Archives for March 18, 2014

No more

Seth asked yesterday why I was making green food for St. Patrick’s Day.  “You’ve never done that before,” he said.  It’s true, but I wanted to make an effort this year.  I requested St. Patrick’s Day books from the library and planned some green food, although I neglected to make the traditional corned beef and cabbage.  There were green apples in our oatmeal, and green avocado frosting on brownies.  Keats put spinach in the smoothies.

Two green smoothies later, as Larkspur and I sat trying to get through a reading lesson I noticed a cardinal outside the window behind her.  “Larkspur, look at that beautiful cardinal!”  She replied, “I’ve seen enough beautiful stuff.”  I think she was feeling a little sick because next she said, “I never want to see a green smoothie or green frosting again.  Green grass is fine, but no more green food.”

Next year, I’m going to follow a friend’s lead and just color the toilet water green.  Maybe I’ll try making corned beef and cabbage too.

Can you believe that snow?  I can’t.

(St. Patrick doll from Armadillo Dreams.)