drumroll, please

Keats wanted his hair cut this week.  In fact, he wanted it shaved. I convinced him to just go short. When a child goes from shaggy to shaved it’s just hard on a mom, well this mom. It’s not because I prefer one hairdo to the other, but that I have a hard time with drastic change. I still remember the time that my mom dyed her hair bright orange-y red when I was about six years old. That rocked me.  Anyway, Silas decided that he wanted a haircut too. I realized that I might just be able to handle that after all, because truthfully the places that he cut on his own a couple weeks ago (right at his forehead and also right on the top of his head) were really bothering me.  Without letting myself think about it too much I started snipping.  It did kind of hurt to cut off those curls.  It took a lot of coaxing him to sit still, and two big pieces of dried mango, but I think his hair turned out pretty darn cute. I realized almost immediately, that because he was mostly bald until he was over a year old, he actually looks more like his baby self now than he did with the longer hair.

I’m so glad that I wrote about his curls though, and the way I felt about the whole thing.  Of course I saved one.

(Larkspur’s photo of me taking the previous photo.)

And guess who visited this week?  My brother, Dan!  He’s over on our side of the country for the second time in less than two months.  I don’t think he’d mind me mentioning that what’s pulling him this way is not my family, but a girl. 🙂  My parents drove up to meet this girl too (!!!) so we got to see them as well.  We had a great time visiting with everyone and I turned Dan into a beekeeper for a few minutes.  He wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, but Larkspur convinced him.  He jumped right in and was completely relaxed with the bees.  And now I can add his picture to my collection of friends and family in a bee suit.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the positive response I’m getting about the cowl raffle.  Thank you!!!

I’ve got a couple of giveaways running this weekend and I think you’ll like them, so please stop by!


  1. He looks like such a cute little man! I loved his curls, too and he’s not even my baby (OBVIOUSLY). But you did a great job! His haircut is too cute!

  2. Silas hair cut looks really cute, wondering what Keats looks like with really short hair.

  3. Oh, wow! I did not see this coming! He looks absolutely, adorably handsome with his new cut. 🙂

  4. Beautiful family, enjoy the peaceful pace of your blog.

  5. Gorgeous Silas !
    I think (for me) that’s exactly it, you get the real child face back when the hair is gone !

  6. I love the “picture of me taking a picture” I have a few sets of those that my mom and I took when I was about Larkspur’s age.
    So far I only have one girl, who now likes Disney’s Tangled, so there have been no child haircuts yet, and not in the near future either. I didn’t have my own hair cut (not counting trims) until I was 29, so kiddo haircuts are going to be so hard for me when they do come.

  7. The little one looking more like his baby self after his haircut – that’s just what I realised with a big shock when I finally cut my third boy’s hair (those curls were heading way down his back by then, and man did it take a lot to build myself up to cutting them off! ). It was such a comfort, to find that my boy looked more like my baby after all. Little Silas looks cute and little and just as much his own precious self as ever. Enjoy ruffling that sweet soft hair of his. x

  8. Great pictures. He really looks so much older. I now know how traumatized I’ll be when Iain wants his hair cut. Oh, that is a long way off so I’ll just not think about that for now.

  9. Emily T. says:

    Those baby curls were so sweet but gosh! Silas is such a sweetiepie nonetheless! So adorable with his new hair cut!

  10. I’m impressed by how clean your bees frames look. The first few times I open my hives in the Spring, they are so stuck together it takes a lot of scraping to get them looking that good. Your brother is such a good sport to jump right into the bee suit. As long as people aren’t afraid, they do seem to get into it in a surprising way. Peace!

  11. Pamela R says:

    I felt your earlier post. My middle son had the most amazing blond curls and wanted his head shaved. We went for it. He’s never gone back. It was much harder for me than for him. Golly, I loved those curls. He was much older than your cutie and really insistent. Thanks for sharing.

  12. OMG! From one picture to the next, Silas turned from the look of a toddler to that of a handsome little man! The change is incredible! Such a sweet little guy!
    I think all your kids have soft, gentle-looking eyes. Beautiful family! You are blessed!

  13. I just love the new haircut. He’s a doll.

  14. Silas is so adorable. I love his new haircut, it really brings out his eyes.

  15. Cute haircut, but, oh my goodness, he went from a toddler to a little boy in the matter of a haircut! You did an excellent job.

  16. His eyes are so very blue!!

  17. Silas looks like such a little boy now! I also know how you feel about the curls. Little Man’s just keep coming back, though…and I think they always will. I have a couple at the nape of my neck that are still quite prominent, even though I’m 34 years old.

  18. Oh, Ginny, he looks so adorable!! You did a great job! 🙂

  19. Oh how sweet! He looks so handsome with his new haircut! These pictures are so adorable!

  20. Corinne says:

    oh, just love the haircuts, your children are so cute!!
    really love those dresses the girls are wearing, love the yellow!
    how fun to have your brother regardless the reason, maybe things
    will work out with this girl and he’ll move close by and you can visit
    together much more often……….

  21. Adorable! It always amazes me how much older my kids look after a haircut.

  22. What a big boy he is!

  23. Oh my goodness Silas looks like such a big boy now! It’s so handsome. I would have felt the same about the curls as you did. But the new cut is great!

  24. My little guy always looks so grown up when we get him “buzzed”. It takes me awhile to get used to it. Silas is such a cutie!

  25. I love it! He looks soooo cute! You are a very brave Mama and you did a wonderful job!

  26. very cute and good, that hair cut! sometimes all of a sudden it is time and that is good. blessed weekend to you!

  27. Silas looks so sweet with his haircut! And Larkspur’s dress and pinafore are so adorable, I might add! Great pictures!

  28. That made me tear up! He looks so BIG!!!

  29. Love Silas’s hair cut – what a handsome boy! The kiddos are all growing so fast, great job documenting all the stages in your lovely pics. 🙂

  30. He looks very handsome and good for you for keeping a curl!

  31. love his new haircut, he looks so sweet and still just himself as always 🙂

  32. For some reason I love to have my babies’ hair short, maybe it accentuates the chubbiness of their cheeks? It was hard doing that first major short cut though, and I still like to have some longer bangs that curl up. Silas looks adorable with his big boy cut!

  33. I love seeing your bee pictures! 🙂 And your little guy looks fantastic with short hair.

  34. He looks GREAT! You really did a wonderful job. Have fun with your bees!

  35. Oh my goodness so grown up!

  36. Aw, child haircuts are hard on me too. Hello, bees! Awaiting my second hive soon 🙂

  37. Lori Ann says:

    Great post! And darling haircut – good job mom!

  38. Alice R. says:

    Oh, my goodness! Who is that handsome young fellow? Silas looks wonderful, and so very cute.

  39. Silas looks excellent! Great job! It always surprises me how acknowledging feelings helps them resolve. Good work.

  40. I love Silas’s new hair cut!!! What a surprise to see him getting a haircut after your recent post about the curls. He looks like quite the dapper young man! And Job is adorable (and big) as always!

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