Say it isn’t so

Job seems to be a musical baby.  He loves to “play” the piano and yesterday he was attempting to sing along in Mass.  He’s really such a little sunshine, almost always happy.  It makes it easy to forgive him for being a bad sleeper.  A friend’s mother asked me recently what his name is and when I said, “Job” she replied, “Say it isn’t so!”  Ha!  I just love it when people say things that are slightly impolite or kind of inappropriate, without a second thought.  It makes me laugh (and makes me feel better about the times when I have done the same.)

So, I’d sort of forgotten that when homeschooling, it’s really hard to do anything but school on school days.  Last week started off strong, but I can see that it’s going to be a really tough year, simply because I have five official students now, not to mention Silas and Job!

Outside of starting school, my big accomplishment last week was making baby food.  It was seriously so difficult to fit that in to our one day off that it felt kind of ridiculous.  It’s crazy, having days when it seems impossible to accomplish anything, even when it’s just one thing that I need to do!  The challenge now is to remember to move a few frozen jars to the fridge each night, so Job can actually eat it the next day.

Time to start week two!  Between all my newborn’s wakings, I had about four hours asleep last night, so I am super ready.  Right.


  1. Hello. I would like to suggest Soul Gardening Journal to you. Heard about it on EWTN. If we were friends I would order it for you. Your vocation as mother, wife, friend and of course knitter (lol) is very inspiring.

  2. I am amazed you manage to get as much done as you do. I found getting anything done with only two children quite difficult and mine went to public school. Bravo for you.

  3. I have a hard enough time with three older kids and home school! Cannot imagine throwing a newborn in the mix! Oh but he is precious.

  4. Oh boy, I remember those tired days needing to go strong on four hours of sleep (maybe it’s because they weren’t all that long ago, lol). Wishing you a good night’s sleep more and more often. xo

  5. LOVE the picture of big sister holding him up to the piano!!!

  6. Could you share how you make your baby foods you showed in the photo? Are they mixed at all (multiple foods in on jar?) They look really well pureed, what kind of blender did you use? Are the veggies steamed or roasted? I need inspiration for making my 11-month old jars of baby food. He still needs it really well pureed. I just started buying food in jars for the first time … he’s my 4th child. I see nothing wrong with buying baby food, but I’ve always enjoyed making it. None of my others wanted this much food at this age, yet this one need it so much more pureed. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Jaime! I guess it all depends on what I’m making. Friday I made beets with bananas. I boiled the beets then pureed them with the bananas. I also boiled some nectarines and pureed with avocados. Plain sweet potatoes-boiled then pureed. I guess I actually sort of boil-steam, because I don’t use much water-just enough, and then put a lid on. That way the liquid just gets pureed with the food. Another thing I made was carrot/potato with bone broth. And then some chicken soup that I left a little lumpy/chunky. I use a cheap food processor, this one: I do buy baby food as well, but always feel good when I can make my own. Surely it saves money!

  7. I love the name Job. It’s precious and strong all at the same time. And I mean, JOB! What a Biblical figure! In the midst of trial……… “I know that my Redeemer liveth…..”

    I have a Fiona and people ask me, “Like…….from Shrek????”

    I’m always so tempted to say: Yes, like from Shrek. I’m going to name my child after an irreverent, green little ogre.

    Oh, people.

    • Yes, some of my favorite words, “I know that my Redeemer liveth…..” I regularly get concerned expressions when I tell people his name. I just remind them that the book of Job is one of the greatest stories of faith in history. 🙂 To have faith like Job….

  8. I love Bea’s hair in that top picture! Who’s her hairstylist? 🙂

    I would have a hard time getting school work done when there’s a slip and slide outside! Actually, I thought of you the other day when I read an article online in Outside magazine about “unschooling.” Have you seen the article? It’s pretty interesting.

    Love these pictures and I’m sorry you haven’t been sleeping well. I have insomnia which is totally not the same as a sleepless baby, but it sure does suck! I hope you get some rest soon.

    • Insomnia is even worse, Tara! Because you could sleep–but you can’t! It’s awful-I know. I’m not sure if I’ve seen that article–maybe? I’m a little scared of unschooling, although that is the way I would describe much of our last couple of years….

  9. Thankyou for making me feel better that my 8 month old hasnt started solids yet. With my first i was so anxious to start but a few more babies later and its the only thing i dont like about having babies! Breastmilk is just so convenient and for the most part not messy!! haha

  10. PS: my baby is a singer too. He started singing along at mass when he was about 6 months old and hasn’t stopped!

  11. I love the cute tiny jars!!!

  12. What a lucky babe! Those are beautiful offerings of love – such vibrant colours – what’s the purple one? Peace to you and yours as you embark on this new week!

  13. I love the name Job!! I think it’s a wonderful name. My twins (11 months) are Josiah and Jeremiah.

  14. I only had to homeschool two kids and that took up my time, so with 5 and sleepless nights I say you are doing a mighty fine job.

  15. God bless you. How you find time to make your baby food and teach all those lovely children of yours is such an inspiration to me. (And fit in knitting, reading, outings and all on so little sleep…) I’d like to nominate you for supermom!

  16. Oh my…. at least he is a sweet natured boy. My youngest was wild! Homeschooling three with a crazy toddler is the most I ever did…. and was it ever busy. I’m laughing just thinking about nearly doubling that! My oh my…. but you know what they say….. you’ll look back and these years will be your most precious and loved of all. Xo~

  17. Dude. I know, right? I am super organized this year and it looks great on paper but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? I love the schooling part, but it really is so time consuming. School, prepping for school, checking up on school, trying not to rush and actually enjoy school, then meals, dishes, laundry, and occasionally the bathroom.

    • I think it’s really only been in the past year that it has really sunk in that this takes SO MUCH TIME. And it’s good, but it’s hard too!

  18. Hang in there!!! God give you strength!!! Was at monastery in Quebec and prayed for you there…

  19. hey, atleast you remembered early on that on school days, school is all you can do. i feel the same way. i’d love an extra day each week! mon-fri it’s school, sat is school prep, cleaning, and if i’m really on top of things, a bit of food prep for the week and soccer, sun is worship and a bit of rest. i would love another day to maybe actually have some fun with these people!

  20. I only have two homeschooling at 6 and 3. I feel your pain, but so admire you for filling your days with all you do accomplish!

  21. Oh Ginny, yes. Yes! I’ve only got two, 12 & 15, and it is sort of impossible to do anything but homeschooling on Lesson Days!

  22. Hang in there Ginny, it really will go by in a blink. We begin school lessons next week. I now only have Alex and he will be a Junior, but I do remember trying to get lessons done with wee ones and no sleep. It will be a great year for you, I just know it. {lots of positive thinking doesn’t hurt, hugs}.

  23. Oh my goodness Ginny, those nights of sleeplessness are not so far behind me, so just reading about them brings back those feelings of exhaustion! I have found that when I don’t get enough sleep, my moods are just so much darker! I’ll be praying for you! Good luck with the new school year, I know you’ll do great!

  24. You need to give yourself more credit. You didn’t just make “one” baby food. You made a lot of baby food and each type had to be created individually. Even without seven children, including a baby and a preschooler, it would have taken me a long time to do that! You are remarkable! As a perfectionist, I know exactly how it feels to finish a day and feel like I got nothing accomplished. But you forget how much you did and remember the things you didn’t do (takes one to know one!).

    I hope you get a nap in today. You really deserve one!

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