Working on…

I finished repainting this bookcase about a week ago.  I really like the way it turned out.  I’ll have to get a better photograph once I finish putting things on the shelves.

Jonny is still working on the triple bunk.  He’s made some progress since I took this photo, getting all the drywall hung on the outside, but there is still a ways to go.

I completely redid this piece of furniture again.  I brought the doors back.  I’ll post more about that soon.

Well, she was supposed to be working on her laundry.

More on this table soon…I seem to be developing a small painting addiction.  I may have to wear a disguise next time I go to the paint shop.

After letting this sit for awhile (no time), I did a teensy bit of stitching this week.

I tricked him.  “Will you hold this for me, so I can get a picture of it?”

A generous friend helped Jonny cut up a giant red oak that fell near our house recently and they spent all of yesterday milling it.  In about two years (it has to cure) we will have a gorgeous red oak kitchen table.  I’m coming up with all sorts of plans for the rest of the wood.  It will be hard to wait!

We aren’t the only ones with too many projects going on all the time, are we?


  1. Ginny, I just adore the photo of the queen sitting in her throne of laundry! Adorable! The painting projects, trying not to be jealous. ( I purchased a sample of a beautiful blue last week and painted the back of one of my cabinets that I use to display my pretties in. I read somewhere that you could make your own chalk paint by adding maybe plaster in?? Something like that. I need to look on pinterest and give it a try. I was thinking of my sewing table and a little sanding and dark wax) And the wood……. Just no words. You are so very very blessed.

  2. I’m so going to try that paint. LOVE IT! And your son, I see why you want a photo. He is beautiful. Wow. What a knock-out.

  3. That triple bunk will be awesome! And the redwood creations you all come up with!

  4. Wow! That bunk Rocks!
    Great way to turn the loss of a beautiful tree into a blessing. I can see how two years would be very hard to wait.

  5. I love your style of life, I love how you create things and that your kids could copy your from young age.
    God bless you and keep posting staff.
    Have a good weekend!!!
    Much love,
    Liuba G

  6. Dear Ginny, I could make you feel so much better if I told you how ridiculously overflowing our list is at the moment!

    I am so in love with the botanical cross-stitch!

    And super neat and beautiful is the mill and all that wood! We have some of that going on here too, Jason and his chainsaw mill, his list is so much longer than yours or mine…

    You may have missed the biggest news for us (I have thought/wished to write and tell you) we are moving to our land! Right this moment, house almost empty, we will be there soon!

    So I just used up my spare three minutes of time for computer, back to the list…

    Love to you!!!
    Renee XO

  7. That bed is looking more amazing all the time! It reminds me of bunks on a ship 🙂

  8. It’s always nice to give a new life to a piece of old furniture. I read about what you do and it inspired me.
    For Mother’s Day I asked my daughters not to buy me anything. Instead they painted a chest of drawers that I have had since 1975! It was the best present ever. Thanks Ginny.

  9. Wow! Love all the projects!

  10. chtisty says:

    I love your blog-too. I look forward to see how your all doing. Your son and larkspur could pass for twins!’

  11. Luz Maria Perez says:

    Great projects. Can’t wait to see the table. What a great friend to help with the milling.

  12. Rebecca S. says:

    So much fun.
    She’s holding the laundry down. That counts as working “on” it. Right?
    And I COMPLETELY agree with Tara…that boy is STUNNING. All your kids are just beautiful, but that just captured something!!!
    And thank you for the pics of milling! How interesting!!!

  13. I’ve never seen wood be milled before, how cool!

  14. I can’t wait to see the kitchen table! I love big, wooden kitchen tables.

    Hahah love your trick (don’t tell him, but OH MY GOD HANDSOME). Ladykiller.

    Um, you’re definitely not the only one with multiple projects. I’m so relieved I’m not the only one. I collect bottles, scraps of fabric, chairs from the alley… my husband loves it. (Jk he wants to throw everything away)

  15. Not the only one with projects, but the only one with such large projects! I want to see the table already!

  16. Ginny, I laughed at your last sentence. My husband and some members of his family thrive on having several works in progress. And I don’t mean the knitting kind! We have two boats in our garage (one rowboat, one wooden motorboat needing restoration), then there’s the trim from the wood floors that needs to go up. We’re constantly working on something, but I’ve come to the conclusion that we are just plain happier when we have things to do. 😉

    • And I forgot to add that we have cherry planks waiting to become a large table sometime in the future, also in our garage next to the boat restoration project! So I loved seeing your table-in-potential!

  17. Your projects are amazing! I am quite amazed and frankly, jealous!

  18. You have friends with cool tools!!!

  19. Have you tried making your own chalk paint? So easy, and *so* much less expensive than buying it ready-made. I’ve done a dresser and some shelves with it & it turned out really lovely. xo

  20. Love the bunk beds! I wish I had done built ins!

  21. We are so immersed in the garden and bees right now, there’s no time for the knitting that sits in the basket, or sewing projects left on the cutting table.

  22. My husband’s family is a sawmill family and we have numerous tables, chairs, cabinets that were created, birthed almost, through this process. I can tell you first hand that your table will be more of a treasure than you even know. What a wonderful project! And yes… you’ve got aquite a painting habit going… and I know the moment I buy my first can of chalk paint, I will never go back.

  23. how exciting about the wood! it’s hard to wait, I know!! We often are in the midst of so many different things! May God protect us in the middle of it all!

  24. Nope, not in the least. Your projects are great, Ginny, as always. I love the simplicity of your stitching. Where is the pattern from?

  25. That is going to be an incredible table. I love the neatness of the stacking.

  26. She is (literally) working on the laundry – I think I’ll work on my laundry in this way in future. The picture made me smile as it reminded me of my childhood when I would read rather than do anything else (including my chores).

  27. No, to be fair, Lark took you at your word: work on your laundry. She’s working (reading) on top of her laundry.

    Also, we always seem to have something going on but they’re usually small projects. Right now, we’re working on cleaning out our shed (getting all the baby things cleaned up and moved into the house, making room for and organizing the camping gear, etc.), cleaning out what was the guest room (because, baby needs a room), and general life with a three year old. Also, we’ve had a nasty heat spell this week and no one has AC where we live (because the heat spells happen so rarely).


  28. i love the picture of larkspur! i don’t blame the girl. a good book is better than a pile of laundry any day.

  29. Oh, my hubby would be so jealous seeing that oak milled. He’s always wanted to do that. Your projects are looking great! I bet the kids love the bunk beds.

  30. Chicken wire!! Any piece of furniture looks amazing with chicken wire. I can’t wait to see it.
    I love that you incorporated a bookcase into the bunk beds. So many wonderful projects going on at once!
    Please do tell me about the little shelf hanging above the bookcase in the first picture. I am intrigued. XO

  31. Loving the projects and I would also be thinking of so many projects for the wood. Have you heard of Ana White – She has many plans that you can probably add to your list!!

  32. I love the paints ! Is this chalk paint? I have seen several different kinds and am wanting to do a piece from my family room this summer.
    I’ve looked at the tutorials, but there are so many different thoughts.

    How did you choose?

  33. I can so identify with this post! Now that the temperatures are warmer, it seems we are trying to get a million and one things accomplished. Your projects are looking good! And, oh, that table is going to be wonderful! 🙂

  34. We definitely have too many projects going on right now, but the main one is a play we are currently producing/directing, and that will be over in a few weeks… It is awesome that you are milling your own wood. We had a bunch of trees come down, but we’re just going to chop it up for the wood stove. 🙂 So cool, though.

  35. You have some great projects going! I love all of the painted furniture.

  36. All that beautiful wood, delightful.

  37. Oh, I just love your blog. Definitely my favorite. 🙂

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