Wooly Moss Roots {giveaway}


Today’s giveaway is from Jeff and Taryn of Wooly Moss Roots.  They have lots of exciting news, and I am so glad that they are here today to share it with all of you!  Be sure to follow along at Taryn’s Blog, and “like”  Wooly Moss Roots on Facebook.
“Hi everyone and thanks to Ginny for inviting us back here today. Many of you already know us from before on Ginny’s blog, but for those of you who don’t, we are The Wilson Family- Jeff, Taryn, and Bracken. When we are not creating, we’re busy on our small homestead usually in the garden or the kitchen.


Jeff is the wood wizard around here and he makes some gorgeous buttons. We’re a good pair since I’m a knitter and love using his handmade buttons all the time. Plus I really enjoy spreading the love and offering the special buttons he makes to other knitters, sewers, and crafters of all kinds. I like photographing each unique set and listing them in the shop, but what I love most of all is hearing from our customers and getting to see pictures of all the beautiful things they are creating with them. That’s my favorite part. (And that’s why I’m filled with glee every time I visit our Ravelry group and there’s a new project posted there!)


Jeff was going strong, sanding buttons and woodburning them, but he did what he tends to do: work, work, work nonstop. His body started rebelling and he started getting tendonitis in his elbow.  At the same time he was struggling with some sciatic pain. Things he’d always done easily before, in our work and on the homestead, became challenging for him to say the least. We knew we wanted to keep doing what we loved for our business, but at the same time not work his body like a machine. We embraced some new technologies we’d never considered before and started using a laser machine.


The laser machine made it possible for him to take designs and burn them into the wood, rather than woodburn and carve everything by hand. I can’t say how exciting this was for us! Spending more of his time doing design work and less time carving and woodburning made his tendonitis disappear. (He’s been busy creating wooden jewelry with the help of the new tool and the next step is to start burning designs on our buttons, which we’ve just been beginning to do.) He’s still doing quite a bit of sanding and we will continue to offer our high-end wooden buttons that we are so fond of, but we will also be offering some other options that are a bit more affordable. In addition to our fabric buttons, we are now offering coconut buttons with all sorts of designs. We found some beautiful coconut buttons and have been having so much fun burning designs on them (give us your requests if you’d like to see something in particular.) Just this week Jeff came into the house from the shop with a huge grin on his face and showed me his very first wooden shawl pin with a design burned into it with the laser. Check out the new offerings (there are some fun wooden knitting magnets as well), exciting things are happening around here these days!



For today’s giveaway, Jeff and Taryn are offering a lovely gift bundle including:  a wooden knitting magnet in Oregon myrtlewood that says: “I Knit Therefore I Am,”one set of eight buttons in winner’s choice of: honeybees in juniper wood or chickens in myrtlewood, and one set of eight coconut buttons in winner’s choice of: butterflies, trees, chickens, flowers, or Celtic knots.

In addition receive 10% off in both of Jeff and Taryn’s shops: Wooly Moss Roots and Mystic Orb, when you use the coupon code: NOVEMBERLOVE at checkout. The coupon code will be good through Thursday, November 20th.

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post!  Comments are closed and the winner is KC who commented, “What stunning buttons!  I adore all of Jeff’s creations.”

Thanks Jeff and Taryn,and  Wooly Moss Roots!

handmade wooden buttons


  1. I LOVE the buttons, especially the ones with trees on them. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous as usual. If you are sending outside USA please count me in.

  3. Those are very beautiful buttons. I’d love to win a set.

  4. Oh my! What amazing buttons!!!

  5. my mom is a knitter and this would be the PERFECT Christmas gift for her!!!! so beautiful!

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  8. Oh, the buttons are beautiful. I just at recently bought a set of the hemlock buttons. They are gorgeous that was my third set of buttons put on sweaters!

  9. These are beautiful!

  10. These are beautiful!

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  12. Augusta Kennedy says:

    Beautiful buttons! I have admired them for a long time.

  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Beautiful and thanks for the giveaway. Hope I win! 🙂

  14. I think I have fallen in love with all things wood. How absolutely earthy to use and wear wood buttons, jewelry, etc. Truly beautiful!

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