baby knits wee liesl

The weather has really shifted this week and I woke up really chilly for the first time.  I also have my first cold of the season.  I’m pretending that I am going to spend the winter cozy under blankets knitting lots of fabulous projects while drinking hot tea.

Wee Liesl is finished and ready to go in the mail.  Larkspur sighed when I showed it to her, wishing desperately that it was for her own new baby sister.  Sorry!  I still have a baby, and while I thought he was going to be walking by now based on the few steps he’s been taking, he isn’t.  He’s sticking to crawling:  onto chairs, onto tables, into trouble.  Those little blue shoes were Seth’s.  I’ve never been able to part with them, though I think Job is the first baby to wear them since Keats.

I like the way that making plans and winding yarn gives a sense of accomplishment, as if all those projects will just fly off my needles.  Yes, I’m good at pretending.


  1. Your photos are always so serene, I look at them longingly, wistful for the life I hope one day to have x

  2. just wondering about that little square icon you have in one of your pictures above.
    was it a gift? or do you know where it came from?
    We recently got a new Parish Priest and the church he came from to us had a beautiful mosaic behind the altar.
    Thinking about it as a welcome gift for him.

  3. I’ve also been able to dream up a long list of knitting projects that would take me through the holidays and into the new year. Likely my thoughts will change by the time I actually get there. (sjn821 on Rav)

  4. It’s so good to pretend! It helps me a lot sometimes, but not always:)
    Love your greens yarns!

  5. I have a feeling, Ginny, that when Job starts to walk, the running won’t be too far behind! Love seeing all your beautiful yarns – all promises of good things to come – all in their own due time. Wishing you a lovely day.

  6. Always love to see what you’ve knit! Jealous, Ginny, just jealous…hee. May I come live beside you and apprentice under you on those cozy winter days? I love drinking tea, and I’d be good student.

  7. What a beautiful sweater…I don’t blame Larkspur, ha! Pretending never grows old, at least not for me anyway. I’ve been dressing my youngest in a lot of her sibling’s hand-me-downs lately & it brings back so many happy memories, hope it does the same for you. xx

  8. ….♥ Věra

  9. I remember that sweater! you knitted it for Silas, isn’t it? 🙂 I also love that wee Liesl and I think a little baby girl would be a beautiful addition to your family, much to Larkspur and Beatrix delight. (please, don’t sigh…)
    PS: Where are the cats? I expected to see them in the outdoor kitchen, near the girls, or just pop in some random pictures 🙂

  10. *drools over your pretty yarn*

  11. Hello there. Just found your blog through Wabi Sabi Wanderings. It’s delightful! Your photographs are just beautiful. I will show your site to my daughter in law ; )

  12. hope you feel better soon……

  13. Recently, I just completed two wee Leisl sweaters for gifts and loved them so much that I started a Leisl for myself! You should be proud of all that you accomplish! Feel better soon!

  14. Beautiful sweater! Sorry to hear that you have succomed to the illness de jour; I am in week three of whatever it is that is going around. It started with full-body aches and pains and then took over my head, neck and now my lungs. The “tussin” cough syrups have helped immensely. Hope you feel better soon. Richard.

  15. You have another pretender here. Like adding things that you’ve already done to a to-do list so you can cross them on the spot.
    My big girl really wants a little sister after two brothers. I can’t blame her… It would be nice to have a little someone to put all those dress I made to. But, we don’t have the power on those kinds of thing.

    I wish you all the blankets and hot teas you want (need).

  16. So true, so true, so true. I pretend. All the time.

  17. I’m pretending that as soon as the snow flies I will have no more canning, housework or job work to do and can sit and knit by the fire with a cup of tea and cozy socks on. Reality is that I will be shoveling the snow, still cleaning the house and commuting to work in horrid conditions. It is nice to pretend for awhile though! Love the blue/brown yarn…..what is it? Get better soon.

  18. Lovely pictures!! I am pretending here too- stocking up the pantry and freezer and starting big knitting projects and imagining all the quiet hours that will obviously not exist in my winter world

  19. Look at all that yummy yarn goodness! Not to mention that adorable little boy.
    Pretending is good. I pretended all day that my house was in order so that I could finish my book. I did finish it and am filled with so many beautiful words, phrases and sentences and my heart is about to burst. It was not an easy read and required a lot of my emotional being, but this book will forever be in my heart for its beauty, its sadness and the essential goodness of many of the characters. Sigh, in some ways I wish I still had pages to go.
    Wishing you a lovely rest of the week.

  20. I just have to say how much I absolutely love those first two pics of your son Job! I admire so much the amazing light you capture your children with and wearing the beautiful handmade clothes. I would love to teach myself how to use a DSLR camera and how to knit more than a straight scarf, but I feel helpless – even those pictures in the books confuse me.

  21. What is it about little sneakers that just brings out so much emotion and so many memories? Any mother will know!
    Love the sweater, what a beautiful gift.

  22. Wee Liesl is just beautiful! The sweetest! And I think that pretending can give us hope, and hope is never a bad thing. Get well soon! *hugs*

  23. awwww, those wee little shoes <3 so sweet.
    hope you feel better soon.

  24. Wee Liesl is so beautiful. That photo is gorgeous too. You really do get a lot done, I don’t think you have anything to pretend about. 🙂 Feel better soon.

  25. The Wee Leisl is darling. Lucky, lucky babe. Happy mama.

    I am wishing I could spend the entire winter snuggled next to the fire with needles in hand. I want to just rest.

    So sorry you have a cold. I’m sure you know all the good remedies, but I recommend hot chamomile tea with honey and cinnamon. You can alternate with lemon ginger tea and honey. 🙂

    Today I am steaming brown bread. Wish you were close and I could run some over.

  26. Ginny,
    thank you for the wash cloths, wonderful to use. Your pics yesterday and today are really amazing. little shoes tied many times so they stay on. imagination of your “outdoor” chefs. cute little butts climbing on chairs and delicate pictures of flowers in simple pots.
    Love it all

  27. So cool the way you captured that bee going straight for Silas’s apple slice. And the purple sweater pic is so beautiful!

  28. I love dreaming about cozy winters with lots of yarn and projects. And that wee Leisl makes me want a little baby girl.
    Feel better soon.

  29. Oh that green yarn is just lovely! Whatever project that’s meant for will turn out beautiful (no matter how fast or slow it comes off your needles 🙂

  30. I have the same dreams about knitting and being cozy. For some reason my kids don’t. 😉

  31. Aren’t we all good at pretending?! I do the same, if it is organized, then suddenly, as if by magic, I will get things done faster. Never happens! The sweater is so adorable!

  32. the sweater is just lovely!!! and those shoes very cute; great pictures 🙂 Sorry you have a cold; those are so tiring. get well soon, drink lots of tea and you are doing a LOT everyday in terms of accomplishments!

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