For weeks Job has been watching us all intently as we eat and over the past couple he has actually been trying to grab our spoons, forks, mugs, whatever it is he sees us bringing to our mouths.  He’s just shy of five months, but at eighteen pounds, I guess this boy is ready for a little something extra.  I wish I could say that his first bite of food was that pureed butternut squash, the only one left from last year’s garden.  A prize of sorts that I’ve been saving for something special.

But the truth is that about a week ago, Jonny and I fed him some mashed avocado with banana.  Jonny was under deadline.  I was sleep deprived.  We became convinced that Job would sleep that night if we gave him some food.  This happens with every single baby at some point.  We convince ourselves that if we go ahead and feed them something they will sleep better at night.  And I don’t mean eventually.  I mean we convince ourselves that the only thing standing between us and a good night’s sleep that very night is a few bites of pureed something.  It never works, and we never learn.  It’s good to have hope though.  We’re hopeful types, Jonny and I.

So no, the sweet photos of siblings participating in feeding Job from peeling the homegrown squash all the way to spooning it into his little mouth, they don’t depict his first meal.  His first meal was way late at night while Jonny’s buddy Greg watched via the magic of the internet.  And the sad truth is that Job didn’t really care for the squash that was so lovingly prepared a few days later.



  1. sweet baby boy. what a doll.
    I like that bib too. ; )

  2. Haha sweet little boy! That sucks he didn’t like the butternut squash puree you guys made! Maybe he was just dubious since none of you were eating it! 😀

  3. I have so many quart bags of frozen pureed squash. Oh my. Bananas and avocados, there worse things to start with! You do a wonderful job everyday!

  4. Job gets more adorable every time I drop by here 🙂 Such lovely photos Ginny!

  5. We caved too, and tried feeding solids to help with sleep, and, no, it didn’t really work 🙂 Cute pictures–especially the little helper lion!

  6. Oh you brought back memories of my second child. When she started eating solids she would say “mmm” with every bite. So memorable.

  7. I love the pictures with your children wearing the beautiful knitting that you made for them. I am trying desperately to finish a sweater that I started for my daughter in the fall, her birthday is in April and I want to finish so she can wear it before she outgrows it!

    Love the baby food pictures, especially the little lion in there.

  8. All these pictures are too cute! I also love the knitted sweater.

  9. It is all so true how we convince ourselves that this one bowl of food, served close enough to the much adult-desired bedtime, will somehow magically produce a sleep- through-the-night baby. I laughed reading your post today, because even though my youngest is 13 months now, I still fall into this mindset here and there. The avocado-banana mixture was my girls favorite to feed their baby sister, so much that they started calling it baby guac.

  10. I’m always amazed by early eaters since mine refused solids until 7 or 8 months. Happy eating, Job!

  11. Oh, so adorable! My heart just melted like butter. 🙂

  12. Adorable photos still. Mine were early eaters. They were both big boys and really liked to eat.

  13. Oh the days of trying to get some sleep with a baby! I remember them well, but I must say, I do not miss them! So sweet to see your whole family working together. Wonderful! I am new here and I am excited to see some of your older posts. You have a sweet family.

  14. Lori Ann says:

    How lucky Job is to have his siblings fussing over him! And Job looks so darling in all of his hand knits! Happy eating!

  15. 18 pounds! I thought he looked big 🙂 My littlest was 18 pounds at a year old and the biggest was nearly 26. So funny how they are all so different. That face says it all though, give me food! lol…..

  16. Yum! 🙂 I love the name Job, btw!

  17. The first night I brought my first born home my mother tried diligently to convince me to add baby cereal to her formula filled bottle. Oy. Avacado is a great first food, one of my favorites anyway!

  18. What a cutie Job is!

    Even with Holden turning 2 years old tomorrow, I’m still waiting for a full night of sleep. zzzzz….

  19. Kristin says:

    It never works, but for some reason our mothers keep telling us it will…for SURE she’ll sleep through the night if you feed her! feed her twice! no, give her some formula! don’t let her take long naps! we make ourselves crazy trying all the suggestions, hoping desperately that something works… my baby girl is 5 months and wakes up 5 times a night… not to nurse every time and can put herself back to sleep, but I’m still waking 5 times a night 🙁 I pray Job starts sleeping for you!

  20. How wonderful that the family got involved making the puree, it was lovely to see.

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