Goat Song

Remember my friend’s farm and the little lamb?  Well, there were more babies born soon after my visit.  Goat babies.  And then an unrelated friend recommended, out of the blue, that I read the poetic Goat Song, having just read it herself on a whim.  I did, and I quickly followed it with Raising Goats For Dummies, and The Backyard Goat.  And of course The Goat Lady was already one of my all-time favorite picture books.

Jonny and I have sort of unofficially declared this a year for “experiences.”  Doing things that are a little scary or “extra” ordinary. (Though nothing seems to really scare Jonny.  He doesn’t get worked up about decisions in the same way that I do.)  I really want to do things, not just think about them, over-analyzing the pros and cons.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking impulsive and irresponsible.  I’m talking about grabbing hold of dreams when possible, rather than simply thinking about them.

Nearly every single person I know (and a couple that I don’t know) has had to have a conversation about goats with me over the past week.  I don’t know how anyone puts up with me, really.  Everyone has been so kind and so patient.  All the while I’ve been a bit hyper and crazy.  Last week when I lamented to a friend that it might not be the best time to get goats, she simply replied, “There’s never a good time to get a goat.”  So true, my friends.  That phrase may just have to become a cross-stitch. For those of us who like to play it safe, it’s never a good time to do anything that seems a little risky.  (I hear you giggling!!  No laughing at me for acting like getting goats is some kind of major life decision!  It is, I tell you!)

We discussed getting bees for many, many years before we did, and the same was true for chickens.   I know this might sound silly, considering how many children we have, but actually we still haven’t figured out how that happens.  At least I’ve been asked by quite a few strangers whether or not we know, and it’s always fun to smile and play dumb.  Anyway, the goat decision was made in a matter of days.

And really, this isn’t about goats.  It’s about living.

I’ll make introductions next week.  I know you can’t wait.  Ha!!!


  1. I love this!!! We have goats and I totally agree- it is NEVER a good time for goats. They make you nuts, but you keep coming back for more. They get into your heart that way. I hope your goat journey is a great one!


  2. A Montessori school where I taught years ago kept several goats. We used to joke about which teacher was the best goat wrangler:) Did you know that goats can climb trees? It was always comical to arrive at school in the morning to see a goat peering down at me from the branches. This post made me laugh. You will love having goats!

  3. You have no idea how many smiles your posts have given me. So many smiles! 🙂

  4. I can wait.

  5. Oh, Ginny, I love goats! We’ve had goats a couple of times, but had to eventually re-home them because they ate everything in sight and jumped up onto our windowsills – we had no proper pasture for them, no place for them to get adequate grazing. But goats, I think, are very gentle, wonderful creatures. I think they can make very good pets. Our baby goat would play with the children! The photos are gorgeous. Best of luck!

  6. Larkspur’s baby goat is smiling in her arms, I swear!

  7. Someone onced asked my husband about our children. “Don’t you know what causes that?” He kindly smiled and said ” yes, so we’ll probably have more!” : )

  8. What fun! I had goats growing up and they are intelligent, sometimes mischievous creatures. The (goat) kids are adorable. And they’re easy to care for. Much easier to milk than cows. I wish I liked the taste of goat milk, though. I never can get past the goaty flavor. Have fun with them! Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MjHA3cLKn0 I think you and your guy will like this. oxoxox

  10. Some of the best memories of when our children were small included our goats! So much fun and they have such personalities! Our girls all learned how to milk and the ricotta cheese we made was wonderful! Congrats on your new babies.

  11. Precious! We love our goats here too!

  12. It is so cute! I love how you share the real life experience with your children!

  13. Hooray! Goat babies are the greatest (we brought home our first bottle babies last year.) Can’t wait to witness your adventure via the interweb. Best wishes!

  14. Oh, I’m so happy for your family, Ginny, and I bet your girls and little ones are SO excited! We made it a point to have farm animals for our kids before they got too old to appreciate it and I’m so glad we did. Lots of fun days and learning ahead for you this year 🙂 And if it doesn’t work out, there will always be someone willing to take them – just enjoy it while you can.

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