Getting ready for his first

It’s been a wildly busy week in a very good way!  Together with Keats and Gabe, Jonny and I have packaged and mailed those original 70 dozen dishcloths and are now working on another 50 dozen!  The dishcloth orders are still trickling in and we can’t get over it!  I wish you could have seen the boys cheering when they realized this was really happening and that they would be able to continue to play for their travel baseball team!  Thank you all so much!  (And while I thought I invoiced everyone who asked, I have gotten a few emails from those who left a comment, but didn’t get an invoice.  Sometimes they go to spam folders, so be sure to check there!)

And, Job turned one on Wednesday!  And while we told him over and over again that it was his birthday and marveled over the fact that our baby is an entire year old, we haven’t had our official celebration yet.  I finished his birthday sweater on Wednesday, and his birthday crown on Thursday (only a day late!)  Job’s godparents are joining us for a little party and we are so excited to celebrate with them!  I baked pumpkins last night, and today I will make pumpkin pies with gingersnap crusts.

p.s.  I guess that photo of Intruder might be a little worrisome, given that he is standing in the road.  Many years ago, he arrived at our house (an uninvited Intruder) from somewhere beyond the other side of the road.  He was a bully, and I didn’t like him at all!  All these years later, he is much calmer, and very loved.  His habit of visiting our neighbor’s yard makes me nervous, but I swear, I’ve seen that cat look both ways before crossing!  And short of forcing him indoors (Seth’s been trying lately!) there’s no controlling Intruder.  On this day, he just wandered out to see what I was doing, and I snapped his photo before shooing him back into the driveway.


  1. I cannot believe Job is 1! It’s amazing how time flies, even on the internet. So happy your boys can continue to play ball. We ventured into the world of competitive soccer this year with one of our daughters…wow!

  2. Ginny, I would love one set of the dishcloths as well! Thank you!

  3. Happy Birthday to Job (my birthday was on Thursday); doesn’t Beatrix have a birthday coming up as well? Also, congratulations on the success of the dish cloth sales. It’s great that it’s worked out so well. Kudos to you!

  4. Happy Birthday Job!
    Your ‘intruder’ looks just like our ‘intruder’ (ours is named Mr Kitty) He arrived one very cold and wet March day in our garage and he was quite starved 🙁 It took him a couple YEARS to finally warm up to us, and now he is the biggest LOVE MUFFIN on the planet!

  5. Greetings! My dish cloths arrived in today’s mail…so very fast!!!! I’m thrilled with them, I’ll be sharing half with my daughter. It was a great item for fundraising!

    and happiest 1 year old!!!



  6. Happy 1, Job!!!

    So glad you were able to problem-solve your kiddos’ expenses, Ginny, for traveling ball. I LOVE it when I figure out how to make ends meet & it actually works–makes me feel like putting on my big girl pants & not wallowing in my own frustration was all worth it (I can be kind of a downer sometimes, but I’m getting much better the older I get.)

    Love that last photo–amazing to consider all the personalities of all the cats that have wandered this world…

  7. Hi! I purchased one set of dish clothes (for me) & now I want a second set. Are you still selling them? I want to add them to christmas gifts….if you are thank you! If you aren’t, no biggie…..

  8. “Intruder” – what an awesome cat name. I have a kitty cat that’s been hanging around, clearly someone’s pet as she literally climbs the entire screen door in hopes of getting inside. But she’s a sweet heart.

    I always love the cat pics – so much better than the **** photos – Ha!

    Happy Birthday to Job!

  9. Happy birthday little Job! By the way, we also tap giant papers to the floor for kiddie art. it’s the best!

  10. Hi Ginny,
    I would love some dishcloths. It is great to be able to support fellow baseball lovers 🙂

  11. Intruder’s tail is up, so he’s happy. And his belly looks well-stocked. 😀

  12. Hi Ginny,
    I didn’t see an invoice yet (even checking spam folders!), but I would like a dozen dish cloths. If there are any left, could you please send me an invoice? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Rachel! I can see it in my paypal account, and I just sent a reminder. Let me know if you get it! Otherwise, I will cancel that one and try creating a new one! Thanks so much!

  13. If you still have dishcloths, I would like a set.

  14. Meredith C. says:

    Put me down for one dozen of the dishcloths, Ginny! 🙂

  15. Elizabeth P says:

    Hi Ginny, I didn’t get an invoice from your last post, so I am going to go ahead and just paypal you $26 and you can add me to the list in waiting for your next order. What a great idea! My middle son plays travel baseball and it just seems to become more and more of a commitment every year!

    And a happy birthday to baby Job!

  16. Have been following your blog for awhile and love reading about your family and the beautiful area where you live. Was wondering if you could share where to find the pattern for the lovely little knitted leaves. So pretty and would add just the touch to so many things. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Happy Birthday Job! That knitted leaf looks so intriguing, I can’t wait to see the finished crown.
    I can’t wait to get your dishtowels, mine have holes in them. Great idea for a fundraiser!

  18. I feel like the ps. was directed to me, since I allways ask you to tell us more about Intruder. So, a big Thank You for this!
    And Happy Birthday, little Job! I remember last year how anxious I was, waiting for his arrival! and happy birthday to you too, Ginny, it is a little your birthday too, with each and every child’s day.
    hugs from Romania!

  19. Ginny, I’d like a set if you have any left!

  20. I am SO excited that they will get to continue to play!!!! And I can’t wait to start using my new dishcloths! Thank you for one of the best, most practical fundraisers I’ve ever had the joy to be a part of. 🙂

  21. how very nice about the wash clothes, the travel team baseball and the first birthday! how special! so glad for this post and all the cute pictures! May Intruder be given a long cat life! 🙂

  22. I am so happy your boys are still playing ball Ginny and I wish them all the luck in the world!
    Happy birthday to Job!

  23. Gwendolyn says:

    Ginny, I love how you invite us into your life! Love the new pictures for today and am excited with the boys about their “traveling” opportunity. How do you make your crowns? Did you get the pattern from a book? Thanks again for sharing with us…for those that our kids are grown and out of the house, I’m amazed at what you get done with your large family. Have a great weekend!

    Gwen in Iowa

  24. Enjoy your day with Parveen et al 🙂
    Happy birthday, Job.

  25. Gee, I wonder if I could sell dishtowels to get my daughter through the next three years of her uber-expensive, no-other-choice-in-English high school. How many do I need to sell to make 21,000 euros? 🙂

    That’s really wonderful, though. You are their heroine, I’m sure!

    Can’t believe Job is 1. I mean that’s just crazy. I’ve already had to settle into life in two different countries since he was born! Three if you count since he was conceived!

  26. Happy we have first birthday babies so close together. 🙂 Catherine was one on the 31st.

    I love your knitted leaves! I just looked up a pattern and found out how to do it last week and it was like magic. 🙂 I appliqued them on some baby hats but since I got on a roll I have a bundle of them waiting for projects to join.

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