the last hour

We haven’t made it to the Fall Fiber Festival in a couple of years.  This year it fell on what at first seemed would be a perfect weekend, and we talked for weeks of our plans to be there.  The reality of our past couple of days though, is that by the time we arrived at the festival, there was only one hour left.  We made the most of it though, visiting first the from scratch organic donut stand and then the sheep.  Larkspur and I then wandered the booths, while Jonny took the other kids to watch the sheep dog trials.  I thought I had time for both if I was quick, shopping and some of the trials, but by the time I made it over to Jonny and the other kids, the trials had ended.

Before we left, I asked Keats to take a few photos of Jonny, me, and our four youngest.  I’m not sure he was paying attention to how he framed the shots.  More of an, “Okay fine, I did it.  Can I go now?”

We left Seth with a friend playing golf because he has no interest in the fiber festival and is very vocal about his opinions.  We realized that this was actually the last time we would take any of our three oldest.  Our other two older boys were our complainers this year.  I guess they just aren’t interested in booths full of wool and yarn, or sheep dog trials anymore.  They don’t stay little for long, that’s for sure.  These boys of ours have their own interests now, their own ideas of how they would like to spend a Sunday afternoon, and they aren’t shy about letting us know.  Next year, I’m afraid it will just be our four youngest with us.  I never thought that going to this festival would become a reminder of the fact that our children are growing up, that it would mark the years in a way.

That yarn in the last photo, from a local Virginia Farm, is the only skein I purchased. ( I’ve knit with their yarn before.)  I mostly get overwhelmed by the mass quantities of yarn at the festival, so rarely actually buy any, but  I wanted something fun.  It’s for Silas.  He says, “Mittens.”  I say maybe a vest.


  1. Wow! amazing! I would feel the same way though about being so overwhelmed I would walk away with nothing. I mean, how could you choose? I would want it ALL!

  2. Hi Ginney, I just found your blog and its lovely. I like your pictues and that fiber fest looks good, great wool!! I live in the UK at the moment, there are a wool fests here and there, try to go to them when I can, but the time doesn’t always work out. I have grabbed one of your yarn along buttons, too. Thanks. 🙂

  3. I’m lucky that I live within reach of many fiber festivals…this coming weekend is Stitches East. Every year I help a friend in her booth….next weekend is Rhinebeck and the first weekend of November is New England Fiber Festival…..Connecticut has theirs in April…but other is a smaller one, Fiber Twist that was a couple weekends ago….I’ve also been to festivals in Mass, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine…its kinda what I like to do……I’ve actually taken students to one previously….two 5th grade boys and their 4th grade sisters…they loved it….but I’m sure wouldn’t now..they are now teenagers…

  4. Charlotte S says:

    Oh that’s funny, before I read your post I looked at your pictures and thought wow, aren’t the children growing up fast! Your youngest girl looks a lot older here. My eldest is only 10 and already complaining about some of our day trips. And then we find some kind of adventure playground and she forgets the complaining!

  5. every year I have the best intentions of Rhinebeck and the NY sheep and wool festival, and every year I chicken out because of the massive amounts of people. This year is the same probably. I have a little festival that I go to with my adult daughter who doesn’t knit (but can, Oh my wishes!!). We had a good time even though it was muggy and hot.

    I tend to go without expectations and then something catches my eye and I buy it.

    A few years later on those boys will talk about “remember when” and there will be laughter and joy over the sheer boredom they felt. That is what it is all about, living life.

  6. A few years ago, my daughter and I went to that Festival. We had a wonderful time, and enjoyed the Charlottesville area and have always wanted to go again….but have not been able to work it out. Thanks for the photos and for the memories.

  7. Oh how lovely – the yarn is absolutely beautiful – I cant wait to see what you are going to craft up with it!

    We have lovely farmers markets here by is in South Africa but I have never come across a fiber festival – oh how I would love to go to one!

    Thank you for all your beautiful and inspiring posts – I enjoy following along.
    Blessings to you and your lovelies xx

  8. Looks like such a lovely time – even if only for an hour! I love the yarn you chose! I’m trying to squeeze more knitting time in. So much knitting and sewing I want to do for Christmas! Any tips on how you do it with a large family, homeschooling, and everything on your plate? 🙂

  9. Katherine says:

    I love the first pic of you and Johnny…all the little heads swirling around you guys. It’s such a true portrait of your family life!!!

  10. Jane Fleming says:

    Oh Ginny, we teach them to hold our hand when they are young and then all of a sudden they are teaching us to let go !!! I have 5 boys and 1 girl . Especially the boys they do tend to push our hand aside before we feel they are ready to do it alone !
    God of trust .
    In my mothers words of wisdom ‘you are doing just fine’

  11. Dear Ginny,
    a long time ago I was reading your blog.
    (I only feel so ;o) ! )
    today I take time and read a few of your last Posts.
    Wow, what lovely colours you have seen there. Great.
    In the last weeks I have no enough time to knit a complete project.
    I must sew a lot things, it´s beautiful, but I dream for some hours for knitting in a week.
    Even when I organise the week completely, I´ll have only a few minutes on some days.
    I love to read more about you and your Family and I hope you all are well.
    Heartly greetings from Germany

  12. No yarn or fiber festivals here – but my oh my – we’ve been indulging in homemade donuts (and freshly picked apples and apple cider!)
    All of those skeins would leave me weak in the knees! What fun!

  13. Great colours for a vest! I get overwhelmed with too much variety too. I loved scrolling through your photos though. Like walking into a candy shop… only made of yarn. 🙂

  14. Beautiful yarn, family and pictures 🙂 Thanks for sharing! xx

  15. As I was browsing through your beautiful images, I kept thinking how similar our Fiber Festival is to the one you attended. Such inspiration, I too get overwhelmed with all the choices. This year I let my kids pick out a skein for me to knit them a scarf with. I’m almost finished with my sons, my daughter has requested fingerless gloves..a new knitting adventure I’m slightly hesitant to start…(keep in mind our Fiber Festival is in May…I’m a little late to the game with these two projects…). I do think an Autumn Fiber Festival would be perfection in my book! As always, I enjoy your little space here immensely. Thank you for taking the time to create such a lovely place to visit and feel inspired by.

  16. yes, they grow up so fast, don’t they. God be with you and encourage your heart in all the changes!

  17. The donuts made me hungry and the wool festival looked wonderful!! Hang in there, when the kids are bigger they will love to come to that sort of thing again. My youngest is turning 26 and we just went to a sheep judging contest and she loved it. She is my city girl. We had tons of fun and she is learning to knit. They come back around to their roots it just takes a while. She was the one that wanted to go to see the sheep and chickens at the judging. You just never know so don’t worry or try not to, they change a zillion times and then they come back to being more like you than you thought they would. You’re doing a great job!!

  18. I use to think, “I will never leave my kids home from a family activity.” Well, that was true until “13” arrived. Ugh!

  19. My daughter no longer likes to go with me either. I have embraced it a bit and use it as “me” time, although it is bittersweet. I am hoping as the years go by that she will take an interest again. I’m glad you got to enjoy the fair, even if was for only one hour!

  20. Oh, the complaining children. Our oldest two complained a few weeks ago, while at a fiber festival. Mostly, about being hungry and my strolling slowly through all the booths. I was happy that the festival provided activities for the children, but that excitement was short-lived for them. Next year, I may make it a ladies day and go with a dear friend. On the way home from church yesterday, my husband said he kinda relates to Moses in the book of Numbers, when the children of Israel complained to the point that he couldn’t take it anymore. We are working on this in our home too. 🙂

  21. Bonnie Schulzeteberg says:

    Hi Ginney
    your photos and your titles are so catchy. You should be in the business of naming peoples books!
    yarn and sheep? is that like chicken and the egg? What comes first?
    did you know that Julie (Sarah’s older sister) is coming out to Erics on Oct. 15th?
    Love Bonnie
    p.s. I made a mosaic of the 400 + sympathy cards we received – can I email you a copy of it?

  22. Oh my goodness, that sounds like something that would happen to us – to get there in the last hour! It looks like such a beautiful festival. And those donuts – I’m actually making donut holes today with our eleven year old for her “in the kitchen” course!

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