Fun and Exhausting

Just a few notes for myself, this morning:

That boy in the first photo–he hit four home runs this weekend.  Just four.  I’m learning some lingo.  One of the runs was an “in the park” home run, the other three were “dingers.”   I have finally stopped calling runs “points.”  Keats nailed the ball every single time at bat, but only made it on base once, and that time the ball nailed the poor kid at third base in the shins and he went down.  I hate it when kids get hurt.  Their team won the tournament, so that was fun, but it also meant that we spent a lot of time at baseball games and I have a sunburn.

That baby in the first and second photos–he’s turning out to be a real biter.  And a screamer.  It’s funny because he has the sweetest temperament, really a great personality.  I hope the screaming and biting phase passes soon.  It’s especially unpleasant in the middle of the night.  I scared Jonny the other night when I unintentionally screamed in pain myself, in response to being bitten while half asleep.  Daytime biting I can handle, but this while I’m sleeping stuff, is kind of awful.  Poor Job may find himself getting weaned in a month or so if this keeps up.

Anyway, weekends are fun and exhausting.  I’m exhausted and happy.  Time to start another week.

(photos are actually from a week or so ago.  I promise I’ve got my suitcase from the trip to the beach put away now.)


  1. Okay, here’s an idea for the biting (I’ve only had mixed results with it) but my sister taught me to push my boob into his mouth and then he can’t breathe and lets go. It hurts less than pulling things out from between his teeth. Iain is at 16 months and has taken up screaming. I’m also hoping it’s a phase.

    Great job with the round trippers, Gabriel!

    • Oh, and now he only bites when he’s super tired or a tooth is coming in. There was a couple weeks that were bad. Maybe some homeopathic teething gel?

  2. At first I thought you meant he was biting other children. Oh, he’s “only” nurse biting, ouch. Good luck. So,happy for the ball players!

  3. Awe, but he’s such a cute little biter! 😉 My children have never really bit for very long–and usually because I accidentally go bezerk the first time it happens & subsequently scare/scar them tremendously (& always feel badly afterwards). Hope his biting phase passes quickly for you. Congrats on the baseball wins!

  4. Four homeruns! That is really incredible! He definitely has a talent for baseball!

  5. I have a biter right now too. He doesn’t bite nearly as much at night, but I am more sore now than I was in the early weeks of breastfeeding. I am hoping it’s a phase because he is just shy of 9 months so we have at least 3 months to go before I will even consider weaning him. I hope Job stops biting you!

  6. my son was weaned at five months because of biting. He had FIVE teeth coming in at once. When we switched to bottles I would watch him bite and pull at the bottle’s nipple, thinking that could be me! I hope he stops soon. But maybe thee are lots of teeth erupting…

    congrats to your ball players and your newly acquired lingo. I’m impressed. I had to learn tennis lingo but still wasn’t quite sure what I was talking about. they are matches, not games…blah blah blah….

  7. Wow! 4 home runs?! Impressive!

    Sorry about the biting. It’s always a little shock and never a pleasant one.

  8. God bless you! oh dear about Job… praying for you.

  9. Woo Hoo! Way to go with the “dingers” young man! Good job.

  10. Sounds like you had some awesome baseball in your weekend, way to go boys and congratulations!

    I’m sorry about the biting, I had one of those myself, sigh.

  11. I love his spikey hair too! Poor mama. Our little 15 month old is molar teething right now. It makes nights rougher. Hoping we all get a little more rest tonight!

  12. The baby book I had said never to scream if your baby bit while nursing, just to say no calmly and quietly….I assumed that chapter must have been written by a man! My son bit once – I jerked and screamed at the top of my lungs – didn’t mean to, but it hurt! Poor little guy started bawling, I comforted him, and he never bit again. Good luck, Ginny!

  13. I’m not sure if you have had a biter before, but my son who nurses at 18 months went through a biting phase for 12 weeks (9-12 months). I unlatched and told him “no” every time, but to no avail. He was teething . . . for 3 months. Anyway, I am glad I stuck it out because after that terrible phase nursing has been very enjoyable. Lots of tears. Though no judging if you quit =) I totally get it!


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