Pipsticks {giveaway!}


Last fall, I first introduced Maureen of Pipsticks, and shared a little of my own sticker love story.  Today, Maureen is here with another giveaway along with some fun news from Pipsticks!

Pipsticks is a sticker subscription company that provides it subscribers with a beautiful package of amazing stickers each month. We source our stickers from suppliers around the world in order to delight our Sticker Club members with a unique stash of stickers (sparkly ones, puffy ones, scratch n’ sniff ones!) just when they need them.

(Larkspur, Beatrix, and Silas made superhero wristbands!)

Though many of our subscribers are adults who use stickers for crafting, snail mail, and scrapbooking, each pack is designed with kids in mind – they can open it up by themselves and get started on their own without parent involvement. Pipsticks offers various subscription plans as well as gift subscriptions for all price ranges – it’s the perfect present to spark creativity each month.

pipsticks reward

We’ve recently launched a series of printable Reward Charts in response to subscriber requests. Unlike many printable charts out there, they are sophisticated, simple designs (which you wouldn’t mind hanging on your fridge) and open ended in versatility. The formats can be used on a weekly basis or incrementally, for specific tasks, or general “good behavior”. These can be downloaded from the Printables section of the Pipsticks website.

Check out our Ideas blog for sticker crafting ideas and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to get the latest on giveaways and see what we’re up to at the Pipsticks Studio!


This weekend Maureen is offering one Small Things reader a three month Gift Subscripton!

**In addition use coupon code SMALLTHINGS15 to receive one month free off of any 6 or 12 month Club or Family subscription as well as 15% off of any Gift Subscription.

A Pipsticks subscription would make a great Easter gift for a grandchild, niece, nephew, or godchild!

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post.  Comments are closed and the winner is Marina who commented, “This is so much fun! My girls would love this.”

Thanks, Maureen and Pipsticks!

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  1. So, so fun!!

  2. I love the idea of sunshine in the mail! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  3. Emma Elliott says:

    Wow! Lovely stickers would be a wonderful gift for my son who turns 9 on the 18th of March, and fab for home Ed easter crafting. Good luck everyone and thankyou 🙂

  4. Maria & Nora says:

    We love stickers and would be so happy to win! We will use them to decorate letters and cards and for crafting 😀

  5. such a great gift idea! I love it!

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  7. I heart

  8. I just love this whole concept! I loved collecting stickers growing up and I think all kids do! A nice gift idea too. Thank you for this lovely giveaway. 🙂

  9. Love this giveaway! Thank you!

  10. This would make a nice addition to an Easter basket! Thanks for the chance to win

  11. Thinking of all the cool things we could make with these cute stickers!

  12. alyssa p says:

    Stickers are always a hit!

  13. My daughter and I love stickers, hope we win! Thank you!

  14. These are so neat! What a great idea!!

  15. These look so fun!

  16. Our older daughter has just discovered the joy of stickers, this would rock her world!

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  18. How fun! My kiddos would love doing this for a craft project.

  19. Fun! I love sending decorated letters in the mail, always such a great surprise for people…….

  20. susie b. says:

    what a fun package to look forward to in the mailbox!! very cute and plenty of variety 🙂

  21. What fun! I sure miss the good old days when we used to find fun things in the mailbox! (before e-mail)
    I’ll be “sticking” around to see if I win!

  22. Can never have enough stickers!

  23. This sounds great- there’s nothing like having something drop through the mail slot with your name on it, and a sticker subscription would be special indeed! Thanks!

  24. These stickers look fantastic! The girls would love to try them out 🙂

  25. These stickers look great! I’m definitely going to look into the subscription for my granddaughter!

  26. I love stickers and so do my kids!

  27. Going on holiday to mykonos with my 17 month old. These packs will make the plane journey bearable!

  28. These are so cute!! We love stickers and snail mail at our house!

  29. This will make nice gifts!! Thanks!

  30. LOVE the thought of a sticker club for my younger ones! I used to love this when I was young!

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