Warm December

Is December always so warm?  I can’t remember.  I am thinking, probably not.  This week it’s been mostly highs in the mid-fifties and so pretty.  Our bees have been flying, making me wish I could drop everything just to sit and watch them.

Out on errands one day, I spied more than half a dozen clear plastic bags full of leaves at the foot of someone’s drive.  Later, on that street again, I stopped, and Gabe and I crammed them all in our van.  I’ve never done that before, grabbed other people’s leaves from the side of the road like that.  It was kind of exciting.

I gave Silas half a haircut this week because the accidental dreadlocks on the back of his head were making me nuts.  I’m hoping that he’ll let me finish the job sometime soon.  Maybe I should just aim for a snip a day, the never-ending haircut.

I finished Larkspur’s Leksak last week and haven’t blocked it yet, though the front band would benefit if I did.  This sweater is really more well suited to spring or early fall, but with the warmer temperatures, Larkspur has been wearing it. (And looking so grown-up!) After sharing Bea’s Leksak a few months ago, a few of you asked me about picking up the right number of stitches for the garter stitch bands on the front.  The way I did it was to count how many rows I had knit for the body, take 3/4s of that number and aim to pick up that number of stitches on each side, give or take a few.  It really helped me to have a number of stitches to aim for rather than just trying to pick up 3 for every 4 stitches.  (I did not slip the first stitch on each row because that would have resulted in too few stitches to pick up.)  I used Luna Grey Zeta in the mushroom colorway for Lark’s sweater.  I think it’s such a pretty color, and I really like the drape of the finished sweater.

I’m so, so happy about my little dog.  I’m like a little kid:  “He’s just what I’ve always wanted!”  I think my older boys are probably rolling their eyes at me a lot.  Weasel gets a lot of silly baby-talk from me.  If he could roll his eyes, he just might.  He’s doing really well in the house training department and he has the cutest, quirkiest little personality.  Funny, when I first saw him at my in-laws house, I thought he was really an ugly dog, and his name–Weasel?  But now, I think he is just the cutest little dog ever.  He rolls himself into this funny little position to squeeze next to me when I am in my chair by the fire knitting.  I’ll show you a picture, just promise not to ask if I’m pregnant! (I’m not.) After carrying six babies, my tummy prefers to be out rather than in.  (And see how Jonny made Weasel decent for the photo with a ball of yarn? Hee hee.)


  1. Hi Ginny!
    I have been following your blog for a few months now and wanted to say- thank you, for sharing your life with us 🙂 Your photos are beautiful and your family seems so sweet. I always enjoy coming here, thank you again! xo

  2. I love your bees in flight photos!

  3. I have had 0 babies and my tummy still prefers to look like that! Looks like your dog has fully settled in at this point! It is warm up here in Canada too – I was in a t shirt today, is v.wrong.

  4. it looks like your family is just what Weasel needed, too 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  5. Katharine Whitmore says:

    If I could “Like” everyone’s comments, I would! As for Weasel, well, from the start I have felt that he was a dachshund — with something mixed in of course. And like all dear sweet dachshunds — he truly loves his humans, and will indeed squirm into the tiniest places just to be next to you!

  6. Thank goodness for balls of yarn for various reasons! Too funny. Weasel’s a lucky dog to be part of your family! My how grown up Lark is looking!

  7. Your children are beautiful and your life looks ideal ; )

  8. Oh yes, little boys don’t like to stay still for haircuts, I know that one well. I love the way Larkspur’s leksak turned out, so pretty. She looks so tall and grown up in the pictures. And I am cracking up about Jonny making Weasel ‘decent’ in the last photo with a ball of yarn- that’s hilarious!

  9. Thanks for another lovely post. And I immediately had the same thought, wow, Larkspur is really growing up!

  10. Regarding the belly – after 5 mine wasn’t quite what it used to be. I also had a lot of back pain. Then I worked with a physio and did some very specific exercises. Happy to say that I have my pre-baby tummy back (except for a little bit of loose skin). You might want to check out Julie Wiebe’s site – http://www.juliewiebept.com
    It takes a bit of work, but even in the midst of raising/homeschooling 5 kids I was able to fit the exercises in and I feel so much better physically. I didn’t realize the toll those babies had put on my body.

  11. Leaves – do you still have chickens, we drive around and collect neighbors leaves and store them in the shed, then in the winter when the ground is frozen we put them out in the chicken run and throw their food in the leaves. They love to scratch around in those leaves in Jan, Feb, March
    Poochy tummies are the end result aren’t they? My boys don’t seem to mind, I tell them they made it like that, and that I love them.
    Some pant styles make it look much worse than others I find
    Merry Christmas to you all

  12. Your kids are seriously too cute

  13. Weasel is precious!

  14. Just absolutely lovely! Everything. I wish I lived next door to you!

  15. hi Ginny! I also have carried 6 babies (including one birth with twins) . . . my youngest is 3 months so I still look pregnant. I don’t mind all that much but I would love to know where you find shirts (clothes) that work for you?

  16. Ok, Ginny, I just had to share that after a physical this past June right after my bday #38- 6 babies (large) carried- I asked the awesome doctor who is also a Nfp doc and a lactation consultant! – why my belly looks so popped at the end of the day. She told me that hers does the same thing- that all of our intestines etc are working and full and expanded and with our stretched tummies they just pop!- and it is so normal!! She said to wear a bathing suit in the morning and a cover up in the evening ;-))
    18 mos after número 6 I finally don’t look pregnant in the morning- but night time is still pouchy! My husband encourages me to embrace my littlold lady body- he says I have noble- y earnd it and I shouldn’t fret 🙂
    I am so grateful he loves me out of my tendency to vanity.

  17. Our December has been out of norms as well, even for Canada… They are announcing a few inches of rain for Christmas, you can imagine how that feels for people who are used to a couple of feet of snow by now. Your pictures are beautiful… although I love winter, it’s making miss fall…

  18. You are too funny! I always look forward to your posts.

  19. Love that sweater and the leaf thievery! 🙂 You’re right though, it does make her look older. And I sympathize with the haircut battle. We’ve currently taken a stand of the “if you want to grow it out, we have to comb it everyday” variety, and it’s been a battle.

  20. I’ve only had three babies and my belly does the same thing! I love how Jonny censored the photo.

    Larkspur is so lovely and the Leksak looks great!

  21. Oh wow these pictures are so beautiful- you are SO talented!

  22. LOVE the censored yarn doggie photo 🙂 I love my little dog (frodo-mini schnauzer) I believe they are jam packed with mega personality! I think that’s how they get through the world with cuteness.

  23. I was hoping for some pictures when I came in this morning to work. Thanks for the Friday smiles! Your family, knitting and pictures are beautiful. What bump? You look great!

  24. Weasel is adorable, and Trudy looks like such a love!

  25. Yes, it has been warmer than usual in Missouri! although a little cooler this week. I have a scarf that I need to blog and get completed. I love the colors and can’t wait to wear it! Weasel is much like my little daschound… Lewie. He loved to cuddle up next to dad or I of an evening. Yep, not very shy when it comes to sprawling out there! 🙂

  26. Okay, not only jealous of the mild December (and remembering some of the same from our TN days…ache, ache), but also of that gorgeous sweater for Larkspur. You’re amazing! And yes, I agree your wee doggie is so very cute (I’m a baby talking pet lover too).

  27. Larkspur is looking so grown up! What a lovely girl.

    I can relate with the belly! Twins did me in, and it’s hard to accept. I keep meaning to do exercises for diastasis recti, but, well, I’m still meaning to.

    • Yes, I thought it was bad, before Job–but after a 10 lb baby–wow. I can’t imagine two babies….I have a diastasis recti as well and saw a new physical therapist while we were in Georgia. She gave me hope. I’ve done exercises two days in a row now. (Yesterday was day number two). So, I’m on a roll now, right?

      • I was very thankful they went full term, but that also meant they were 6 lb 9 oz each. And I’m short. I was a whale by the end!
        Two days in a row? You’ve practically made a habit of it 🙂 Keep on rolling!

  28. After just two pregnancies my belly also prefers out! You’re in a great shape.

  29. That, that upside down in the chair next to you thing, that is so dachshund. I’ve been known to end up knitting with my elbows in the air because there’s one either side of me!

  30. Oh, we are rather deep in doggy-love too at the moment! So happy for you that Weasel is working out. Does Trudy have some greyhound in her?

  31. Charlotte S says:

    Bea looks so grown up and lovely in that Leksak. I must look at the pattern. I’ve recently got an Elizabeth Zimmermann knitting book on your recommendation and I’m so enjoying it! And finally, what a tiny tummy!!!

  32. you look lovely and that sweater really turned out well! all of these pictures are just lovely, and the sun light… beautiful! So fun that you are just loving the new dog, he’s a cutie!

  33. OK, so you just have to watch this, in case you don’t already know what I’m talking about! Jennifer Garner’s baby bump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyCIfhOFewQ

    • I loved that. I’ve birthed nine children, and STILL somehow suffer under the delusion that I will have a flat belly again one day!

  34. That belly’s as cute as the cute pup!

    Peace keep you.

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