! Love the one of you and “bad dog” Weasel!

  27. Lynda Kling says:

    My friend adopted a dog that peed on the floor if someone came to the door or even spoke to it…be patient. It no longer does it. Came from a bad situation. Ask your vet for ideas….

  28. Gorgeous on so many levels!

  29. funny… well wood floors are good for many things! Lovely pictures! Flowers are such a wonderful gift from God! Blessed day to you!

  30. Oh my goodness, I can just imagine the pee spouts! We are still waiting for all of the snow to melt here in Atlantic Canada. It’s been a winter deep in snow! But here and there little sprouts are emerging and that’s promising. Cannot wait to see the violets and forget-me-nots in our yard, among others!

    Love the pics and Larkspur did a fabulous job as well!

  31. Ha! The pictures are beautiful but oh the dog 🙂 Dogs are hilarious.

  32. Oh yay, Ginny! You posted your violets! I will show our own Violet the pics, but I think she is also a subscriber so she may have got to them before me. They’re just lovely!

  33. Larkspur is a wonderful photographer! She has your knack for finding the perfect way to capture the beauty in nature!

  34. Wow, sweet dog. He looks so adorable, must be hard to get annoyed with him… Larkspurs photo’s a lovely, violets are such beautiful flowers.

  35. Poor Weasel. Have you tried treats?? We bought high end dog food kibble to use as treats for Frodo. He only performs with positive reinforcement, he hates to be combed and groomed so the bribery is high. Maybe asking Weasel to sit and then treat him and train him how to behave for a petting, maybe eating will replace the peeing.
    I use kibble because my dog is 13 pounds and a tiny little thing. You could use cut up hot dogs–yum yum yum.

    Anyways, the photos are lovely and how nice to have a buddy while out and about.

  36. Beautiful photos both! I love that you are taking photos of her exploring photography. 🙂 An interesting loop. I think spring is starting to return here after that snow we just got. I’m a little nervous to go outside and see if any of the flowers survive, but perhaps nature is hardier than I think. 🙂

  37. Weasel sounds like our Daisy, a beagle/terrier(?) mix who, when she thinks she’s in trouble or just gets excited with visitors, will dip her back end down and pee. Unfortunately, she’s prone to getting underfoot, or excited when my partner gets home, so I know to try to get her outside before he shows up – try to empty that bladder as much as possible before there’s any chance for excitement. And I know what you mean about the sing-song voice – we do the same with her. We’ve also found it’s best to immediately turn away and sort of ignore her if she looks like she’s in pee-mode – whether she thinks she’s in trouble, OR excited. Let her chill just a few minutes, get it all under control, and it’s much better. It used to be we’d focus on her and try to encourage her everything is ok…that just made matters worse. If ignored, she’s less likely to let loose. 😉

    Beautiful pics, btw!

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