Leaves for Job

I never showed you Job’s finished birthday sweater!  I nearly gave up on it because knitting the wool at the necessary gauge made my hands hurt so bad.  I was afraid the sweater would end up too stiff to wear, but after a soak in Eucalan (I buy it by the gallon) it softened up a good bit.  I used stash yarn and supplies even down to that pretty cedar button!

The pattern is Leaves or Not.  I knitted it in Cestari tradtional 2-ply, which is a yarn that I like for sturdy children’s sweaters (this one and this one), but I wouldn’t have chosen it for this particular pattern because it’s a bit too thick.  The color is oatmeal, but I don’t see that it’s available any more (those two skeins had been sitting in my stash for YEARS.)  The leaves were knit in Brambleberry yarn leftover from Seth’s Big Easy.  The button is from Wooly Moss Roots.

I really think everything came together nicely.  I LOVE this sweater.


  1. OHHHHHHHHHH I love it so much!!!!

  2. Cutest. Sweater. Ever.

  3. That is adorable. I’ve had that problem with yarn, too (being too stiff for a project)…but usually a good soak/wash/block will sort it out.

  4. So cute and cozy! I would wear it!

  5. beautiful sweater and worth the physical pain of knitting! he is adorable and I cannot believe he had his first birthday 🙂

  6. Absolutely beautiful and well done!


  7. you are amazingly talented and I enjoy seeing the items you craft for your family. blessings to you and yours.

  8. Gorgeous sweater for a gorgeous boy…

  9. Beautiful photos and a GORGEOUS sweater!

  10. Love it! So stinking cute! 🙂

  11. Ginny,
    Oh my goodness, I LOVE that sweater! The colors, everything. I love the tan colorway with the green leaf pockets. And with that button? Seriously, love. And Job is just the cutest thing with his big smile!


    P.S. (As always, thank you so much for linking to us!)

  12. Suits him to. T. Well done on using your stash too

  13. It’s gorgeous!

  14. Great sweater! But that little boy, I am over the moon with him. I needed a “pick me up” at work…too stressful, so I looked at your post 3x today. Job just makes me smile..hug him for me and tell him how he has made someones day better!
    Thanks Ginny

  15. It’s beautiful!

  16. It’s beautiful!

  17. Your sweater is beautiful, and I never knew about Eucalan. Thanks for letting me in on a product I can really use. That job is one real cutie – I want to reach through the computer screen and pick him up!

  18. Oh Ginny,
    he is so adorable and the sweater is gorgeous.

  19. I read this blog every day. How can I possibly have missed the transformation of this baby into a little, walking, toothy Beatrix-boy?

    I looove the sweater too. It is amazingly gorgeous! I love browns!

  20. It’s just perfect! I love it when I am able to put something together entirely out of stash – so satisfying! 🙂

  21. So sweet! I love it!

  22. Beautiful! (the sweater and the baby)

  23. The sweater is Brilliant and it is set off so nicely by the button from Wooly Moss Roots!

  24. It’s beautiful, Ginny, and Job looks very handsome in it.

  25. I really love it too! And Job is very, very dapper in it.

  26. How adorable… doesn’t look too complicated, except that it has sleeves (never done those yet) 🙂 Can’t wait to try though.

  27. What a cute little man! I drool over gorgeous hand knit goods like this and envy the talented people who can work such magic.

  28. so adorable! 好可愛!

  29. You make the most beautiful things and always inspire me!

  30. I love it, too! You could probably support your family making things like that. “Rich” people (of which I am sadly not one) would pay huge money for lovely items like that. You are an artist!

  31. Beautiful sweater, beautiful child, beautiful photos!

  32. Beautiful!

  33. It may have been hard work, but definitely worth it. He looks so happy with it as well! Lovely 🙂

  34. love this sweater!!! Amazing job!

  35. It’s perfect Ginny!

  36. I love it too! And that yummy Jobie!

  37. Its gorgeous! I love it!!

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