National Champion

On our way down to Georgia for Thanksgiving, we made a planned stop to visit the National Champion white oak tree in southern Virginia.  The tree is incredible, absolutely giant!

The owner not only welcomed us to come see the white oak, but also ended up inviting us inside his house!  He’s been the owner for about eight years and bought the place furnished.  There was lots to see inside, so many neat old things.  I have to say though, what struck me most was the fact that this brave man invited a family with seven kids inside his house!  Everyone behaved, nothing was broken, and we were very grateful for the opportunity.

p.s.  here’s a link to the American Forests champion tree register.


  1. What a beautiful home and how nice of him to invite you guys inside xx

  2. Amazing! I can’t believe how small the children look around the base of that tree! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. What beautiful photos— and a seriously magnificent tree. I’d love to see a tree that big. It’s been a very long time since I have… I think it was up in Temagami, which is Northern-ish Ontario. Giant red pines. 🙂

  4. What a great time that must have been! You simply must go see The Angel Tree in Charleston SC if you have not already. It is stunning and amazing, the kids would love it!

  5. What an amazing tree… Where in Southern Virginia? I lived in Richmond for many years and never even heard of it. Reminds me of the giant redwoods in California. Wonders of nature really. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Oh, what a wonderful tree! (And fabulous house!) Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. As Mary commented above, the homeowner must have been as delighted to have you visit as you folks were to see the tree.

  7. Kathryn Reinboldt says:

    We buy our Christmas tree each year from Oak Shade Farm in Rixeyville, VA, near Culpeper and Rappahannock county. They have a historic oak you can hike to on the property. Always a wonderful time there. They have baby bunnies for the kids to hold on weekends and hot cider, fire pit. Worth a drive.

  8. Wow, what a treasure; that’s one big Oak tree! I’m amazed that guy was able to purchase the house and property furnished – what a steal and a deal.

  9. nice trips!

  10. The things this tree has lived through…trees are truly amazing…here before we arrive & many bid us goodbye as well. Beautiful photos, Ginny, love the one with you especially. xx

  11. What a beautiful tree and house. The house reminds me of a home in Kent, England that I was taken to as a child. Nothing had changed since Edwardian times: there was no electricity and no running water. The lady who lived there pulled all her water from a well and had lovely old lamps. It was probably fairly miserable in winter but amazing for a visit in summer.
    There is a children’s book about the history and natural history of an oak tree in Sussex from the Middle Ages until the Second World War. The book has woodcuts for illustrations and is amongst my favourite books. The title is “Lord of the Forest” by BB.

  12. What a gorgeous tree! I have to say, you have stimulated my interest in the oaks on our property. They are red oaks and not as old as yours, but probably 80-90 years. I appreciate them much more now that you have told us all about yours. Trees have individual characteristics and I appreciate that more now than ever before.

  13. just proves that most people are good kind people and the news should reflect that more! Love the tree (massive!) and how nifty to see someone else’s house-looks like a museum.

  14. I love that your family planned and stopped to visit an oak! Way to teach your kids to value every living thing – indeed, every thing in God’s creation!

  15. That is amazing! I have seen some large oaks before but nothing like this one! Here in Missouri the snow and ice often damage them before they can get very impressive.
    I love those mantle clocks. I am in the market for one to put on our mantle. One that I just L*O*V*E. Thanks for sharing part of your trip and this National Champion!

  16. Wow, that tree is huge! Amazing how big it is. And to make the kids look like little tiny ants! I love that 6th picture. Just beautiful. And yes, he must be an awesome man for letting you all come inside that house, but your kids seem to be very well behaved and know how to respect other people’s property.

  17. what a blessing to go there! and what a neat place! you take such great pictures! 🙂

  18. Wow! I thought it was a museum! So very neat!

  19. Can you share where the tree is located? At least the town?

  20. that tree is amazing! and the house… WOW!

  21. I would love to hear the story according to the homeowner: a wonderful family came all this way just to see our grand tree…how could I not invite them to stay. Southern hospitality.

  22. What a beautiful tree. You know, I was just thinking, what an incredible museum to allow the kids to touch anything! I bet you made that tree owners day by appreciating the tree and his house.

  23. Oh, wow! That’s someone’s house? I totally thought you were in a museum of some sort.

    Love photo #2 in this post…the girls’ dresses against the tree are beautiful!

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