More Snow on Saturday

Keats and I got an early start today, and headed over to Jaime’s farm to milk goats.  It was our first time.  Keats and Jaime did most of the milking; I helped steady the goats, both of them somewhat new to being milked.  I wish I could have taken pictures.

It snowed for a few hours this afternoon, and for awhile the flakes were the biggest that I’ve ever seen, but eventually it turned to ice that I could hear hitting the metal roof, plinkety-plink.  It’s cold, but warmer than yesterday.  Our back bedroom is the coldest room in the house.  My fingers are turning to ice as I sit here and type.

It’s been a mostly contented cozy day with simple food and hot chocolate.  There are shoes, coats, and gloves all over the place.  I try to tidy them up, but we really just don’t have a place for them.  Soon enough I’ll be able to pack them away.  In the meantime, I need to stop letting the winter mess get inside my head.

Weasel finally decided to try running in the snow today.  He’s been so funny this week, attempting to tinkle off the edge of the porch without getting his paws in the snow.  But today, he tore all over the place with Trudy.

When everything is buried in snow, it’s hard to fathom that there will ever be green again.  I guess that’s a little dramatic, considering that we’ve been covered in snow for less than a week.  I’d never survive any further north.



  1. Sara Williams says:

    Love these photos!! The bird eating from the dish was so sweet. And your littlest one- so precious!! Your blog makes me feel cozy 🙂

  2. Take heart! Spring is coming.

  3. goats! Oh ginny I can’t wait to hear more about them! I’ve wanted goats for a long while myself:)

  4. As usual your photos convey such a sense of happiness and a warm, loving home. The ones of the bird are magnificent! We only got ice in SC last week. It has been so unbelievably cold though!

  5. “Oh dear, you are hardly covered in snow” laughed the Vermonter.

    • died laughing here in Maine……… record coldest month EVER in Maine this month
      kid running out of snow stickers for his weather chart, snow banks shoulder height, digging down to get to the chicken coop door……….I know Ginny’s kids will enjoy the novelty of snow

      • Hey, I’m from Alabama!!!! I can’t help it if this seems like living at the North Pole, or worse…in Maine evidently!!! 😉

        • I’m a native Vermonter and I don’t think you ever can get used to freezing. Snow, I’m used to. Don’t like it, but I’m used to it. But this year it has been really cold for a long time. Makes it hard to justify tossing the kids out so that I don’t lose my mind. I think us New Englanders are getting Alaska’s weather. I don’t know about any of you, but here we are hooked on Alaska The Last Frontier on Discovery. It looks like we got their winter. They have bare ground right now. I’ll gladly give it back to them.

  6. My seven-year-old son gets all shy and weird when he sees pictures of Beatrix. It’s funny because back when you used to post things about her toddler antics she was mirroring this son of mine to a tee. I think he recognizes a kindred adventurous spirit.

  7. I love those photos of all the birds! Such sweet little things. Especially that cardinal. I love red, and cardinals are like fire on a cold winter day.

  8. What beautiful huge flakes! Ah, I miss snow like that. I love how you document your day 🙂

  9. we were to get 4 to 8 inches and we barely received 2 inches. My husband is not complaining at all, I don’t mind the snow though. love the bird!! how exciting !

  10. Just peeked in and saw your photos….what a happy family!It got me to thinking how families can stay happy together for a long time, especially during long periods of snow (or rain). So I looked back at my own child raising days and made a list. Thank you for a peek into your family Ginny.

  11. Are those YOUR baby goats? Love the bird photos. We’re in ID, transplanted from MI, and just don’t get them here – but I love their bright reds…

  12. Love these pictures :).

    I’m trying to be more grateful during Lent, and I have to say, your blog is definitely something I’m grateful for! I love the bird pictures in particular, but the ones of Weasel (that Seth doesn’t like – ha) and the one of Beatrix running in the snow are precious as well. And hey, a little bit of mess here and there is fine – your home looks very cozy, and that’s what matters!

  13. The little birds are so sweet! What fantastic, fragile little things.

  14. What wonderful, wonderful photos. They really made me smile in the midst of a truly terrible week. “Not letting the mess get inside my head” – that’s GENIUS.

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the goats! And everything else, of course 🙂

  15. Love the photo of the little bird “hangin on”. Never seen one do that before! Weasel didn’t look happy…….our basset doesn’t like to get her belly wet in snow… she won’t go out if it’s over about 3 inches!

  16. Wait! What about the bird?!?!

  17. Is that mujadara? It’s one of our favourite cosy winter meals 🙂

  18. I love days like this!

  19. I talked with both my sister yesterday who said the snow was piling up and while I would enjoy it, they were both so over winter. They just don’t understand Ginny, they aren’t knitters. 🙂

  20. Goats, snow, and happy children. What’s not to be enjoyed. Even your dog stopped acting like a cat! We also had snow with giant flakes, but as the temperture is abowe freezing, it has turned into a wet mess. But we’re going to have our snow treat today anyway!

  21. Looks like a fun day! Love the pictures.

  22. Weasel looks extremely stupid in the third picture from the top. I disagree, the coldest room in the house is the pantry or kitchen.

    • Seth, leave Weasel alone! The pantry doesn’t count as a room. Your room is the warmest in the house, and that is what matters, right? Every room must feel frigid when you emerge from your warm little cave every morning.

  23. What little Job is wearing here is just precious. So glad your kids get to enjoy the snow; we barely have any here in MN.

  24. Danielle Lindberg says:

    Hi! I love reading your blog, your writing style is so natural. Just a thought, have you ever considered enclosing your front porch to turn it into a mud room. We live in Idaho and have had a mudroom in two of our houses and they have been my favorite rooms in the last two houses! The snow gear is so hard to not be frustrated by and I have loved having this room to store and house and organize our outdoor gear. Have a good weekend!

  25. love those pictures! all of them! so lovely! we’ve had snow and more snow here too! the question is if it will be gone by tomorrow AM so we can make the drive to church…. God bless you all and keep you warm!

  26. Your pictures are wonderful! Just “happened” across your beautiful blog – I am so glad I did. Love your view through the lens at Life – just precious.

  27. LOVE your bird pictures, especially the bird bottom. I was just visiting family this past weekend in Fredericksburg and boy was it cold! While I’m glad it’s not that cold where I live in Seattle, I really do miss our more normal temperatures. We have trees in full bloom, closed ski areas, and no sign of it changing any time soon. This year’s weather has been strange for both coasts, to be sure.

  28. We haven’t had much winter here in North Texas, but it is coming tomorrow. 1/2 inch of ice will cover us by Monday and we will be housebound. Then it warms up and is expected again at the end of the week. Best thing about it is my peonies need the cold!

  29. Tara Penner says:

    Reading you from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We’re feet deep in snow for 6 months of the year! Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here… Love the pics of the little birdies!

  30. Your photos are a portrait of coziness, even the snowy ones. And that bird dipping down into the bowl? LOVE!

  31. Love all your pics. I too am getting tired of winter. By the way what was for dinner it looked delicious?

  32. I am a New Englander. I love to be cozy in snow. I keep well in the cold. But I recently read a comment on a post (can’t remember where or who said it) that sums up my current perspective: “I love winter. I’m ready to start complaining about hot weather now.” Enjoy a few gentle snows while you have them! We’re hoping to see ground by April here in MA!

  33. the birdie pics!!! love them! And yes– those were AMAZING flakes!!! SO pretty.

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