Archives for August 26, 2014

Out of Sight

DSC_8052DSC_8186 DSC_8208 DSC_8217I’ve been putting things away lately, my craft supplies amongst the things that are now stored mostly out of sight.  I removed my yarn and fabric shelf from the wall, and actually moved my big craft desk out to Jonny’s office, swapping it for a plain table.  The boys are using that table to do school work.  They have outgrown being able to all fit at the kitchen table with their books.  Next I need to repaint the walls, and maybe that table as well (You can see a bit of it in the photo from yesterday of Gabe and Job.  The white spots on the wall are where the shelf was hanging before.)  I tried the pale oak paint that I mentioned last week, but have decided against it.  The walls will just get coated in beach glass again.

As much as I love seeing photographs of other people’s craft rooms with all their beautiful fabric and yarn on display, having my little bit out ultimately stressed me.  I loved it at first, but eventually it began to look like clutter on some days, and on others, like everything I don’t have time to do.  The projects that I hope to work on soon are tucked under my bed in a clear box along with supplies that I use most often (which lately, isn’t often at all).

I’ve got the yarn wound for Larkspur’s Leksak (Photos of Bea’s later this week!), a baby cardigan (this one, maybe?), and then that blue yarn…I bought it for the color, for a friend’s mom who likes blue.  I haven’t settled on a pattern.  A shawl I think, one that I can focus on during the day with kids, so not too complex.  One skein of tosh merino light.  Any suggestions?  Oh, and the same day that yarn arrived in the mail, a copy of Flight Behavior came, a gift from my Aunt Genie.  I was pleased that they matched because I’m weird like that.  I haven’t started reading the book yet, have you read it?