Three favorites:  Babies + Big Meadows + Knitting = Happy!!!

Yes, an epic knit demanded an epic backdrop for the photos (taken by Jonny).  But really, if you finish a really wooly shawl in June, wearing it for photographs is going to be unpleasant if it’s 80 degrees out.  It was actually quite chilly on the meadow as the sun started to sink.  In fact I was very glad to wrap up in my shawl until I realized that my poor baby needed it more than I did.

Driving home, I mentioned to Jonny that I am so glad that my kids have this place that belongs to them and to everyone, a place that they will always be able to visit.  I told him that I am happy that one day, when I am dead, they will still be able to visit Big Meadows and they can remember all the times we visited together.  Jonny replied, “Well, that’s really depressing.”  And I thought I was pointing out a little happy truth.

I think I need to have an album printed of just Big Meadows photos.  Then I could watch my children grow up on the meadow in pictures.  Job was twenty days old the first time he visited.  And of course he was there in utero, and now he’s seven months old.  It goes fast.

Shawl details:  Ysolda first mentioned this mystery Knit Along on her blog last December.  I knew I wanted to participate right away, and thought I would finish in five weeks.  Make that five months.

I wanted to step outside my color comfort zone and went with a beautiful coral called Globemallow in this 2-ply sock weight yarn by Beaverslide.  The yarn is rustic and wooly and wonderful.  Beaverslide produces some of the nicest yarns in my opinion; they wash and wear beautifully.  This sweater that I knit in Beaverslide for Larkspur a few years ago (and has now been worn by Beatrix as well) has hardly a pill.  I expect that my shawl will wear just as well.  The thought of wearing it next winter makes me almost look forward to the cold (but not quite!!)

p.s.  The last time I titled a post “epic” I was sharing something that Jonny made.  While I do love my shawl, I think his work was more deserving of that title.


  1. Absolutely stunning Ginny! You look beautiful. I can just imagine how thrilled you must be, I really hope I finish mine soon 🙂 Congratulations! x

  2. Really beautiful pictures! You are a grate family and I really admire you! Hugs from Romania 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    Looks great! I finished mine at the end of Apr or beginning of May, but it’s still sitting on the back of a chair in the living room waiting to be blocked… (sjn821 on Rav)

  4. What a lovely shawl! I still have to finish my MKAL shawl. Seeing yours makes me itch to pull it out again – maybe I can finish before Fall…

  5. You’ve inspired me to pick up my Follow Your Arrow project again!! So beautiful!!

  6. Gorgeous shawl and so impressive to finish such a project in such a busy life! I love the “Americanisms” and reading about a life so different from mine!

  7. Amazing Ginny! I’m inspired as always.

  8. completely stunning, and so deserving of the epic word. LOVE the photos!

  9. The shawl is absolutely breathtaking! I second your idea of making a scrapbook just of the Meadow. What a wonderful family remembrance album that would be.

  10. Gorgeous! I love the color and the laciness of it!

  11. Beautiful. Congratulations on finally finishing it!

  12. The yarn really does look amazing. Enchanting photos of you & your littlest! A big knitting congrats from one knitter to another! It looks beautiful on you. And on all the other models. 😉

  13. I love the light shining through your shawl, just beautiful!

  14. I, too, made the Mystery Knit-Along shawl although mine seems to be a little more irregularly shaped than yours. Nice job. Also, you are right – you were pointing out something that was positive when you said you were happy the meadow would be there after you died and the children could remember the times there. The memories we have of loved ones after they die are some of the most important things we carry with us.

  15. The shawl is beautiful!!!! I always enjoy seeing your trips Big Meadows!

  16. That shawl is epic-5 months goodness that is dedication! I just finished my first pair of socks and thought that was a marathon knit 😉
    I’m starting a shawl next week once my mom arrives so thank you for the extra dose of inspiration!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the meadow I love that cool damp feeling of a great meadow in the early evening when the air is still warm-perfection!

  17. Beautiful! The shawl, location and family. Thank you for sharing your world.

  18. Every single photo is beautiful… the shawl, you and your family, everything!

  19. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous! LOVE the pattern and you picked the perfect color for it.

  20. Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous! I may have to attempt one someday. I started reading your blog before Job was born and it amazes me how quickly they grow. Job is so big and so very cute…such a beautiful family you have. Just curious – did you make your shirt as well? I am really loving the style and fabric of it!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • PS – My family just moved to Virginia and I had remembered reading what you posted about the book “Remarkable Trees of Virginia”. Thank you so much for writing about it. We got it for my husband for Father’s Day and it is truly a beautiful book. We are going to try to find some of them during our time here!

    • Hi Laura! The shirt was actually purchased at Old Navy. I don’t see that color anymore 🙁 I did buy the blue one too though! It’s a nice lightweight cotton. http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=72302&vid=1&pid=952621032

      • Thanks Ginny! I was in an Old Navy near me the other day and there was ONE shirt of this on the final sale rack and it was my size! What luck! 🙂 Thanks for letting me know where you got it!

  21. Just wonderful – everything!

  22. Looks fantastic, it is so country chic!

  23. Congratulations on your gorgeous shawl! You look lovely with it!
    I feel encouraged to not despair on this mystery knit along. I was inspired by your post last winter and bought the same yarn and got going and then I kept counting wrong and finally I ripped it all out. It sat in my knitting basket for several months while I felt sad about it. It was for me after all! Anyways,
    I just started again. A few rows a day and maybe I will be done by next winter 😉

  24. You are beautiful and so is your shawl.

  25. Beautiful pictures, beautiful kids! The shawl is lovely! Love that colour on you!

  26. Oh gosh these pics are so very beautiful. You are so very blessed to have all of these wonderful children and to be able to homeschool them. You have a terrific life!

  27. anniekitching says:

    Your shawl, your children, you – all beautiful.

  28. Beautiful. In every way!

  29. what a beautiful shawl! i must learn to knit.. (i guess i am one of the minority who reads your blog and doesn’t knit…. yet!)
    and i just read your first epic post. i love it! and it makes me smile to think that you ended up not moving, because oh, the love. and the fossils in the flagstone. it is your home!!
    thanks for sharing.

  30. Your shawl is beautiful Ginny, just beautiful.
    I understand exactly what you mean about your special place I feel the same way about the beach. My daughter told me the other day that she always thinks of me when she thinks of the beach and I think the boys do too since I ‘ve been going way before I even thought of having babies.

  31. Those pictures of Job are too cute! Your shawl is gorgeous – I love the color. And I think your Big Meadow thoughts are sweet, not depressing.

    Holy cow, the kids are so young in your other “epic” post! Silas looks to be the same age as Job!

  32. Beautiful shawl!

  33. I have yet to get to the meadow at this time of year. Your pictures have me sold but my growing belly does not! The shawl is just fabulous, wonderful job!

  34. Thank you for sharing pictures….beautiful knitting, yarn, family, etc!

  35. gorgeous photos and I think what you said about gifting the children a place to revisit after you are among the angels is a positive statement. I think “well, they have each other and their cousin and they have so many places and people in their lives once I’m not here”.

    Now I’m itching to start another shawl even though I have one on the needles.

  36. Monique says:

    I love his facial expressions in the photos series. 🙂 You have such a wonderful looking family.

  37. That shawl is gorgeous!

  38. Gwendolyn says:

    Ginny, the shawl turned out beautiful! Thanks for the pictures!

  39. Oh my goodness, Ginny! That shawl is gorgeous!!!!! And I’m so glad you went out of your comfort zone on the color because it looks great on you!

  40. Leslie F says:

    I can’t describe how beautiful the shawl is – such intricate details! Larkspur looks like she has coral colored angel wings in the third picture from the bottom! Your children, as always, are precious – and Job seems to be turning into quite a little ham……I love his expressions and how he plays to the camera! I need to get to Big Meadows – I think the last time I was there I was a newlywed – now that oldest son is beginning VA Tech in the fall and youngest son continues at Woodberry Forest School, maybe we can make a long weekend of the “the Virginia loop” – seems everywhere I go in Virginia is prettier than the last!

  41. beautiful color—beautiful knit!!! and most of all….beautiful family! looks like a fun day.

  42. I love the photos. He looks so much like Jonny. Those facial expressions!!! Beautiful family.

  43. very lovely!!! and yay for the shawl! and for a happy time! so so good for you all! 🙂 It is a blessing to have such memories for your kids! It can be a comfort to them later on I think! 🙂

  44. It is just stunning!!! The shawl, the meadow, the family…all of are just precious!!

  45. Oh I love the pics of you and your baby! Your shawl is lovely – Well Done!

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