Restore for Lent

Last year I wrote,

“Admitting that you are burned out can be hard, but many of us face it, some of us on a yearly basis (or more).  My friend Elizabeth Foss has battled burnout herself, and she has created a workshop to help those of us who are suffering, recover joy.  As my close friend, Elizabeth has held my hand through some of my hardest times. She’s one of those friends who always seems to know the right thing to say. Her words have turned my panic into peace on more than one occasion. She has poured herself and her wisdom, the kind that has grown through life experience, into her Restore workshop.”

This year, Elizabeth is offering her Restore workshop again, this time expanded to include all of Lent up through the week after Easter.  Having taken part in the workshop last year, as both a contributor (we recorded a podcast together that is included again this year) and a participant, I know what a gift it is.

In Elizabeth’s words:
If you are feeling weary, frayed around the edges, or even falling apart at the seams, let’s make something beautiful together. If you go to bed exhausted and wake up tired and it all seems like to much too do, let’s journey together to a place of rest and peace. If you are willing to dig deep, do some soul-work, and seize the abundant joy that is Easter, let’s begin the restoration.
The Restore Workshop is a six week online course geared towards adult women who have struggled or are struggling with or want to avoid burnout. It is for any woman who wants to nurture joy within her life and the lives of those around her.


Every Monday, there is a podcast with a guest who shares her own perspective on burnout. We talk about the value of friendships and strong marriages. We discuss exercise and nutrition and quiet time alone. Each podcaster brings her own unique perspective and offers something new. These are frank conversations about the real struggles women face as they endeavor to lead holy and excellent lives. We laugh together and we build each other up, inviting the listener along for the talk.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday bring each component of restoration into sharper focus. We explore themes of self-care—from adequate sleep to creating healthy boundaries to getting in a daily walk. Fridays are for using our hands. Each Friday, a tutorial for a simple craft or recipe is offered. We make nourishing soups, pretty guest towels, hand kitchen towels, healing herbal salve, efficient headbands for morning runs, and more simple things to make life a little more beautiful. In many cases, two version of the craft are offered—one with a little more detail and one for the mom with a baby on her hip.

Every day, throughout the workshop, quiet time alone with Jesus is encouraged and facilitated by brand new devotions. There is a quote to think upon, a short prayer, and a do-able daily action.


To be honest guys, I don’t have a great Lenten plan for this year. I’ve been so overwhelmed with daily life the past few months, that I am having a hard time coming up for air.  Maybe you are in the same boat?  Maybe Restore is just what you are looking for, to help carry you through Lent and into the season of Easter?

You can find more information on the Restore website.  Elizabeth answers questions here.  You can register here.

Elizabeth is offering one Small Things reader a space in the workshop!  If you are interested, leave a comment on this post.  The winner is Lorena who commented, “this is something i need more than ever right now……..”

p.s.  I am sharing this workshop with you because I believe in Elizabeth, and I believe in the good work she is doing through Restore.


  1. It’s 8:54 am and I’ve already blown it today : / This might be just the thing for me this year. …

  2. I would love this, it has been a very stressful few months and have begun to make life changes to heal.

  3. I’m Interested in having this in my life; it’s been chaotic and confusing. I could use guidance. Thank you.

  4. Would love to win the Restore work shop!

  5. This sounds so lovely! I would love to join in.

  6. Perfect timing

  7. I’d love to get this for my sister!

  8. Hannah Cousar says:

    Would love to participate!

  9. Leonie Müller says:

    This workshop sounds great! We are in the middle of moving our family of 6 from Germany to Poland and I’ve been feeling particularly overwhelmed by the enormity of it.
    I’ve been desperate for a meaningful Lent activity and yet not found the energy to look for one.
    Thanks for introducing me/ us to this!
    I’m not sure I’m burnt out, but if am exhausted, overwhelmed and running on empty … So yeah, maybe I am!

  10. Great idea, it seems to be what many moms and wives – including myself – need!

  11. Oh I so need this, but money is tight as ever this year…I LOVE elizabeth too. She has gotten me out of many a predicament with her sweet, dear words ❤️

  12. This sounds like a fantastic workshop!

  13. Sounds wonderful!

  14. This is wonderful. Thank you!

  15. Would love this… Not sure I have the $$ this year to afford it so would love to win one!!

  16. Would enjoy/need this event. I believe that it will add much beauty to my life, my family, and my soul. Thank you.

  17. sounds like just the thing I need right now; thanks for the opportunity.

  18. Thank you for offering this – it sounds very interesting! I love how it combines all the senses in a way to refresh the whole body. I’m a mom to 10 blessings ages 19 to 1 year. Each day is non-stop between teen hormones, potty training and nursing not to mention schooling, laundry, cooking, etc. My husband and I feel like strangers most of the time as he runs a business and we don’t connect very often. We are not unique as many have the same issues. The last 3 years have been particularly challenging as I’m running out of joy and initiative to do my best. By God’s grace we are getting through but I would love to be able to give my children a more peace-filled, joy-filled, God-centered lifestyle. Thank you for choosing to bless others with this workshop. God bless!

  19. Very interested!

  20. I could so use this! A mama to four and working nights as a police officer leaves me little time for self care:)

  21. I participated last year and would love to again. Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  22. Christa Graham says:

    I would love to be a part of this. Still homeschooling 15 years later and it’s easy to get burned out with the going, going, going all the time.

  23. I really could use this. I have 8 children and my husband is leaving right after Easter on a 1 year deployment to Afghanistan. Feeling overwhelmed. Thank you!

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