Archives for March 31, 2014

When it’s important

Keats and I had our tickets for months.  I bought them the day they went on sale and managed to get pretty great seats.  I was paranoid that I would lose them somehow and kept checking to make sure they were still in my desk. I have a habit of putting important things in safe places, only to realize later that I can’t remember where those places are.  Keats double checked that the tickets were in my purse on the way to the concert.  I parked a good distance from the auditorium and we raced across the campus in the rain.  I asked strangers along the way if we were headed in the right direction.  I had to stop myself after the second one though because I didn’t want to embarrass Keats with my craziness.  We made it in plenty of time only to be struck by a wave of terror standing in line as we worried that Keats hadn’t replaced the tickets in my purse.  Thank goodness, he had.  As we settled into our seats I told him, “See, I can get us places on time when it’s really important.”  He replied, “Yeah, but only if it’s really important.”  Hey, better than never.

As Mr. Perlman walked out onto stage everyone rose to their feet applauding him.  My heart swelled and I had to fight happy tears.  I wonder how many others felt the same?   He played a Beethoven violin concerto with the orchestra and his performance was nothing short of breathtaking.  As Keats and I walked across the campus in the rain afterwards it felt like we were leaving another world.  Keats said, “I can’t believe I’ve been waiting for this concert for nearly two years and now it’s over.”  I can’t believe I got to take him to begin with.  I didn’t grow up going to concerts.

Back to reality.  Jonny is still working on the bunkbeds.  He had to take a break so the going has been slow.   But progress is progress.  I’m working to clean out little parts of the house that became disorganized while I was pregnant with Job and in the months after his birth.  It’s slow going.  I keep telling myself that everything will come together in a couple of months.

The weather was crazy here this weekend.  Baseball was cancelled due to rain.  The rain ended up mixing with snow on Sunday.  But this week is supposed to be beautiful.  Every spring I feel like a new person, and I think that spring is really here now.