the last warm day

November fossil hunt-5249

We threw all plans out the window yesterday to take advantage of the last warm day for awhile (as far as we can see on the ten day forecast).  We haven’t fossil hunted in ages, so we headed to the beach.  As always, Beatrix soaked her feet in the first three minutes (despite our warnings) and then proceeded to cry because her feet were cold.  So she, Larkspur, Silas, and I abandoned the beach for a nearby playground.  The playground was promptly declared boring until I spotted a couple of persimmon trees nearby.  We tossed sticks at the branches, trying to knock the persimmons to the ground.  Great fun!  Supposedly persimmons are improved by frost, though I didn’t eat any because I hate the way they make my mouth feel.

My knitting stayed on the bench, and I didn’t miss it.

And–It was a great day for spotting wildlife:  a bald eagle and turkeys!

p.s.  I usually get emails asking about this beach.  It’s a private one, but there is a nearby public park:  Westmoreland State Park.  I give fossil hunting tips for finding places to hunt at the end of this post.


  1. Have you ever seen a wild turkey fly? So beautiful, and majestic. They’re my favorite to watch, simply because they look so awkward on the ground, and on take off, but soar just so. They can reach speeds of up to 50 mph.

  2. Beautiful pictures! They make me long for fall and changes of seasons and open spaces~

  3. Looks like such a nice way to spend the day as a family!

  4. We live along Lake Erie; eight inches of heavy wet snow today and lots of fender benders. Motorists generally recall their safe driving skills after the first snowfall.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Perfect family day…

  6. So envious of your fossil hunts. That is on my “list” and I have yet to find one. Looks like great fun. I may have to take a trip to that state park. You guys seem to find them all the time. I wonder if I would have the same luck!!! Looks like you had a great day!!

  7. We did the same yesterday… well, sort of. I raked leaves in the lightly falling snow, in order to preserve the yard as much as possible. And low and behold, it snowed this morning! Not much, but enough to almost feel like winter is coming for real. Your day looked wonderful, Ginny. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. Andrea G in Morgan Hill, CA says:

    There are two types of persimmons – Fuyu (non astringent) and Hachiya (astringent). Fuyu are generally rounder while Hachiya are more the shape of a sweet pepper. You can eat Fuyu raw when it’s slightly soft. Most of them don’t have any seeds, but once in a while you will see some. Hachiya needs to be like jelly before eating – generally caused by being kissed by frost.

    Here’s a listing of the types of persimmon trees for sale by a grower.

    I’m in California – not all trees lose their leaves in winter, here, but persimmon trees do; they look so beautiful with just the persimmons hanging on the bare branches.

  9. Yes, persimmons are NOT good until after a good heavy frost. but they are great fun. Old farms predicted the winter weather by cracking open the seed inside. If it is a spoon, heavy snow; fork, mild winter (I think); Knife, ice!
    It is very old here now. woke up to 19* (wind chill of 8*)… {{{sigh}}}} comes right on time every year right?!
    Love your pictures!

  10. I was born in , and still have lots of family there. Your Virginia posts make me happy and home sick all at the same time. I’m on the west coast, and these pictures are such a joy to me. Thank you! Plus I just love your blog. Your honesty and grace are beautiful!

  11. The reason the “old folks” tell us not to eat the persimmons until after the first frost is because it is the cold that insures they are fully ripe and will not make your mouth feel “puckery” when you eat them. That feeling is caused by alum in the less than ripe fruit. Who knew you could get a primitive chemistry lesson from a blog on a family outing! Glad you all had fun!!!

  12. The Bald Eagle pictures are stunning, but the Persimmon tree pictures need to be framed. They are beautiful Ginny.

  13. Great photo of the eagle! It has turned cold here too now. Time for the snow to begin I think!

  14. how nice!!! I could not help but think how you kids are growing!!! God bless! Glad you had this time!!

  15. Lovely outing. We need more of those…

  16. Your photos are stunning, Ginny. You have such a great skills and amazing talent! Beautiful!

  17. What beautiful photos! It is super cold here now. We haven’t got out of the teens for a high for a few days now. Too cold to go outdoors. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  18. You need to wait for persimmons to fall to the ground before using them. Don’t eat them plain. Then find a recipe for persimmon pudding. It is to die for!

  19. I am in SC so we have the same forecast. 🙁 I have all grown children and hubby was at the office but I ate lunch outside and spent some time on the porch swing soaking up the warmth and sunshine. I am not looking forward to such a long stretch of cold.

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