20140521-DSC_8758I’m in the middle of a majorly overdue house overhaul.ย  Right now our entire downstairs is a big mess, so I’ve got to get right back to it.

And just to dispel any rumors, no I’m not pregnant (again, already, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚ )!

But I guess you could call what I’m doing nesting.ย  I didn’t really get the opportunity to nest before Job was born and I do have the opportunity right now, so I’m taking it.

Today I will take a break though to make a strawberry pie.ย  Do you have a favorite recipe?ย  I don’t think I’ve ever made just a straight up strawberry pie.ย  I only get to pick bowl fulls of strawberries like this from my own garden during a couple weeks out of the year, so I’m not fooling around.ย  I plan to make this with white flour, white sugar, and butter.ย  No “healthy” recipes allowed.


  1. I’m jealous of your strawberries. Ours aren’t even close to being ready. I always make strawberry/rhubarb pie. If the strawberries last that long!

  2. Personally, I prefer a strawberry cobbler over a pie. You make it just as You would any cobbler, and you can even add a scoop of ice cream on the side! Here, to make your life simpler, is an easy recipe:

    And do enjoy your nesting, by all means.

  3. Oooh I’ve never had a strawberry pie but they must taste delicious!!

  4. I filled with the sin of jealousy over your strawberries. By all means, add to the indulgence and use butter and sugar. The bliss of you and your family will override any ‘unhealthy’ ingredients.

  5. No healthy recipes allowed . . . amen! You’ve got to give strawberries your very best!


    I made this Easter weekend and it was AMAZING. Whatever pie you make, enjoy it and your “nesting” time.

  7. Pie requires those three ingredients in my very humble opinion. It really isn’t pie otherwise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Haha you’re too funny, no “healthy” recipes allowed. (Not that I blame you, I just loved your specificity.)

  9. Hi Ginny! Yummy pie!!! I made a really great one with cream cheese last summer… see this post for it, second part.

    It was so so good.

    We are moving in a week and I will be nesting too (and like you am not expecting). Nesting is a wonderful thing to be able to do! Much love to you! Christ’s peace!

  10. mmm like this photograph of Strawberries!
    I hope you made a super yummy yum pie ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a lovely, blessed evening!
    Much love
    Liuba G

  11. Jennifer says:

    Amen to going strawberry pie all the way. It’s pie!!!! Oh and strawberry is so yummy. In Ohio ours aren’t in yet and I really can’t wait. I’m also looking forward to nesting once our homeschool year is done, starting with a refresh of our school room. Happy nesting and happy eating….

  12. No strawberry recipe, sorry. But I smiled at the flour, sugar, butter statement. I went out to eat at a castle here in Germany this week and they served us a white asparagus cream soup. I am glad I didn’t cook it because I could just enjoy all that creamy yumminess without any guilt! And I did. It was by far the best soup I have ever tasted.

  13. Ohhhhhhhh, that bowl of strawberries….they look mouth-wateringly delicious! I can’t wait until strawberries are in season here, just a few more weeks. I wouldn’t “fool” around either with overly healthy recipes…undulge! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Enjoy nesting…from what you have shared with us, your house is coming together quite nicely, and you are turing it into an organized, livable, pretty space. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you have done. I love nesting…even if there is no baby on the horizon.:)

  14. OOOOh yum! We’re eagerly awaiting berry picking sesason here too! We usually make it a family event at the U pick place nearby. SO FUN!!

    Our fav. includes a layer of cream cheese with a few mashed up berries and some sweetner on the crust before topping with those berries. Um Yum!

    Have fun nesting in that pretty little house of yours. I love your style and colors. We’ve been remodeling great-grandpa’s farm house for a year and plan to move in finally this summer and I honestly modeled my kitchen colors off of yours I love it so much. The green/grey cabinets and a large white farmhouse sink. It’s super fun. So as you are repainting furniture, and raising children, so am I.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring life in this space. Have a lovely day!

    Ps. I’m SO trying that lemon grapefruit thing soon!

  15. I think I’m going to stop by the farm stand today and get some strawberries. I’ve been wanting to make jam, but maybe pie instead…

  16. Those strawberries would not even make it into the house. Yum

  17. This is my favorite thing to bake ever. I live for berry pie season;-)

  18. I’m no help. I always start and stop with jam. But I highly approve of throwing “healthy” out the window when it comes to strawberry season!

  19. Danette says:

    For the perfect cold strawberry pie, this one can’t be beat! So much better than the goopy strawberry gelatin-like substance that the strawberries are usually floating in, this one is full of flavor and hold up well with no artificial colors.

  20. My favourite strawberry pie recipe is to simply hull the strawberries (leave several aside for decoration), chuck them in the blender/food processor, add plain pouring cream (no gelatine) – add about 100mls and then blend the strawberries and cream until they are smooth – you want the consistency of heavy yoghurt, just add more cream if needed. You can also add some sugar to taste – sifted icing sugar works well. Then, pop it into the fridge and prepare the pie crust – I whisk 225gm flour and 75gm almond meal to evenly distribute them, grate in 200g hard cold butter (like you would hard cheese – you can deep the butter lump in the flour so that it doesn’t become to slippery in your hands) – rub the butter in to the flour/almond meal mix. Then mix through 100g sugar and 2 egg yolks. Bring together into a ball and knead until you have a smooth dough. Let the dough rest for a bit (20 minutes) then roll it out onto a floured surface. Line the pie dish with your rolled out pastry and bake with pie weights at 180 celsius until it’s golden (25 minutes). Let it cool. Then spoon in your strawberry cream mix. Make it nice and swirly on top – add some of the strawberries you set aside – I usually chop them in half – and some shredded fresh mint leaves. It’s really refreshing and yummy on a hot summer’s eve! The strawberry cream mix is also lovely blobbed onto fresh scones (I think you call these biscuits in the US) or pikelets if you don’t want to make the pie shell. Or you can just eat it with a spoon – that’s good too ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. This is my favorite strawberry recipe:

    I find strawberry pies too runny, but this cake recipe is perfect.

  22. Gelato is my very favorite thing to do with strawberries, so next time you have a bowl…


  23. I’ve never made a straight-up strawberry pie, either (always strawberry-rhubarb!) but I do love strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream…

    Your disclaimer cracked me up, because when I saw “nesting” in the title the first thing I thought was that you were going to announce a pregnancy. Such an odd word – it *fits*, sometimes, better than any other word, but there is definitely a connotation to it. Whenever I use it on my blog I always follow up with “not *that* kind of nesting…”

    So glad you are taking the time now to settle in. This is a great time of year to do it, when you can throw open the windows, let in the sunshine and fresh air, and sweep the winter right out of your house. xo


    That link above is to a blogpost I posted several years back. This recipe was from an elderly neighbor who used to bring us strawberry pie every summer. I finally asked her for her recipe. This is definitely not a healthy recipe, but it is unbelievably good.

    • This is the best strawberry pie recipe! My family loves this pie. I make a dozen or so every spring when our strawberry’s are in abundance and give them away. I top them with homemade whipped cream before I serve a slice. (However, I do cheat and buy my crust ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  25. I was just looking at a King Arthur Flour recipe for “old-fashioned strawberry pie” which looks delicious. I’m jealous – here in NY we won’t have local berries for a long time yet!

  26. This is, hands down, our all-time favorite strawberry pie:

    The chopping is a little fussy, though perfect for small helping hands. But it can easily be made gluten-free with gf grahams, and is unlike any other I’ve had: bursting with fresh, juicy ripeness, with none of the faded glory so many strawberry pies seem to carry. I could eat one, entire.

    Enjoy your crop, Ginny!


  27. Good for you for using the regular ingredients for your pie. A little butter & sugar now and then never hurts. Enjoy your house overhaul! I know it must be a pain, but you will love it when you are done, I’m sure.

    Have a wonderful day Ginny!

  28. I like this recipe (although I sometimes use other crusts, like the one in Joy of Cooking): . I like her method for rolling out the dough.

    It’s a nice recipe/tutorial because it lays out a basic logic for making any fruit pie. Pie’s have always been more of a special event production for me. This recipe has made them feel natural and easy. For juicy berries like strawberries, I’d increase the thickener to 3 tbsp of cornstarch or tapioca. That, or leave as is, and if there happens to be a lot of extra juice at the end of baking you can spoon it over vanilla ice cream :).

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