Over the past few days we’ve had an incredible amount of rain.  When the downpour finally slowed to a stop yesterday, we loaded our stir crazy bunch in the van and headed out to explore a bit.  The river that runs through our town, the Rappahannock, reached flood stage, rising even higher than it was when I took my photos.  So many people were out along the river, lined up holding their phones in the air to take pictures.  One of my kids’ favorite parks was under water.  Thankfully, flooding is never an issue at our house and we didn’t sustain any damage.  The only thing that suffered was my mental health.  Evidently I can’t handle consecutive days of heavy rain.  I was so grateful for the sun today and all the green emerging rapidly all around us.  Winter is almost a distant memory.


  1. Wow.
    I used to live in Costa Rica, were it rains 9 months a year daily, and October can get up to 3 week of non-stop rain. It’s crazy, not my kind of thing either.

  2. Yes, we experienced the same flooding rains here too. Was quite the experience , 24″ in a matter of a few hours will indeed cause flash flooding. We’ve gone to purchase sandbags and fill them this afternoon for this weekend. Since the ground is saturated they are telling us it could be bad again.

  3. That water is amazing. The power of water, the pull it has on us to just look in awe, equally so. Glad there is no flooding at your place. Our driveway washes out a lot in the seasonal spring flooding. It’s crazy to witness so much water rushing through your yard in an afternoon & then the next day it’s gone (along with the driveway).

  4. Whoa, glad to know you are all safe!

  5. Wow. Great photo journey you took us on there.
    We are in a drought and I would so love a day or two like that.

  6. Is that Harrell Rd? I wanted to check it out but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to turn around in my 15 passenger van.

  7. Nancy M says:

    Glad you didn’t have damage. It’s always amazing to see pictures like that of flooding. I totally understand needing sunshine again and growing stir crazy when rain comes for several days in a row.

  8. Rappahannock is the coolest name for a river.

  9. christy says:

    Isn’t it funny how our moods coincide with the forecast. I’m in CT and we’ve had rainy overcast weather too. I

  10. I am always in awe of the power of nature, especially the weather. I suffer from gloomy day blues, too. ♥

  11. Ginny,DO I AGREE!!!Here in Massachusetts we have had 3 days in a row of downpour,the kids and I are climbing out of our skin!!!!We usually love a day here and there but 3 in a row was more than we could take,there are only so many art projects,cooking lesson etc one can take!!!Enjoy the sunshine!!!!:):)

  12. Meanwhile, in California we are about to start drought restrictions. Sigh.

  13. dairylady says:

    Glad you’re safe. Loved your pics and story, as always.

  14. Wow! That is a lot of water. Great photos! What are those beautiful purple flowers?
    P.S. I love the photo with the flippers!

    • Jennifer says:

      Not Ginny, but those purple flowers are Chinese wisteria. Beautiful to look at but it’s become a pretty invasive species, especially here in VA.

  15. I should say that was a downpour! I am glad that you guys are doing alright and that a sunny day is upon you!

  16. Wow, dramatic photos! It rained the other day like crazy here; I was talking to neighbours down the street and she and her son (they are older) were both up pacing in the middle of the night, watching the water come closer and closer to their place… thankfully they did not flood; ever since Sandy, they’ve been panicked about water… That much rain can be so hard for one’s mental state; I do understand; hope today is sunny; the birds are out, it’s sunny and Mr. Husband and I are working here at home with our Cleo Cat who is loving the open window! Blessings and wishes for LOTS OF SUN for you…

  17. Gabe’s death grip on Silas’s shirt?!? Love, love, LOVE!

  18. I can’t handle dreary cloudy days on end. We live high on a hill thankfully and so far no water damage. The sun was out yesterday and I went out to soak up the rays! I was instantly happy once again. Today we are back to clouds…

  19. Monique says:

    Good thing you do not leave in Western Washington. We live with rain most of the year-grey and cloudy -we have been blessed with sunshine all week. We feel like summer. Yay! As always I love your pictures.

  20. Oh wow! Thanks for those photos. Went to college in your town and lived there for several years. Miss Fred-Vegas and the river.

  21. okgran says:

    I wish we had some of that rain here in southern Okla. We are in a severe drought and have been for several years. Our ponds are dry. Love the pics. Thanks

  22. That is scary! I would not have ventured out. 🙂 We’ve also had plenty of rain in Ct. but not like this.

  23. That is some crazy flooding. I just love the flipper pictures!

  24. Such beautiful dramatic shots of it all / glad you are safe.

  25. Wow! We had flooding like that a couple years ago, nothing near our home thankfully. Glad you guys are safe. Rain actually makes me smile. I am an odd duck 🙂

  26. The image of your one child holding the shirt of your other child? That one brought tears to my eyes. So much power, forethought, and love in that grip. Beautiful!

  27. Wow, that’s a lot of water. Good to hear your home is ok. Lots of rain keeping you inside tends to get on my nerves as well. When it gets too bad, we just go outside anyway. Stamp in the puddles and dance in the drops. It helps 🙂

  28. Hope everyone in your town was safe and not too much damage to houses. The floods in the UK have been horrendous since Nov with thousands of homes and business’s lost. Keep safe.

  29. WHOA! Holy flood! I miss the rain. We get hardly any in LA.

    That picture of Gabe holding Silas’ shirt is so overprotective and sweet! I love it!

    I wish I could move into that beautiful old building in the 11th photo from the top! It’s so eerily beautiful!

    Hahah those flippers are too much! 🙂

  30. Anne Marie says:

    Wish we could get some of your rain here in the Midwest.

  31. I can’t handle consecutive days of rain or cloudiness either. I get depressed. But your photos always cheer me up even on those days! These are really nice. Love the wisteria!!! And those flippers! Oh my gosh those pics are so funny.

  32. beth lehman says:

    goodness…. much more rain than here in sw virginia… but still, when i saw the sun this morning, i almost cried with relief!! (also… i love driving around to look at devastation!! it is something my husband and i used to do while dating and in our early marriage, too!! hah!)

  33. I just love to browse through your photos. You most certainly have a gift–not only for photography, but for telling stories through them!

  34. Oh, ginny, that last photo!! Priceless.

    (And so glad you are on high ground!)

    If you have a chance, remind me: Larkspur’s pants? I remember you posting about them a while back, but would love to know the pattern (sewing, not fabric — though love that, also!!)

    Thanks, and all my best, Spring-ish thoughts to you.


    ps: ordered the Japanese cross-stitch book, after your recommendation last week. Awaiting it still (sold out!), but love love loved the simple, minimalist designs and colors. Thank you for referencing! Stay dry 🙂

    • Hi Molly! That pattern is from Carefree Clothes for Girls. It’s super fast and simple. I added the ruffle. I keep thinking that I will dust off my sewing machine and sew a few pairs for the girls, but Jonny has taken over my sewing desk! I love that cross stitch book-I hope your copy arrives soon!

      • Ha! I have that book! Even better 🙂 The ruffle and fabric change the look entirely, don’t they?

        Thanks, Ginny. I love the loose, flowy look (and, I imagine, feel) of these. I imagine they’re perfect for Spring. Will have to work up a pair or two. Now, if I could only get away with a pair for myself … 😉

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