Fall Color {16 years!}

fall color-1-2
Jonny and I celebrated our sixteenth anniversary last week with a long walk at beautiful Caledon (with the kids), and dinner out (without the kids).  We are clearly far better at spending time outdoors than we are dining out.  We were late getting back from Caledon and didn’t manage to get out the door until an hour and a half after our friend who was watching the kids arrived.  When we reached the restaurant where we had planned to eat, we discovered that it was live music night and it was really loud.  So we tried choice number two, next door.  It was closed for a private event.  It was around 9 p.m. at this point and I was so hungry and exhausted that I just wanted to go home.  I wasn’t a very fun date.  We ended up eating burgers, fries, and milkshakes at a high end burger joint.  I felt like a going-out failure but Jonny just laughed.  “This is way more ‘us,’ he said.  I guess so.  We just aren’t fancy night out people.  We finished our shakes and drove home, planning for a redo soon.  We need to aim for an afternoon date next time.  I think that would be more our speed.

16 years.  It feels like an accomplishment, but honestly, it makes us feel old.  We kept trying to remember the details of the day we got married (we eloped in the N. Georgia mtns.), and they are getting awfully fuzzy!  I’m sure we were laughing at ourselves then, just as we do now.


(Trying to get that perfect dorky anniversary shot.  Larkspur was our photographer.)

p.s.  Job’s sweater is here.


  1. Gtreat photos. Your site is my favourite for the photography by far! Congratulations and I am pleased you had a nice walk, even if the food wasn’t so great!

  2. Happy Anniversary! After 36 years we have come to realize that special times together rarely happen on special days because we try too hard. We hardly ever have a memorable time on our anniversary or Valentine’s Day and pretty much don’t try anymore. The last couple of years we have just gone to our favorite high end stone baked pizza joint and it has been wonderful because it is so low key. There is a fancy steakhouse next door where there are crowds waiting to get a table and we are in and out without a fuss because it is just pizza and I suspect we had a much better time. One day you will have an empty house like us and you will have so much time together that you wonder what to do with it so the days you are in now are just a season. We now know that the most precious times are the simple things like sitting on the porch swing on a summer evening watching the fireflies in the woods and drinking a glass of good wine. The silly thing is that we could have been doing that after the kids were in bed years ago but instead we were longing to be out and away together. Just some thoughts from a Mommy of five grown ones.

  3. Such joyful photos and beautiful autumn colours.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both! We always include the family too:) love your pics, as always…..beautiful.

  5. Your photos and your family are just beautiful – very sweet. Happy Anniversary.

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a nice series of photographs…as always :-).

  7. Happy anniversary! Many blessings to you and Jonny.


  9. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

  10. Happy Anniversary! May you both be blessed with many, many more :0)

  11. happy anniversary!! I think the outing with the kids is special and the dinner out was the dessert 🙂 May you always be blessed together.

  12. Happy 16 years!

  13. We just celebrated 16 years after eloping to Las Vegas! Congratulations! We usually eat at home, with the kids too. That’s the way to do it.

  14. Lovely time of year and it looks like you had a wonderful day with the family – happy anniversary. Oh, and I totally get the whole night out thing not always working as planned. 😉

  15. Happy Anni!!! I love all the photos on the beach–one of my favorite walks is along a freshwater beach in the fall. Your children all look so happy out in the fall splendor. My hubby & I will celebrate 13 years soon & it makes me feel old, too. But everything is truly a state of mind. Great photo, Larkspur!

  16. Such a sweet couple and family you are. God grant you many more years! 🙂

  17. Congratulations that’s an amazing achievement! My husband and I are not great at dinner dates either.

  18. Just beautiful! Such comforting and beautiful pictures! I love the ones of Job. They capture the beauty if his precious age! Congrats on 16!

  19. Happy anniversary! (Also, Job was just born! What is he doing running around and climbing?! 🙂 )

  20. happy anniversary Ginny. Blessings to you both and your children.

  21. felicitations!

  22. This is so fun. Congrats on 16 years. Beautiful photos

  23. Happy Anniversary! Each one is special, no matter if it’s filet mignon or burgers and fries. Or a hike in the woods. May you have many many more.

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