Remarkable Trees of Virginia: Pope’s Creek Hackberry

remarkable trees of virginia hackberry-5707

A sort of part two to yesterday:

We did not plan to stop at Pope’s Creek after our fossil hunting trip, but not wanting the day to end, and not having searched out a Remarkable Tree of Virginia in so very long, we pulled in on our way home.  We explored the grounds, and declared the birthplace of George Washington to be one of our new favorite places.  Though this wasn’t our first visit, it was our first time spending more than a few minutes there.  There are an abundance of gorgeous old trees on the property in addition to a beautiful kitchen garden, heritage livestock, and we even saw tobacco drying in a shed.  The kids stopped to examine a big willow oak, and later Keats wanted a photo with a giant (loblolly?) pine.  We didn’t come upon the old historic hackberry tree (Celtis occidentalis), and reason for our visit, until near the end of our time there.  It’s a gnarly old tree, full of character, though stripped of it’s leaves this time of year.

We will most definitely return to Pope’s Creek in the future, maybe on our next warm day.

**Our remarkable trees adventures over the years are inspired by Remarkable Trees of Virginia, one of our favorite books.  In fact, we are on our second copy, having loved the first one to pieces!


  1. Ginny, our family also loves Popes Creek (though we still call it Wakefield)!! They have a fun junior ranger program my middles really like. I have to admit, I have often wondered if you lived near me. I recognize many of the places you visit because we frequent them as well. But the clincher for me was the sagging park bench in your last post. I am pretty sure that is my neighborhood playground. DO you live in SH? Or do you just visit? In your travels if you see a frazzled mama of six joyful homeschoolers, know that she is an avid reader of your blog 😉

  2. Is the pattern for your baby son’s sweater linked on your blog somewhere? It is adorable. Thanks!

  3. What an amazing gnarly old tree! The grounds are beautiful there. Loved the close up photo of your beautiful children. They grow quickly like young saplings! I looked up some of your past postings on the trees of Va and how your family’s progression has been documented under & in those old historical trees. Very touching and a great memory for all of them. Thanks for sharing!

  4. They are angel.

  5. Jennifer Hammer says:

    Such beautiful children!
    Good choice to stay out and explore.

  6. What a blessed family you are!!! Each time I see your pics make me happy and thinking how cool is to be part of such a big family. May God keep you all blessed and healthy! Liuba X

  7. Such great pictures, as always. I enjoy seeing your pictures with the great trees and all the kids. Some day I hope you will have a long hallway with all of these lovely images framed in a row.

  8. What beautiful pictures Ginny, and such great family pictures with all the kids cooperating at once (always difficult to achieve with children)!

  9. Amazing the size of those trees! I would really like to visit Virginia someday. When we retire we plan on having an RV and roaming around. Seven more years!!!! 🙂

  10. how lovely! Trees… one of the best things God made (other than people) I think!!!

  11. I love the trees! Your photos were precious. Did you plan the coordinating red tops? Isn’t if funny how that happens sometimes.

  12. I could literally leave this comment any given day, but I just have to say…seeing the small and large beauties of your family life makes me see more beauty in my own family life. Thank you so much for what you do. Keeping this blog is really a great service for your readers.

  13. A while ago you had posted about this lovely book. I had considered getting it, but put it off as we were living in San Diego and then scheduled to move to Japan. When my husband got orders to DC I immediately thought of this book! We left Japan last April and for my husbands’s birthday in May he got a copy of the book. It is so beautiful! We’ve yet to have adventures looking for the trees but will soon….it’s been a bit chaotic getting settled here. All this to say thank you for sharing your experiences and the books you love!

  14. bonnie Schulzetenberg says:

    Hi Ginney,
    love your photos and long for the warmish breezes of fall. we have subzero – ALREADY!!!! I will email you the photo for gratitude on your weather. Stay warm and happy and healthy ( I hope you are getting personal attention on your health)
    love Bonnie

  15. Ginny, I happened by your website quite accidentally so you can imagine my surprise as I discovered that you are a homeschooling family from the Fredericksburg area, too. It was one of your posts about Calendon or fossil hunting that did it. My eyes went wide as I read about nearby places that we visit – we (I should say I) love hunting for sharks teeth. We/I in no way have the experience your family does but it is always fun to search for these treasures. I love reading your posts and had not seen one about the remarkable trees of Virginia yet. What a wonderful idea and something I can see us enjoying as well. We haven’t visited Pope’s Creek in ages and it’s definitely on my wish list to get there soon. Glad you were out and about to enjoy our last bit of gorgeous fall weather recently, it’s gone too soon for us as this bitter cold sets in. Your posts always inspire me to enjoy the lovely seasons we have here.
    Warm regards from someone nearby!

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