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I finished knitting my Simmer Dim just in time to gift it to the friend it was meant for when she was in town last week.  I loved knitting it, and highly recommend this pattern.  It’s perfect for one skein of sock yarn!  I used Tosh merino light (in the fathom colorway) and had plenty of yarn to spare.

I love that knitting for friends gets me out of my color comfort zone.  I would have never chosen such a bold blue for myself because I’m boring, but I think the shawl ended up being really beautiful!

p.s.  We brought our baby goats home on Sunday, and they sure are time consuming!  I should have scheduled several weeks of guest posts like many bloggers do when they have a new baby (hee hee!)  It’s hard to do anything but take care of the babies and stare at them in all their cuteness.  I think we are all having trouble functioning!  They are so much fun, a huge hit with every member of the family, and well worth the straw that has pervaded our home and the time spent warming milk on the stove to put in their bottles.  I’ll tell you all about them soon!  Right now, it’s once again time to feed them….

p.p.s.  Because I know someone will want to know:  I use these blocking mats, and a combination of these blocking pins along with basic single ones. I don’t have these, but they would have been really useful for blocking this shawl.


  1. Very nice and well done 🙂

    Lluisa xoxo

  2. Everything about that shawl is perfect!

  3. That blue is seriously pretty on you. Make yourself one.

  4. Very excited to hear more about your goats! Sounds like darling fun! A stunning gift for your friend. You look incredibly cute as well. xx

  5. That is beautiful, and it’s a beautiful color for you.


  7. Gorgeous. The perfect color blue!!!

  8. You and your work are beautiful!

  9. so very lovely Ginny!! You do such lovely work 🙂

  10. It’s fantastic….and the color…perfect!!!

  11. That shawl is beautiful. You should make one for yourself!

  12. Thank you for showing off the shawl. When you linked to it on one of the Yarn Alongs, I started knitting a Simmer Dim in green. It’s nice to see what it will look like and that blue you chose is beautiful. It’s funny that you said you were boring because look at your socks! They look pretty fun to me (or maybe I’m more boring than you?)

  13. I love the shawl, and you look so cute modeling it. I can’t wait to hear about the baby goats. I love the way baby goats “wag their tails” when they have their bottles. : )

  14. Lucky friend! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful talent

  15. Beautiful shawl, and amazing colour. I can’t wait too meet the goats, baby goats are the cutest.

  16. That is just a pretty shawl pattern and the blue yarn is so saturated with glorious color. I love it!

  17. There is a photo of a knitted goat sweater on the front page of Ravelry right now! Make it! Make it! Make it!

  18. I am a “Blue” person and that knit shawl does indeed look stunning on you. The gray of your coat makes for a wonderful backdrop too. One of these days I will be able to knit a shawl in similar fashion ( I hope ). Your socks are amazing as well. Not sure if I will graduate to that or not but, practice makes perfect, so they say! Keep up the good work. I know your friend is most appreciative of her new shawl.

  19. Beautiful and love love love that blue color!!

  20. The colour is beautiful on you, and a lovely shawl your friend will cherish. I will look forward to your posts about the baby goats. Blessings to you and your family

  21. I keep reading “Simmer Dim” as “dim sum.” And now I’m craving Chinese.

  22. Bold, blue, and Boring.

  23. Love the socks, the coat, the dress, the shawl!! You look great Ginny!

  24. Charlotte S says:

    Beautiful shawl Ginny. Have fun with those goats!

  25. Willemijn Maljaars says:

    That blue is gorgeous – and it looks good on you too!

  26. Not only is the shawl stunning, but the color is gorgeous on you!

  27. I love the shawl! What a gorgeous color. Also, Ginny, you look so cute! 🙂

  28. I’m excited beyond words to see photos of your goats. <3

  29. Ginny, beautiful pictures of you. These are the type of photos that your children will charish in their older years. The shawl is stunning. Yes, I’m excited to hear about the goats as well. I know when I had my first calf to bottle feed it makes you have such a close bond. “Faith” was born in 2010 and she’s still my baby. She’s expecting and while I was out burning our paper trash, she came over to the fence to get scratched. You and your family will have so many days of enjoyment from these little goats.

    P.S. I received The Goat Lady book last night, and I know my grandkids are going to love it. It’s a quick read for little ones, but gives plenty of pictures to keep them watching. Now just waiting for the Goat cookie cutter.


  30. It’s really gorgeous. And as I love all blue, I love the color! The knitting is perfect!

  31. Oh Ginny, you’re so cute! 🙂 I love the shawl! And the blue is brilliant and gorgeous! Have fun with your lambs! Our alpacas bring so much joy to our lives.

  32. I love the second photo! Great outfit Ginny.

  33. Beautiful shawl!! Thank you for your posts.

  34. Baby goats and knitting does it get any better?! The shawl is beautiful and I can’t wait to hear more about the goats.

  35. I think you need a blue shawl just like that. It looks elegant and classic.

  36. The shawl is absolutely beautiful. Your friend will be thrilled. I think these pictures of you are really lovely too. Goats! Good on you all for getting started on living some of the dreams. I bet they are so cute!

  37. You are beautiful!:)and color is perfect!love your blog, fotos…hi from czech republic!Zuza

  38. It is a beautiful color–especially against the snow!

  39. That blue is lovely and looks so good on you! Can’t wait to see the baby goats, I’ve been wanting to get a sheep, for the wool, you know. Mr. Iknead gets cranky every time I mention it. Some day, though, some day I will have sheep.

  40. Beautiful images of you and the lovely shawl.

  41. What kind of goats? I’ve been wishing for Nigerian dwarf goats…

  42. You have baby goats! They are wildly endearing. Our does are due in March, so our excitement grows by the day.

    The shawl is GORGEOUS. And while it’s out of your colour comfort zone, you totally rock it. Your friend must have been beyond delighted to receive such a stunning gift.

  43. Can’t wait to see and hear about the goats. My friend has them and what wonderful pets that when older, can stay outside! Love the shawl, blue…beautiful color and looks great on you..Get some more in that color way for you to wear!

  44. Your knitting — just beautiful! And so are you!

    God bless you!

  45. how beautiful!!! just lovely! don’t be hard on yourself about pre-scheduling posts! you are YOU! and we love your posts and you are actually doing lots of them! :)))))

  46. I love the style – jacket, red skirt, the socks, the blue shawl.

  47. What a beautiful shawl! Enjoy the little goaties.

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