Three (not four)

20140525-DSC_9397 It just makes sense that the child who gets into the most trouble (of all my children ever) is also incredibly funny and truly a delight to spend time with (as long as your focus is him).  Silas is absolutely my favorite three year old.

Yesterday as I started dinner I realized that I was missing ingredients and needed to make a last minute run to the grocery store.  Silas came with me.  On the way he worked on putting his velcro shoes on himself.  I’ll admit that he hasn’t had much practice in that department because there is almost always an older sibling available to help him.  One of the velcro strips came undone and needed to be laced back through.  Silas asked me to help, but I really couldn’t while driving so I told him that it would have to wait.  He told me that he would just do it himself, and he did.  I told him that he had done a great job and that he was really growing up.  His reply was, “I guess I’m this old now,” while holding up four fingers and making a wide eyed funny face.  I love the way that the three year old brain works and I love that I can count on Silas to be hilarious without even trying.

Silas’ big birthday present this year was a balance bike (The price seems to really vary day to day-when I ordered this one it was$55.)  He was very dismayed at first that it doesn’t have pedals.  He kept looking at it, searching for them in confusion.  Honestly, the gift felt like a flop.  But over the past week he has had a lot of fun with it and is learning to balance.  His older siblings are glad to help.  One of the reasons I chose this particular model is because it has a place for little ones to put their feet while balancing.  As of this writing, I would say that this was a great gift.

For months in advance, there were two other things that I knew I would buy for his birthday, a sailboat and a pail with tools.  All of my older children has been given one of those sailboats at one time or another.  They are one of my favorite things for children.  We have tried various wooden boats, but those are the best in my opinion because they float well and they really last a long time.  We get the Nova Natural catalog and Silas looks through it every now and then and always comes back to that pail with tools, so that was an obvious choice.

Last minute I ordered a pirate costume for Silas as well.  He likes to play dress up with the girls and usually ends up wearing a dress.  I thought he might like some “boy” dress up clothes.  He really likes the costume and the funny thing is that it immediately launched a huge amount of fort building, or actually “pirate ship” building.  My kids have been building their boats in the front yard all week.  Actually, at this point I don’t know if the structures are still being considered boats, just that they have been having a lot of fun and making a big mess with paint.

I felt a little like Silas’ birthday celebration this year wasn’t good enough, that it was just squeezed in between other things.  My family didn’t return from the fossil festival until late the night before his birthday, there was a baseball tournament on his birthday, and Beatrix was sick.  There was a lot to be preoccupied with.  But in truth, my main focus was the fact that we were celebrating Silas.  We all think he’s wonderful.  He brings us a lot of joy, despite the fact that he creates a path of destruction wherever he goes.

He’s lucky because his birthday falls during peak strawberry season.  He requested strawberry cake, and I gladly made him one.  This recipe makes such a moist cake, and if you serve it with whipped cream and strawberries you end up with a strawberry shortcake-like dessert that doesn’t give a tummy ache according to my kids even if you eat two pieces (ask me how I know.)  So quick, go make that cake before strawberry season ends!!

Happy birthday, Silas!  I hate to break it to you, but you actually have to stay three for an entire year.  Pretending that you are four in the face of accomplishment is understandable though.


  1. It doesn’t seem like its possible that Silas is three! My, where has the time gone!? What a precious birthday for such a darling little pirate. I’ve been contemplating a balance bike for our youngest. I kept thinking of getting a regular bike and just not putting the pedals on etc. but this one has a place for the feet too. I’m going to take a peek and see if they have a fun girl color right now.

  2. Janet R says:

    We saw balance bikes in Germany last fall – and thought it was brilliant!! We’d never seen them before, but they make SO much sense, learning to balance before trying to master the pedals!

  3. I cannot believe Silas is 3! Wow, time surely flies.

  4. Happy Birthday Silas! I love that he plays dress-up! My actual 4yo son loves dress-up too and I’ve been happy to buy him some more boy-ish ones (that I’m sure his little sister will steal later). The Melissa and Doug ones are some of our favorites because they are easy on & off even for little hands.


    This takes you to a PDF, and if you likey, you can sign up for more.

  6. Silas sounds like an experiential learner. He will prob be good with his hands and building. But to build one has to learn to take a part as well or destroy. My oldest is like this and I was a little like this. There is a wonderful spiritual teaching going on right now online free. It’s called The New U. In module 2 it speaks to the different kind of learners and wow! I wish my parents had this when I was young. I wish I had it when my babes were babes! Anyway, I’m on my phone and can’t link (up nursing my baby Cedar who was born in October at home), so I hope you find it if you feel called. Peace in the midst.

  7. As ww, what a cutie! I love that last photo of him all muddy!!

  8. Brigitte says:

    You are giving/allowing your children a rich and wonderful life. Very inspiring.

  9. Clayton says:

    Gemini babies are rad? Awesome personalities!!!!

  10. fishdogfarm says:

    We love the balance bikes. Our oldest has had one since he was 3 and he never used training wheels. Just took off because he has always used the balance bike. Happy birthday!

  11. Ginny,

    We also love the OGAS boats. I just purchased a bigger one than the one they sell at Nova Natural for my six year old son’s birthday and he just loves it. The rigging is so detailed and we have been having so much fun sailing it. OGAS also makes lovely pirate ships too for your little pirate!


  12. Corinne says:

    Happy birthday Silas!…I am going to make that cake!!…
    looks so good…..I can just taste it already!

  13. Happy Birthday Silas!! He is just too cute! I’m jealous of his pirate costume haha.

    That’s really funny about the pedals, I didn’t even think about that — that kids would notice the no pedals. Glad he ended up liking the bike, though.

  14. A wonderful celebration for a precious little boy! Thank you for sharing with us his wonderful day!

  15. What a lovely post. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday. 🙂

  16. It looks like a wonderful birthday! That boat is our family’s favorite too! We put eye hooks on the back of ours and attached some string so we could tie the other end to a stick and send them down the creek without losing them 🙂

  17. Oh my goodness I love this kid:) He is so adorable Ginny. Love his gifts too. I am excited to be able to get gifts for a little boy again myself. 🙂 Your house looks so neat and tidy by the way.

  18. Cassidy says:

    I love this post! Silas reminds me of my middle child – Evie. She’s about 2.5 years. She’s great…completely crazy, but great! 😉 Her imagination and sense of humor are fantastic. The trouble she finds though…not so great. Haha!

    Happy birthday, Silas! Three is such a fun age. My first three year old is about to turn four.

  19. All of my children started on their balance bikes around 2- 3 years old. It does take some getting used to for some of them but give him a little bit and you won’t be able to get him off it!!! Love the Silas pirate!! Happy birthday!

  20. As I looked at those pictures I could just see all the love from his siblings surrounding him and I can’t think of a better birthday present than that–even if it is squished between a trip and baseball tournaments!

  21. How precious! When my son was that age he wore his pirate costume I had a hard time getting it off of him just to wash! This is a great age (as you know). I am missing having the little ones around 🙂 The cake looks delish and I will definitely try that recipe.

  22. How did he get so big all of a sudden? I remember when he was born!

    We got a nicer bike for our Elias than our older kids has. The price seemed rather ridiculous, but it was supposed to be great at balancing. He was our preemie with a madrid of health issues since he was a baby. Knut was thinking about his super athletic older brother, and wanted them to be able to play together as much as possible, as their hearts want to. So we spent the extra and got him one that gives him a little edge. So far it’s working! The more we can get him moving the better!

  23. oh, that is just delightful! one of my dearest of friends has three boys and the middle one sounds a lot like Silas! super sweet and cute but oh so wild in ways! 🙂 Yay for strawberries!!! That looks like such a lovely cake!

  24. My parents got Asher that same pirate costume for Christmas. (I showed him your pictures and he asked, “Why is that boy wearing my pirate costume?”) He also dresses up in his sister’s dresses & we also thought some “boy” dress-up things might be in order. 🙂

    It looks and sounds to me like Silas had a wonderful birthday. At this age, I think, they don’t need a ton of pomp and circumstance, just a bit of extra attention & a gift or two. And cake, of course. It wouldn’t be a birthday without cake. (Yours looks delicious!) xo

  25. i love this ginny.
    happy birthday, silas!

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