Jet Stream


I carried my Jet Stream to the beach, hoping that it might be cool enough one evening to need it.  It never was, but Jonny and I did sneak to the beach without our kids for a few minutes so that he could take pictures of it.  I spent many months working on this shawl, and I really love it.  The yarn is an alpaca, silk, and cashmere blend, sadly no longer available because Maya of Springtree Road closed up shop.  I have always suspected that I have a bit of a sensitivity to alpaca, so whether or not I will be able to wear this near my face for long periods remains to be discovered.  I sure hope that I can, because this shawl is incredibly wearable, and such a gorgeous gray.

(My Ravelry notes are here.)


  1. I made this too! Yours is gorgeous, I can see that the silk has given a bit of weight to it which has given it a gorgeous drape. And I love your colourway. I think I would probably make this again one day in a colourway similar to yours, I did mine in a bright green:

  2. I love it! I might have to knit that pattern, it’s my kind of style, I hope you are not allergic and have many wearing hours ahead of you 🙂

  3. This is just BEAUTIFUL and I hope you can stand the alpaca because it just suits you too much! Great pictures too. Best,


  4. Ginny, Ginny, what a beautiful shawl, perfect gray. Hope you are able to wear it often and the alpaca won’t give you itches and red spot:)

  5. Supercute!! I love it!!! 😉

  6. Wow, I am amazed at what beautiful things you can make! I am also amazed at how you continue to show up here each day, sharing your beautiful pictures with all of us, despite going through your own grief. It must be really hard getting up each day without your sweet friend. Thank-you Ginny, for being willing to be so open and honest. Your blog is bringing me such joy and inspiration these days. Much love to you and your family, Katie (in Canada).

  7. gorgeous shawl! great job.

  8. It’s just beautiful, Ginny! 🙂

  9. I really love that color. And it looks great on you. Was it a low-stress knit?

  10. thank you for posting the pictures of your jet stream, I cast one on after seeing yours in the Yarn Along. I’m on section 3…hoping I can get it done in a couple weeks or so. I’m glad to see yours blocked out so well, my yarn is an alpaca blend too and was worried about it curling, your looks great though. And I agree with other commenters, Jonny took beautiful pictures!

  11. Beautiful!!!

  12. Hi Ginny
    I am one of many admirers who loves the photo shoot. You could consider a second profession ya know?
    And Jonny too – photography. Wow I love the shawl, ocean, beach, wind and the bracelet. Sarah’s?
    I love your blog, so comforting to read. Wish I could knit.
    Bonnie Schulzetenberg

    • The tree of life bracelet Sarah made me for my birthday a few years ago is my favorite. It’s the blue one you see in my pictures. 🙂 I’ll teach you to knit next time you’re in town!

  13. Oh, Ginny, what lovely photographs. He captured you so well. Somebody loves you… 🙂

    • He must to put up with these photo shoots and my instructions: Don’t get my face in the pictures. No wait–don’t get my legs!!! I’m a pain. 🙂

      • Lol–I know for a fact my constant “no, no, wait, get my GOOD side–remember, the opposite side of my hair part?!” drives my hubby (& oldest daughter) batty. 😉

  14. That pattern is lovely! You should sell it. To me 🙂 Just kidding, but every time I see one of your beautiful creations I’m just so impressed.

    PS: I’m a little late, but I just had to say that I love your magenta shoes. They’re so fun!

  15. I love it. I’ll have to keep that one in mind when I finally do some selfish knitting.

  16. Absolutely beautiful!!
    I just love the color…it looks great on you!!

  17. It is gorgeous! That is a shame about the allergy. I have just realize after giving many knits away I am more allergic to the wash I have been using than to the wool! I am so excited about that. I guess I should have know I was allergic every time I washed and couldn’t stop sneezing when I was blocking it.

  18. It picks up the sea greys in your photos. Beautiful location for a photo shoot!

  19. Beautiful! Such a perfect project for taking your time and just enjoying the process. I think I need one…

  20. The shawl is so pretty! I love that shade of grey! Really love the dress your wearing too!

  21. Just gorgeous!! Definitely added this one to my queue. 🙂

  22. Thank you for sharing your time with your husband and shawl with us!!! <3


  23. How delightful, a truly beautiful shawl.

  24. Oh! What a lovely post. I’m so happy that I rediscovered your gorgeous blog.

  25. Oh Ginny! You and the shawl are just beautiful. Serene. Jonny did a wonderful job photographing at the beach and it was just perfect. I love the color and flow of the shawl. Really gorgeous project.

  26. It’s absolutely beautiful!!!!

  27. It’s wonderful, and really suits you! I can feel the wind blowing just looking at these great pictures. You are looking lovely as well.

  28. looks lovely…. I think I have many of those same sensitivies to ‘real’ fibers… do hope you can wear it, it’s lovely!

  29. it’s really beautiful

  30. Beautiful shawl. I love the color. The pictures are beautiful also!

  31. Caroline B. says:

    Wow, that shawl is BEAUTIFUL! Love the pattern!

  32. Melanie King says:


  33. The shawl, and the lovely person wearing it, are both very beautiful. Great pictures!

  34. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  35. I don’t comment very often, but I just had to say: BEAUTIFUL! Oh, and the shawl is pretty too. 😉

  36. Beautiful. The pictures really do it justice, and I can see the time and effort in the finished product. Also, I have that same dress (in another color) and love it!

  37. So SO pretty!
    But I don’t get the shape… and I looked on Ravelry. Is it something unusual? Or is it just that I can’t see the shape but it’s normal?

    • Yes, it’s asymmetrical! It’s interesting to knit because of that, and it turns out that the shape is really wearable. It wraps well.

  38. Just stunning ! I took shawls along on our recent trip and it happened to be cold enough I could take advantage of them!

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