8 months today


July 5, 2014

As of this week,  Job has two new teeth, he’s crawling, and he’s pulling himself to standing every chance he gets!


He has a signature very high pitched cry that he uses when he wants something.  He might be perfectly content, being held by Jonny.  I walk into the room, he notices me, and SQUEAL!

He’s a very good natured baby, loved by all.  He’s usually smiling.

Originally, I said no to calling him Joby.  But that is what he is usually called, in addition to a funny combination of Job and Amadeus, Jobe-uh-deus.  Every now and then Jonny calls him by his first name, Sebastian.

He was born weighing 10 lbs 5oz, my biggest baby ever by almost two pounds.  While he’s a decent size now, rather tall maybe, he’s a little on the skinny side compared to my past baby boys.  So small, we can carry him in a grocery bag. 😉

I hear him fussing right now though.  He does a lot of fussing in the mornings if I’m not the one holding him.  I better go and get him!



  1. Job is gorgeous! My son ended up with the nickname Joby too. In his case, he’s Joseph B 🙂

  2. Saminda says:

    Ginny, he is so very beautiful. All your babes are so similar! Did you ever end up being able to write about your birth story? xxx

  3. he is adorable and growing so fast!!

  4. Beautiful, you are so blessed!

  5. That picture of him in the grocery bag!! Hahah too cute!

    I can’t believe he’s eight months already! He’s so adorable.

  6. Eight months already! What a year it has been.

    Job is lovely.

  7. Oh you had a 10 lb baby too! (mine was 10 lbs 1 oz and 22″ long – and he was 3 days early!) My David is 6’3″ today 😉 Your Job is adorable!

    • My 2nd was 10.5 pounds. Today he also is 6’3″ and a wonderful young man. My third is 6’3″ but only weighed 9.5 pounds:) Love that first picture. Looks as if the sheep wrestled him over:)

      • We blamed my Dutch heritage! *grin* Out of 4 children, only one is just an inch or so shorter than I am – and I’m 5′ 9″!

        • Haha we spent 3 months in Den Haag and my older ones loved it as they were “normally” tall. We are currently in Bali and TONS of Dutch here too. Nice:)

  8. Rachel D says:

    so sweet!

  9. Monique says:

    he looks adorably naughty…my favorite thing!

  10. A sweet little soul for sure–the photographs most definitely provide proof. Happy 8 months, Joby! Such a wonderful family to which you were born. xx

  11. So so cute!! I absolutely love the pictures of him in the bag 🙂

  12. Awww! He’s so adorable! I can’t believe it is already 8 months since he arrived.
    I’ve enjoyed watching him grow. What a cutie!
    Love the sweet names he’s been “dubbed” with by your family.:)

  13. So adorable!!! Love these pics. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  14. He’s a cutie! those pale blue eyes! Happy 8 Months beautiful boy! 🙂 God bless you all!

  15. He’s so beautiful, Ginny. You’re heading now into my favorite age with my babies. I loved the 8-12-ish months range, they’re so much fun then.

  16. Wow! He was huge – well done you! He is so gorgeous. I am impressed by the acrobatic lamb in the first pic!

  17. What a happy boy!

  18. oh he is very cute – I bet your work is about to begin now he is thinking of moving more.

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