Through Larkspur’s Lens

I think we’ve got a new resident photographer!  Larkspur has been using my old camera lately, and I always love seeing what she captures.  I love that first photo of Em-Em.  She looks completely alarmed as if she’s thinking, “Look at this mess!”  That’s the bedroom where Jonny is building the triple bunk bed (for forever it feels like) and I have forgotten what the floor looks like in that room.  I have a really hard time getting motivated to pick up the big messes that happen around home improvement projects.  I keep telling myself that soon the project will be finished and we’ll do a big clean up.  In the meantime, watch your step!  Anyway, the other thing I find funny, looking through all these photos, is the number of times that the camera focused on the fingerprints on the glass rather than what’s on the other side or the reflection in the mirror!  I guess it’s time to clean windows and mirrors.  But in all seriousness I wish I wasn’t so quick to notice the messes in the background (or foreground!)  Clearly, those aren’t what Larkspur was focusing on.

(I keep a 50 mm lens on that camera and set it on aperture priority with the aperture at 2.0 and the iso on auto.)


  1. It’s great for a girl her age to have this kind of interest in photography. I really like the photos where the camera focused on the smudges on the mirror—it gives the picture kind of an ethereal quality.

  2. It’s lovely to see her perspective – beautiful! Thank you for sharing these special pictures! Lena

  3. Wow…there is talent there!

  4. all pictures of happy moments!! hold on to them!!!
    kids are so very quickly adult
    do you have a Jack Russell dog?
    we just bought one
    it’s a female
    she is all electric at some moments , and totally calm and sweet the other
    after 4 weeks in our home, we love her as if she had always been here
    it’s good to have animals in the house with kids
    and you have
    one extra point to you!!!!!
    I wouldn’t change anything in your lifestyle!!!
    You’re a great mum!!!

  5. Jillian J. says:

    I love the picture of you and Job!

  6. Maybe you need to work harder to see your life through a child’s eyes. and you’ll be less hard on yourself. Because, what I see in your picture is mostly happy kids so you’re doing it right, right? You want to raise happy kids, not a clean house. 🙂

  7. I love the vantage point of a child’s eye. It reminds me of how differently they see the world.

  8. She took some beauties! The picture of you and Job, the shot of the lamp and bulbs, Em-Em’s sweet & serious face, the delicate hands lifting the cheery dress in such a ladylike way. Hooray for Larkspur, and thanks for sharing.

  9. love that last photo of the cat. 🙂

  10. Beautiful! She has great talent.. my faves- you and job and I like the one of your son playing

  11. Absolutely beautiful picture of you and the baby.

  12. Beautiful photos

  13. I love the photo of you and Job….so precious.

  14. So cute!

  15. This is a beautiful collection of photographs! Way to go, Larkspur. Don’t you love digital cameras? Can just let the little ones snap away with no worry of wasting film and development costs.

  16. P.S. If it’s handmade… would you mind sharing the details of the yellow dress? My daughter already requested one : {besides the red dress I’ve already promised her!}

  17. Good job! Love them all. Keep up the fun work Larkspur.

  18. Love these photos! Especially that one of Gabe dodging the camera 🙂

    That’s so funny, I didn’t even notice the fingerprints! I love the one of the kitty at the bottom. Such a pretty color.

  19. I didn’t see any fingerprints or watermarks or dust on any windows or mirrors…..
    …I saw beautiful pictures of a beautiful family and there warm and cozy home…
    everything sooooooooooooooo loved!!!!

  20. She really does have an eye for photography. I think she inherited yours because she seems to notice the same sorts of things you do, and which I’ve always enjoyed about your photography.

  21. She has a natural eye. And honestly I didn’t notice finger prints at all. (says the mom who sees them everywhere in her own house. 7 children will leave a lot of finger prints.everywhere. Plus the dog nose prints.)

  22. Oh, Ginny! This almost makes me want to upgrade my camera and pass my old one on to the kids. (It’s long since time I make that upgrade, but that pesky detail of dollars gets in the way…) Lovely to see the world though her eyes.

  23. Beauty through the eyes of one who sees the world so differently! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Those are not messes in the background. They are puzzle pieces of a very beautiful life.

  25. So sweet! And Larkspur is a very good photographer, that’s for sure! Your old camera is a Nikon D 90, right? I’m still working with a plain simple camera and truly love to take pictures. {Maybe it’s time to start saving.. ; ) } Thanks for bringing so much creativity and love into the world. Blessings,

  26. What heart-warming pictures Ginny. It inspires me to get a new battery for our old camera for my girls. I love that kids have such a unique perspective behind a lens – not looking at all at the mess – and that is necessary right now in my house.

  27. very lovely! hang in there! the job will get done, order restored… these are lovely days of Spring… and Bright Week! I hope you have a lovely week, despite the renovations! God keep you all!

  28. The one of you & Job is my favorite! So tender and you look so young!

  29. Ha! I did a post on Silje’s photographs today. We must be on the same wave length! I wish I had an old camera to give her, as she was just using mine. We were outside and in the barn when she was taking pictures, but this just reminded me that I should encourage her to take some indoor ones as well. Yikes, I bet she’ll find some messes in the background! 🙂

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