They Will Remember

20140706-DSC_5453 By the time we pulled ourselves together and made it to the park, we only had a couple of hours left to play.  But, these are the days that our children will remember.  So we work to keep making them happen.  Two hours outdoors, having fun together, is worth the effort.


  1. Shanna Jones says:

    You inspire me!

  2. Just came over from Ann’s. Beautiful shawl, beautiful kids, beautiful sharing. Thank you

  3. Kim young says:

    Hi, I read Ann’s blog and enjoyed your honest post so came on over. I love your photos of fun and mess and children. I have 5 sons and homeschool which when added to our faith pretty much makes us aliens to others! It’s a blessing to know and see that gods calls others to similar things. The river looks like our kind of place. Thanks for sharing your journey. Kim from England.

  4. Beautiful blog, I very much enjoyed your post on Ann’s site. It was a great blessing to me.

  5. Julieana says:

    Ginny ~ Hi! I’m another visitor from Ann’s site. Your story touched my heart, and turns of phrase my literary mind. Delighted to have been introduced. Thank you, so much, for sharing your tension between order and creativity, and the example of resting…sigh. I needed to hear that today, from someone other than my mentally and emotionally tired self. A few hours out-of-doors with grass, trees, and birdsong, will do wonders.

  6. I so hope you are right. We currently have 4 of our grandchildren living with us. 3 of them are 6 and the baby is 18 months. We try very hard to have some fun times with them. It’s hard to be the “grandparent” sometimes because we often have to be the “parent” as well. The mom lives here but that relationship is very strained. The dad, our son, is not allowed on the property. So we concentrate on the kids. I watch them running around the yard or jumping in the little pool we got this summer, hoping beyond hope that they will remember us. They will soon be leaving with their parents and because of the broken relationships, we will likely not see them for a very long time. My heart breaks and tears pour down even as I type this. Please pray with us that these happy times will be in their memory to bring them joy for a very long time.

    • Julieana says:

      Kelly, I suspect your grandchildren will ALWAYS remember happy times with you. I am “middle-aged” (kind of shocks me to write that, because most of me is still in my 30s 🙂 and early times with my grandparents are still some of my fondest memories. I knew they loved me absolutely, though the words weren’t vocalized, because they showed me they loved me with their time and attention ~ as you are doing with your grandchildren.

      I am deeply sorry for the relational breaks and strains you are suffering through. Hopefully, there will be a way for the kids to visit you despite those issues. I’m not any kind of therapist, and don’t know the specifics of the situation, but wonder if talking with your son and the kid’s mom about keeping adult problems separate from relationships with the kids would encourage them to have you keep in touch with the little ones? Even a phone call is a delightful way to touch base: there is something special about hearing a particular voice that can’t be replicated.

      With prayers for healing, ans especially that God guard the children’s hearts ~

  7. Read your post on Ann’s site. THANK YOU! Now I have found you, and for that I am glad! One more follower.
    Beautiful photos!!

  8. crazy good picture.s Love the baby toss

  9. What absolutely beautiful memories. The joy on everyone’s faces will last a lifetime. God bless.

  10. Inspiring photographs as always. Such true words.

  11. Such beautiful pictures. They will love having those years from now.

  12. what fantastic photos! This is what childhood is made of.

  13. Oh, yes! That is exactly what I said to me eldest daughter a few weeks ago. It’s the days out together which will stick in our minds.

  14. Amen to that. It really is a lot of work but it IS worth it! Keep up the good effort of trying 😉

  15. Amanda J. says:

    Simply BEAUTIFUL !

  16. Ohhh, the photo of Jonny and Job together….so, so precious!

  17. Those pictures!! Amazing.

  18. What gorgeous photos, especially your little baby in the air! Thanks for posting.

  19. Looks like an absolutely wonderful time:) The pictures of Silas fishing remind me of the story my dad tells when I fished for the first time. He kept trying to hand me my dropline, but I wouldn’t hold it. I insisted that I might “see a fish,” and I guess I thought the dropline would get in my way:)

  20. Natalie Merchant…these are the days…I’m singing that one in my head. 🙂

  21. Soooo worth it! I just love this photo series! You are so fabulous behind a camera! <3

  22. Richard says:

    Love to see and hear about your family’s excursions out and about. Please include your locations that you explore if you don’t mind. Looks like all had a wonderful time in the river. I remember going fishing on occaision with my grandfather in eastern North Carolina.

    • Hi Richard! If you look beneath my posts, I have started “tagging” posts of our outings with the name of the place we are visiting. This is Alum Springs park in Fredericksburg, VA.

  23. Brigitte says:

    You actually got a picture of a pileated woodpecker!? Amazing. Yes, they will remember. Keep it up. Looking back my girls say we were at the lake all summer, but I remember the guilt as I said, ” one more load of laundry…I have to nurse the baby first, etc….. Just keep doing the best you can.

  24. Amen. And beautiful photos to help remember :-).

  25. Cathy Madeleine says:

    You are a gifted photographer! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family time with us.

  26. Looks like such fun! I love the pictures of Job on the swing.

  27. Yes, they Will remember! Looks like a great way to spend a few summer hours.

  28. Oh, that place looks like so much fun! They will definitely remember that place. I love the look on Silas’ face when Johnny is taking the fish from him. Ha!

    PS: Did Silas get a haircut or am I losing it?

  29. So beautiful. These say summer so much.

  30. oh yea! two hours is good!!

  31. Oh my, that is so beautiful. Such gorgeous surroundings and such a wonderful loving family. Indeed, these times are the ones they will remember. With a smile on their face.

  32. Just beautiful. Made me smile.

  33. I hear you. Every. single. word.

  34. very beautiful!!! there is LOTS of hope here…

  35. Beautiful pictures and words. Thanks for the reminder. So true.

  36. Just amazingly beautiful! 🙂

  37. Stunning pictures!

  38. This is such a good reminder. And accompanied by the pictures, an encouragement that those few hours left to play can still be filled with so much joy! (Larkspur is looking so long-legged and young-lady-like!)

  39. Those photos of Johnny and Job almost bring tears to my eyes….so touching.

  40. I want to go there too!!!

  41. These photos capture the beauty of life wonderfully. Thanks for sharing!

  42. That photo of Seth and Keats grabbing hands…priceless! And Lark dancing over the rocks….and Silas with a tug on his line…the baby swinging. All such great memories. You’re right, they remember the happy, peaceful times.

  43. My 3 daughters are now grown and have children of their own but it is the little things that they remember, visits to parks, table talk sitting around the table and chatting about their day. Beautiful family outing being stored into the memory. Have a great weekend.

  44. Perfect:)))

  45. LifeSheWrote says:

    What gorgeous pictures. I love hearing about your family’s adventures. A few hours playing in the river sounds just about right!

  46. We are the memory makers

    xx 🙂 Jacq

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