Archives for March 25, 2014

Honey? Honey!

I get teased a little for taking so many photos of our beehives.  “Here are my beehives on Monday, and here they are on Tuesday when the sun was shining.  And wait, here’s another from Wednesday when it was cloudy out.”  I can’t really help it.  The bees make me happy.  Bees that are still alive after a long winter make me really happy.  Sadly the little swarm that we tried to overwinter in the hen house died just a few weeks ago.  But considering that all of our bees died our first year keeping bees, we are thrilled to be heading into spring with two living overwintered hives.  We opened the hives up on Monday to take our first real peek inside since last fall.  The Candleford bees (brown hive) were happy as can be and appeared to have plenty to eat.  We were only taking a quick look, but the frames we saw were full of capped honey.  We’re hopeful that we will end up with some honey for ourselves this year!  That’s exciting and overwhelming all at once.  We were more concerned about our Lark Rise bees (blue hive) given that they swarmed late last summer.  We only saw a little bit of honey when we opened them up and the bees were agitated over our intrusion.  Jonny noted eggs in one of the frames and then he quickly closed them up as I walked backwards up the hill.  Ornery bees make me nervous.  We’ve got several cold days ahead of us, so we made the decision to go ahead and feed the Lark Rise bees.  We’ll have work to do in the next few weeks, especially since we have another package of bees arriving sometime in early April!

Keats grabbed my camera yesterday and filled my memory card with a bunch of overexposed photos, but that top one, he sure got lucky with that.  I love it!!!  Beatrix took the second one.  She was trying to capture the green haze that is spreading just a little each day.  We actually have snow in the forecast right now, but I’m just going to ignore that.

updated to add:  It is totally snowing outside.  My ignoring the forecast didn’t work.