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Seth asked yesterday why I was making green food for St. Patrick’s Day.  “You’ve never done that before,” he said.  It’s true, but I wanted to make an effort this year.  I requested St. Patrick’s Day books from the library and planned some green food, although I neglected to make the traditional corned beef and cabbage.  There were green apples in our oatmeal, and green avocado frosting on brownies.  Keats put spinach in the smoothies.

Two green smoothies later, as Larkspur and I sat trying to get through a reading lesson I noticed a cardinal outside the window behind her.  “Larkspur, look at that beautiful cardinal!”  She replied, “I’ve seen enough beautiful stuff.”  I think she was feeling a little sick because next she said, “I never want to see a green smoothie or green frosting again.  Green grass is fine, but no more green food.”

Next year, I’m going to follow a friend’s lead and just color the toilet water green.  Maybe I’ll try making corned beef and cabbage too.

Can you believe that snow?  I can’t.

(St. Patrick doll from Armadillo Dreams.)


  1. Wow….that picture of the cat in the snow. AMAZING!
    I love your inspired holiday cooking. I would never think to do that.

  2. The effort you’ve gone to is fab! I love that so many Americans celebrate our national holiday 🙂 Although if you’ve never had corned beef and cabbage before I wouldn’t be recommending, it definitely wouldn’t be a favourite of mine but if you’ve had it and you like it then go for it! Dyeing the toilet water green is hilarious! Great job 🙂

  3. Ever since someone colored the milk green in my college cafeteria, I’ve been averse to purposely green colored food. One of the priest-professors didn’t realize the milk was green until it squirted out on his cereal. He was Irish and he was completely and thoroughly disgusted and couldn’t bring himself to eat. As a girl I really hated being pinched if you weren’t wearing green. The only days I was safe were if St. Patrick’s was on a school day since the uniforms had green plaid. (But some years that wasn’t enough for some students and pinching prevailed). This year we did have corned beef, potatoes, cabbage and carrots for dinner. (Although my older, wise-acre sons said we should have cold potatoes and water in honor of the Irish famine). My girls made cupcakes with gummy worms (pseudo snakes) on top. Nothing green that wasn’t created green! St. Joseph Day is a bigger day in our family and thankfully all colors are celebratory for him.

  4. This recipe was great!! Thanks!

  5. I made ‘green eggs and ham’ one year, along with a lovely lemon meringue pie that was a colored a deep,grassy, green. My daughter–Larkspur’s age at the time–was not amused. So much for green food…

  6. Oh my goodness! I love the idea of dying the toilet water green! Much better than our food.

  7. My mom did ‘green’ foods for one St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately they did not coordinate well with each other…I do remember it though! I vote for the toilet water for next year and don’t tell them ahead!

  8. Very funny. I love your cat!

  9. This post made me giggle- the green food ideas AND Larkspur’s words!!

  10. “I’ve seen enough beautiful stuff.” 🙂 🙂 🙂 That made me LOL!!! Love that girl. xo

  11. I’m going to make the brownies with the black beans in it-for sure. I will make chocolate frosting instesd.

  12. Poor Larkspur! I hope she is feeling better today. I LOVE all your green ideas. I never thought to make the toilet water green 🙂

  13. Oh dear Ginny! Hang in there! Today it is in the 40’s here and we’re calling it “spring,” fully mindful (and slightly terrified) of winter waiting in the wings to stomp all over us once more. This summer, I solemnly promise never to complain about humidity or lack of air conditioning. Not once.

  14. ha! We did not do green food. I told the boys people usually wear green, after reading where the green tradition comes from I was a little more into it. Probably not food though 🙂

  15. LOL…love the green toilet water! You are good , all that natural green to color up St.Patty’s day…you go girl. Funny thing the Irish { Ireland Irish} would cringe at dying things green. Corn beef and cabbage is not even an Ireland Irish meal, and St. Patty’s was strictly a Catholic Holiday, bars/pubs were closed on St. Patty’s day till the 1970’s. Most of the celebration is an American celebration. And on St.Patty’s even if your not Irish, you are on this day. Loved the post!

    • Very true! The Irish wear green, drink a few Guiness, go in a parade and that’s about it. Corned beef and cabbage is not an option. They’re very amused by American traditions. They don’t say Patty’s either- it’s Paddy’s Day. 🙂

  16. You ready did buried in snow. incredible. 🙂

  17. jennyann1126 says:

    I made green frosting for our cinnamon rolls and it was horrible. It was dyed with a natural green food color and tasted like cabbage. Fitting for the day but not our consumption! I brine our own beef roast to make corned beef and it is super tasty and easy. We don’t eat chemical nitrates so we use celery juice and whey. Here is the recipe I use.

  18. I hear you, by mid-march the winter’s snow gets a little old… Still, beautiful to photograph! Love your photography!

  19. While I was out last night my husband made green smoothies for our girls. Only he added green and blue dye! Nasty! One of them is very sick to her stomach today! Not to be too gross but it looks like a smurf used our bathroom.

  20. That is a lot of chia seeds in your oatmeal. What are you making?

    I absolutely love the photo of the cat! Perfect capture of it striding along. We had a lovely spring day yesterday and overnight a storm came, covering us in a thick, wet snow. When I first saw your title and the photos of the snow, I thought that was what you were saying “no more” to! I sure am saying that!

  21. You have more snow than we do in Connecticut. But your will melt fast. 🙂

  22. christine says:

    No green food here…I always thought you had to use green food coloring in everything…I sure like how you did it all with natural green food. I love the toilet water idea!

  23. Every year, I say I’m going to do more for St Patrick’s day, but never do. I made cottage pie this year, with coleslaw on the side, that was more than enough.

    I found your blog the other day- it’s lovely 🙂

  24. Aw, Kitty Cat doesn’t look amused! Spring is taking her time getting here, isn’t she?! Hmm,…green toilet water. May have to try that one next year, too. 🙂

  25. Green toilet water – inspired! I always make corned beef and cabbage in the crockpot, but I roasted it long and slow this year and it was so much better that I will never make it any other way again. I roasted the cabbage after the beef came out. In fact, I’ll be looking for corned beef to go on sale after St Patrick enthusiasm wanes so I can stock up.

  26. Green toilet water! What a great idea….

  27. The frosting was a big hit here, well, with me anyway, I loved it.
    Snow? All I got was rain ;(

    • It was good! Just too sweet for Larkspur! I was impressed with how green it was, and with the fact that it was still green at the end of the day. I expected it to turn brown the way avocados do.

  28. Que blog tan bonito…

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