I am not an early riser.  I would like to be, but I usually have a baby that opposes my plans.  This year though, I have some early morning commitments.  I thought I would be able to shift my entire schedule and start going to bed earlier every night, and getting up early every day.  I don’t think that things are going to work that way just yet.  It’s difficult to finish up the end of our day and get the older boys to bed, and it’s nearly impossible to sneak out of my bedroom in the morning without Job.  So, I think I am just going to have some extra sleepy days: two cups of coffee days.

Today is a very sleepy day for me so I am just going to make a quick list:

Jonny surprised me the other day with a very practical and timely gift (my jet stream is finished!), a new set of blocking pins.  I love them, and am very proud of Jonny’s ability to walk out of a yarn store without a single skein of yarn.

Awhile back, Alicia mentioned that she had watched all of the Restoration Home series and loved it.  Jonny and I have both become totally hooked over the past couple of months (we watch on YouTube).  We make good-natured fun of the show almost the entire time we watch it.  There are definite themes:  small families renovating enormous crumbling mansions in the hopes of turning them into “family homes,”  running out of funds, and getting off Shedule.  (Yes, we pronounce it “Shedule” now.)  It’s all extremely thrilling and dramatic.  We LOVE it.  But maybe they should feature some of the reverse:  enormous families attempting to renovate tiny crumbling farmhouses.

I am attempting to make Jun tea.  My friend Jaime took Sarah’s Jun scoby home and has been saving it.  She brought it to me earlier this week and I started my first batch.  I have never made a fermented beverage with a scoby before, so I kind of have no clue if it looks right, or is really working.  I have done water kefir, but that’s a little different.  Anyway, I’m going to do my best.  Sarah always served Jun with dinner when we visited and my kids all love it.  Though it makes me cry to think it, and to write it, I am overwhelmed by the gifts from Sarah.  They keep coming.  I try to focus on the gifts rather than how much I miss her.

My first day teaching preschool went really well, considering it was the first day.  It was exhausting, but I’m already looking forward to next week.  I couldn’t help but think of how much I wished Sarah was there, but of course then I wouldn’t be.  That’s a hard one.

I have developed an ice cream habit.  Two years ago, if asked, I would have answered that I don’t really like ice cream.  I’m not sure what happened.  Probably just sugar addiction, plain and simple.  If pie was an option every single night, I’d probably have a pie habit.  I keep saying, “That’s my last pint.”  But then I just happen to be on that aisle, and they just happen to be on sale.  I start physical therapy for my poor back and pelvis this week (still not the same after having a ten+ pound baby!) and maybe it will motivate me to cut the sugar.


  1. I am also a self confessed restoration home addict! I read your post a few days ago and smiled from your comment about “large families/ small spaces”! It has been going round in my brain and then…. I realisd I could share my latest addict with you! “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces”…. same guy, same idea but generally VERY small spaces; including a 1960s (very small) ambulance conversion/ campervan conversion for a family of 6 with dog! I loved it!
    Thank you for all your lovely posts, I read them with my tea in the morning… maybe now I can give you something back!

  2. I can’t watch anything British after the disaster of a year we spent there in 2012-13. Just awful. I can’t stand the place. I wonder if more Americans knew more about the place if they would still have this fascination (I’m on my 8th country at the moment, so I do think I have some perspective!). I do think the show itself sounds interesting, though.

    Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. I am just awful with no/little sleep.

    • You know, some of our closest friends are British, and we’ve never visited or had a bad experience to associate with British shows. We like this particular show because it’s about restoring old homes and it’s slightly cheesy, not because of a fascination with the British themselves. 🙂

      • Comments are too short a form of communication when one is feeling cranky! Actually, British adults are absolutely lovely people, which makes it ever the more difficult to understand some of their social problems — like littering and public drunkeness. It’s that they have a very widespread bullying problem. Being slightly different there, as a teenager, is not at all acceptable. The young girls are orange from spray tan and have raccoon eyes from the ten layers of mascara they’re applying. It was just truly difficult for my very different teen girl. She got very close to taking her life due to the severe bullying there.

        And I did qualify that the show sounds very interesting in and of itself. 🙂

  3. I think you’ve got me hooked on Restoration Home! Maybe I can justify it as part of history classes?

  4. I like to pretend that Greek yogurt, Liberte version, isn’t like ice cream but I think they have about the same sugar content. Relating!!!!

  5. Connie Ridgway says:

    My first time getting into reading this or commenting. I love the pictures, the honesty, I love to knit, have 5 children, have 13 grandchildren & 1 great grandchild. Work fulltime. Have my son & daughter in law, 2 grandkids & granddogs living with us. Estranged from Mother in law & 3 of my children along with about 9 grandchildren mostly. My new normal for 19 months. Had a bad back but started exercising with my 80 year old neighbor & it is feeling better. He was a trainer for many years. These last 19 months have been my hardest ever, my Mom who lives 1200 miles away had a stroke last May. I miss talking to her. I love ice cream, coffee, it can even be coffee ice cream 🙂 I want to know how to make jun tea you have been blogging about. God bless you & all the women who replied.
    Something like what was said above, a woman told me years ago when going truth a really bad time. It says in the bible … And it came to pass in those days,,.,. It never says it came to stay! That one statement helped me get through a lot of difficult times when my kids were young. Jesus loves us all so much! God bless whoever reads this with an awesome day in Him. Can’t wait to meet you all some day when we get to our real homes & there will be no more pain, sorrow or tears. God bless you.

  6. Dearest Ginny, please tell me all your secrets of how fast you can knit…

    Beautiful post. I adore your photos… love, love them.

  7. Jenny Mills says:

    I was just thinking that this is such a lovely post….and then Tara said is so well….beautiful!

  8. hmm, might have to get those blocking pins….maybe!! so happy that you like being the teacher of preschool, sounds like fun!

  9. OMW (oh my word) just loved the pic where the cat is in the flower pot. I am glad I am not the only who cat has weird places to lay. You are an inspiration to me on how you see joy in all things. I am trying but it is so hard. Thanks for putting yourself out there. I pray God’s comfort in upon you for your friend. I lost my best friend, my dad, it will be three years this October and it still is fresh. I know he is in heaven and I will see him again. I am still dealing with my new normal as I call it. I rely on God. I have to so I don’t go into a depression like I did when I first lost him….

  10. I work as a nursery (garden) specialist and during the summer it is hot, hot, hot. All I want is ice cream. Not to add to your current cravings but try Talenti gelato if you can find it in your area. Specifically the salted caramel and tahitian vanilla. Every single woman at work has a serious addition now! Have good days Ginny.

  11. Hi Ginny –
    Your posts and your ability to find the good and joy in everything is so inspiring – I have loved reading your blog, and you and your family…and Sarah and her family…are in my prayers.

    I’m sorry about the PT for the back and pelvis, plus the PPD you have previously mentioned. My second child was born a few weeks before Job, and I’m in PT right now for my back/pelvis/hips — and she was only 6 pounds! It’s also a crazy thing to say, because I wouldn’t wish PPD on Satan himself, but my approximately 4ish-year journey through PPD/perinatal depression has definitely made me a holier and better person. Sanctification through suffering…and an explosion of love after being showered by the beautiful gifts of Faith and Grace. Truly, the Lord saved me when I was at my worst and I can only pray that some good continues to come of my suffering!

    Thank you for sharing your life and your thoughts – you bring me a lot of joy.

    – Kristin

  12. Dana Laviano says:

    Oh I can relate to that ice cream habit! I went for years totally disinterested in the stuff. If it was in the freezer for my kids, I wouldn’t touch it (which is saying something!) But this year, something changed and suddenly I was CRAVING it. I began buying little expensive pints of gelato and then was gifted an ice cream maker. That was NOT A GOOD THING. I quickly perfected my chocolate ice cream recipe and just as quickly gained about 5 pounds in 10 days! Now the ice cream maker sits in the cupboard (of shame) and I have managed to mostly abstain from buying any more. Mostly…..

  13. Lovc love love your photo’s. And off course your post and thoughts…. 🙂

  14. Hi,
    I bet if you wrote to the programme Restoration House they would at least consider you.. try it.

  15. i’ve never seen anyone block with those utensils before. I am a fairly new garmet knitter and have found it difficult to block. Can you tell us about he blocking mat? Is this from a sewing store? I’ve seen something similar for kids a jigsaw puzzle walking mat.

  16. Hi Ginny!
    Whenever I feel like I need sugar it is usually a sign of adrenal fatigue…common with mothers of little ones!
    If you search it you might find some solutions, although R & R isn’t easy to come by, (I’m a mother of six!) it is probably what you need.
    For now, enjoy the coffee! 🙂
    Thankful for your blog,

  17. Oh my goodness! Bad backs are something I can totally understand. Childbirth and childrearing in general does that to you, I think. Hope you feel better soon! And I hope you get some more sleep too!) My little one is teething – molars. It’s killer at night time these days. However, as my mom said many times before, “This too shall pass.”

  18. I love ice cream, it’s one of my favorite desserts. A two-coffee kind of day sounds rough! Good luck 🙂

  19. it took me awhile before I finally tried making kombucha, turns out it really is that simple. My only complaint is the fruit flies in the summer and sometimes I forget about it and it gets a little too vinegary.

  20. Ginny,
    I hope physical therapy helps! It has helped Jeff, but his sciatic pain is still bad and we have a long ways to go yet.

    I’ve been curious about Jun tea and have wondered about making it. I like that it’s sweetened with honey.
    How special to carry on the culture from Sarah. It sounds like her spirit touched so many people around her.

    Restoration Home sounds fun, perhaps I’ll check it out sometime.


  21. Enjoying your blogposts, the real of it and the lovely pictures. It’s good to connect and ponder on words well spoken. Thank you!!

  22. marj harvey says:

    Not familiar with the tea at all. Like you, I grew up disliking anything but homemade ice cream. Then about 2 years ago, wham, I got hit with the ice cream bug. Know what you’re going through. Also lighting candles for both you and Sarah. Glad your first day went as well. Hope you get your back and pelvis in shape. I know you’re happy with what the Lord provides but are you hoping for more children? You’re such a great Mom!!!

  23. Jun tea? I’d like to try that! My oldest daughter literally makes GALLONS of kombucha! I don’t mind it right off the first fermentation, but anything older than that and it begins to remind me of drinking beer (and I hate beer! lol! )

  24. I think it is so neat that the Jun tea is from Sarah and will keep gifting you and your friends! And I’m so glad your first day went well. I bet you are great at it.

  25. Ginny~ I’ve been praying for you this week. You have been on my heart and mind in regards to Sarah. But how precious the gifts of hers that still abound…and that you recognize them! God is good.
    I’m in my sixth batch of kombucha, so the Jun tea post is intriguing to say the least. I may have to give it a go.
    And honestly, after having a 10.8 lb baby myself, I fear my hips, back and pelvis may never be the same. I can pray :).
    I’ve so missed participating in yarn along…alas, my latest project is of the quilting sort instead of yarn. Still loving all of your recent knits though.
    Blessings to you,

  26. I love that pint, Liz Lemon is a favorite, and the reason I can’t keep it in the house.

    PS- I think Sarah was there with you Ginny, smiling.

  27. Oh I hope the therapy works well for you–sounds so painful. I originally hail from Wisconsin and from a mother who grew up on a dairy farm so we ate a lot of dairy growing up…once I hit 30 my metabolism just seemed to go on eternal vacation so I can’t indulge like I used to… My favorite Ben & Jerry’s is Late Night Snack (fudge, potato chips & salty caramel ), but I think it was discontinued–tragedy that is.

  28. you are not alone with the pelvic physical floor therapy. I’ve done it twice after two of my many babies. Very much worth the effort!

  29. I have been making kombucha like crazy but jun tea sounds even better! kombucha has such a strong flavor I just can’t get used to.

  30. I am so glad for the gifts. Missing Sarah must be very hard. Hang in there with the tiredness. We still pray for you and light candles here for you. Beautiful pictures. How good of Johnny. May it be a compliment to him that when I think of how good my husband is to me, I often think of how yours is good to you. Lord have mercy on us all and help us!

  31. Tara Penner says:

    Feel silly posting this, but when I read your post, I just thought, you are a beautiful lady. I know better than to keep a lid on what the Lord brings to mind, for His own reasons, so I wanted to tell you anyways. Thank you for your beautiful soul.

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