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Beatrix’s Turn

Beatrix has been anxious to begin (what is in her mind) “official” school for some time, mainly because she wants to learn to read.  I worked through the All About Reading Pre-Reading program with her over the past year, but what she really wanted was to move into “the blue books,” or All About Reading Level 1.  She’s known for a long time that this is her year.

I first started used All About Reading with Larkspur two years ago.  It was my first time to use a scripted program to teach reading, and I haven’t looked back.  Heading into my third year using All About Learning’s programs for both reading, and now spelling, I thought I would give another update.  This year Larkspur will continue working through All About Reading level 2 and hopefully move into level 3.  Beatrix is finally (her word) getting to use level 1.  It is very easy to customize your pace with this program to meet the needs of your child.  Beatrix seems to be catching on really quickly, and for that I am very grateful.  If you have a struggling reader, you know how difficult it can be to help your child learn, and to do so patiently.  This program has really helped me.  I don’t doubt myself, or worry that I am missing something as long as I am working through the lessons.

Larkspur is also beginning All About Spelling level 2 now.  I waited to begin level 1 of the spelling program until after she had finished level 1 of the reading program.  This staggering has worked very well for us, as I find that the spelling lessons reinforce the reading lessons she has already had.

I look forward to teaching reading now, and find that I am able to knit while my girls read to me.  The knitting helps me to be patient, and not to correct too quickly.  I truly think I have found a rhythm in the teaching reading department, and for that I am very grateful!  Hopefully I’ll be back next summer to report more success and Silas’ turn to start the pre-reading program!

(I previously shared my thoughts about the All About Learning programs here and here.)

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