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Today is my 37th birthday.  I’ve been planning my day for weeks, not something that I usually do.  My plan went like this:  Visit Old Town Yarnery with Jonny and eat at the Mason Dixon Cafe.  Our local yarn store recently moved to a new location and I was saving my first visit for my birthday.  We’ve never eaten at the Mason Dixon, so I was really looking forward to that too.  A few days ago, I added getting an eggnog au lait at our local coffee shop to my plan.

I almost never buy coffee out and have a hard time knowing what to order.  I struggle with the sizing.  What happened to small, medium, and large?  I am not good at pronouncing things correctly either.  Last week, out for a little pre-birthday celebration with friends, I ordered an eggnog au lait.   (So good!)  Thank goodness my friend Eve was with me because otherwise I would have pronounced au lait phonetically, rather than “O-Lay.”  I’ve never claimed to be sophisticated, that’s for sure.  Anyway, Jonny loves eggnog, so I wanted to go back for more on my birthday.

In my mind, it was just going to be Jonny and I on my little birthday outing, but last minute we decided to bring Job.  Everything is more fun with a baby along.  It was Job’s naptime when we left.  What were we thinking?  He was a good sport at the yarn store, but started to melt soon after.  The Mason Dixon experience was a bit of a challenge.  Next up was the coffee shop, where they were no longer serving eggnog coffee.  Sob! I ordered plain coffee O-Lay, like a pro and Jonny got hot chocolate.

At this point it was time to head home, but we stopped in one last shop just to look around.  I’m not sure how to describe the store.  It was some strange mix of vintage clothing, animal skulls, and leather boots.  There was also a hilarious bulldog.  He hopped right into one of the employee’s chair and seemed ready to climb up on the table until she picked him up and set him back down.  He headed over to one of the animal skull displays and considered picking one up in his mouth, but then thought better of it.

Job fell asleep just before we left the store and then slept all the way home.

The last little part of my birthday plan was to take the kids to see a local house whose Christmas lights flash to the tune of music on their own radio station.  I even made homemade ginger cookies the night before for them to eat while we watched the lights.  When we arrived, the house was dark.  Boo!!!!

I meant to make a custard pie for myself with a gingersnap crust, but decided to save that for tomorrow.  That way my birthday drags on into a second day.  Hopefully, day two will be better, though today was pretty fun minus the crying, lack of eggnog and flashing lights.  It’s best not to have big expectations for birthdays.  Truly, I’m thankful for another year, and that is really what birthdays should be all about.

p.s.  Job is wearing the scrappy Milo vest that I knit him for Christmas.  It was pretty fun to knit up, and if Job could talk, I’m sure he’d tell you that it was almost his favorite gift.


  1. I have a feeling I know which house you were looking for- in the Confederate Ridge neighborhood? The people who own(ed) ? that house were the owners of Paul’s Bakery (and are also Parishioners of St. Mary if I am not mistaken). We live in that neighborhood, and this was the first year that they didn’t light up their lawn with the wonderful display. Instead, they set up many of the lights in the parking lot at Paul’s Bakery on Lafayette Blvd and made it a walk-through display. I know that Paul retired and they sold the business to their son in the past year. Perhaps that’s why the made the change… So sorry it didn’t work out for you this year but maybe you can try again next year at the new location!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! love these pictures! much love to you. and we are just about 1 year apart! (for me I was 38 on the 29th). God bless you richly. Looks like a lovely day, even if Job was tired and cried. much love to you….

  3. I have a Dec 30 birthday – so glad to share with you. Thanks to you and your family for inspiring us!

  4. Maria Teresa says:

    Tão lindo encontrar pessoas como você a viverem uma vida tão linda, com tantas realizações e beleza. Feliz ano novo, feliz aniversário, continuar com seu trabalho lindo no blog e na vida.

  5. Lovely! Happy belated and it looks like you had a most wonderful day despite the lack of nog, overtired babe and lack of lights. Family makes all good. xx

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINNY! Love your selfie in the car mirror. Jonny is a true sport for toting along Job. May you have many, many more wonderful Birthdays.

  7. Happy birthday, Ginny! 37 isn’t so bad, I’ve been that since the end of Sept. 😉 I love Job’s vest.

  8. Happy, happy birthday to you!

  9. Happy birthday and happy new year!!!

  10. Happy birthday to you Ginny!!! You are awsome so is your husband and your kids. Happy New Year to you all 😉

  11. My new granddaughter, Marin, was born yesterday on your birthday. I hope she grows up to be a lot like you. Blessings to you this new year and enjoy that custard pie! Yum!

  12. Happy Birthday, Ginny! What a wonderful day you planned & executed. Your hubby & baby are so cute–great birthday sidekicks. And I just love Job’s vest. Here’s to another 37++++ years & happy 2015! xx

  13. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great outing and your yarn looks beautiful. That bulldog was so cute! I want to go there, and the yarn and coffee. Too bad I am so far away. happy new year too.

  14. Happy Birthday, since your still celebrating today this wish is not belated 😉 Love your blog, you have a beautiful family and a “real” blog. i have read more books that were on the yarn along and yarn along is where I check for book reviews….thank you. Your knits are amazing and enjoy following their progress and seeing pics of the children wearing them…. Happy New Year, I look forward to reading small things in 2015

  15. Sarah Eicher says:

    Dear Ginny,
    How funny, because we share the same birthday, even though I turned 38 yesterday! I love and enjoy reading your blog and nearly every day I pass by to see what you and your family are up to… How nice to know, we sare the same birthday! So, hapy birthday to you! All my best! Sarah

  16. Happy Birthday! What a bummer about the house lights not being on display when you even made cookies. That’s my luck too! I love the sign at the yarn store. We left the older children at home and brought the baby on my birthday outing a few years back…yes, not a totally smooth sailing day, but still a sweet memory non-the-less!

  17. Happy Birthday and now Happy New Year!

  18. Happy birthday, Ginny! I love Job’s milo. I think I may have to knit one for my nephew!

  19. Happy Birthday! Looks like a wonderful day! I need to visit your local yarn shop! Looks like I will be planning a day trip in the spring!

  20. Happy Belated Birthday! I’m a December baby too and just turned 38.

    Sounds like you had a good birthday, even if everything didn’t work out quite right. I had the flu on my birthday and cried 🙂 Good for you for not having great expectations; it’s terribly disappointing when they don’t work out!

    Wishing you a wonderful 37th year filled with happy memories!!!

  21. I missed reading yesterday, so happy belated birthday – it sounds like you had a delightful day! And I hope your joy continues through the weekend! Happy New Year!

  22. Ginny,

    Happy Birthday! Random question: Are you and Jonny still working on the triple bunk? I would love to see how it is turning out!

    • Yes! It has been in the “almost finished” stage for MONTHS. I am hoping that it gets completed before spring. I’ll definitely share photos when it does!

  23. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a very nice day out! Hope you have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  24. Happy birthday! My 37th birthday celebration this past summer went similarly. Dragging the celebration out is a great idea!

  25. Happy birthday, Ginny! I hope your second day is grand. Just sit and knit!

  26. Happy Birthday Ginny! Despite some of the ‘misses’ – it looks like you had a wonderful day out! Well done!

  27. I’ve been lurking for too long since my lack of time has been the reason for my almost defunct blog(!). BUT! I had to comment on this one and wish you a very happy belated birthday. Mine was only 7 days prior and what a whirlwind of time to have a birthday – sort of gets lost in the shuffle. And I can relate to not having big expectations, especially in the stage of life we’re in. Sometimes the simpler things are better. Sounds like the perfect birthday! I had to laugh since these are my plans as well (we haven’t done anything yet). My husband and I are going to visit a local yarn store (one that is REALLY nice, and I never get to because of the distance/location) and then out to eat (Indian, most likely) and coffee…I hope you ended your day with a dark piece of chocolate! 🙂 Hmm…I like the idea of extending the festivity. (And why is it that we make our own birthday meals?)

  28. Happy 37th Birthday! You are so young. Thanks for sharing your birthday trip with us. Hope you continue to have a great day today as well.


  29. Sounds like fun- a few quirks but still sounds like a sweet time. Last year I did NOTHING for my birthday. Maybe the key is to plan the day myself? You’d think after nearly 15 years of marriage we’d have this figured out! My husband is happy to have his birthday almost ignored. It comes at a busy time for him at work and any fanfare during his workday just feels stressful. I actually want some attention 🙂 For the kids and my husband I always make their favorite foods on their birthday. Maybe I need to make my own? That’s not so fun though

  30. Happy Birthday!

  31. happy birthday Ginny! Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday 🙂

  32. Happy Birthday! I loved this post.

  33. Happy Birthday Ginny, wishing you the best in your next trip around the sun!

  34. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fun outing. Love the sign about the doc saying I need more fiber so I went to the yarn store.

  35. Happy birthday!!! I get a little paralyzed in restaurants. I’m always like, “this is SO SPECIAL I can’t screw it up and order something gross!!” I can’t relax until the big ordering decision is made. Anyway, you’re right when it comes to birthdays…I’m learning as I get older that it’s best to have lower expectations for birthdays.

  36. Happy Birthday!
    I turned 37 on December 9th.
    We are the same age!

  37. Happy Birthday! I hope that you had a great Christmas and that your New Year will be wonderful too! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! xx

  38. Happy Birthday Ginny, this looks like a great day, all the best to you and your family.
    Best wishes, Micha from Germany

  39. Happy Birthday! Wishing you joy in the coming year!

  40. Happy Birthday!!

  41. Happy Birthday!

  42. Charlotte S says:

    Happy Birthday Ginny! Ahh birthdays with small children… By the way that red/orange colour looks really good on you.

  43. Happy Birthday Ginny!

  44. Happy, Happy Birthday Ginny! Sending you love xxx

  45. Happy birthday, hope you’ll have a great year coming.

  46. Happy Birthday, Ginny! I love the pictures. Sounds like a great birthday. And of course that Milo would be his favourite gift. : )

  47. Happy birthday! I visited Old Town Yarnery as they were about to move and haven’t been to the new location. Maybe one day soon I’ll brave the traffic down that way!

  48. Happy Birthday to you! It all really did sound like a great plan of a birthday day, even with a few bumps.

  49. Happy Birthday!

  50. Happy Birthday to my birthday twin – well not twin as I have more than a few years on you. I too keep birthday expectations on the smaller side. A day with no arguing and not having to cook dinner is all I asked for. I got the first and not quite the second. Reheating some chicken noodle soup from the frozen stash isn’t considered real cooking.

    Hope that you have a wonderful year filled with happiness and good health.

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