outside, inside

I have over a dozen potted plants waiting to be put in the ground.  Yesterday’s thunderstorm may have broken the heat wave we’ve been in, so maybe I’ll get to them over the weekend.  I have such a terrible habit of buying plants and not getting them planted right away.

I find myself looking for excuses to play with bees.  Yesterday I had legitimate business with them, as we had a laying worker bee situation in the queen castle.  I dealt with that, and got stung in the thigh in the process.  I actually had a bee up my pants, and didn’t panic!  I just told myself, “It can only sting me once, and surely there’s not more than one in there!”  Had it been a cockroach scurrying around in my britches I would have been hysterical!

The girls discovered some big spools of serger thread this week and decided that they would wind smaller spools from it using a drill.  Larkspur has started some sort of sewing project with the thread.  I’m not sure why none of the existing small spools of thread we have worked for her.  I think it must have been all about the process.  Excited about them, Larkspur stuck her hand in my photo with her three little spools of drill-wound thread.

I’m headed to a homeschooling conference this morning.  I’ve been planning our next year all week in anticipation of it and am the most excited I’ve been about homeschooling in quite some time (That’s actually not saying much.  This was a hard year.)  I sure hope the speakers are encouraging!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Funny – not haha funny – that when homeschooling seems the most stressful for me, instead of giving up I start planning next year and start feeling better about it all.
    I caught myself doing that last week in the middle of the last week of baseball season and a home renovation project gone wild, and an urgent need for a multi-child bedroom change around and a very old dog with some issues we thought were end of life and multiplying mixed fractions in the math book and a very sick Mommy and and and ……….
    so I just sat down and started thinking about next year and how lovely I think it will be ( it never hurts to dream a little )
    hope you had a great time at the convention
    this week it all seems much better, blank slate, fresh start etc 🙂

    • Kathleen says:

      I had a nice time at the convention. It was my first one and I was a little overwhelmed by all the materials. There were also so many wonderful old books for boys and girls. I plan next year to make a list of titles and authors and hunt for good books. When I ran into you, I had just decided to leave so I would not spend any more money! I am excited for next year and looking forward to a slow summer.

  2. A lovely post. I enjoyed the hints of blue in almost every photo.

  3. Oh your bees! How wonderful, I am in the process of learning in hopes for next year. I will admit they make me really nervous but they are so incredible that I think my love for them may overcome my fear.

  4. Have fun at the conference,its good that your doing something YOU want to do!!!!!!Your family is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!Enjoy, Holly

  5. Hi there. Hope the conference is enjoyable. I wish I could stay calm around bees. I feel the same way about bees that you feel about cockroaches. Terrified!! But I love flowers so it’s a love / hate relationship. Take care! Cheryl.

  6. I have been camping all week with my kids. Missed this blog. I saw a bee swarm the other morning while riding my bike. It was on a fence post by a bunch of hives. I thought of your swarms. I took a close picture and realized I didn’t know anything about bee swarms. I’m glad they didn’t swarm me

  7. Kathleen says:

    My first conference today… What fun to run into you. I was the fairview beach girl.:)

  8. Oh my gosh, I would freak out if I had a cockroach in my pants too! You’re brave for staying calm with the bee!

    Hahah what a clever idea to wind the thread with a drill.

    Have fun at the conference!

  9. I do hope it is a wonderful time! Will pray for you!!! and lovely things going on and pictures!!

  10. Enjoy the conference!

  11. Homeschool conferences were always so much fun. Hope you have a great time and Job will sit still and listen or snooze a lot!

  12. Loving the simple beauty of your pictures again this morning.
    Enjoy the conference…there truly is nothing like the encouragement and cheer that is shown at a gathering of dedicated and seasoned homeschoolers. I learn so much (particularly about the ebb and flow) at them and come back refreshed and ready to go another year.
    We are doing year round homeschool…shorter more frequent breaks. I find if I get out of the rhythm then all hope is lost :). Last year was very hard trying to meet expectations of other people. So I went rogue…switched curriculums, switched co-ops and now doing school over the summer, too.
    So far things are going much better.
    Blessings to your family this weekend and praying for you rest and rejuvenation in this journey.

  13. Beautiful! Both!

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