Archives for March 13, 2014

Birthday Terra

I ended up giving Larkspur her birthday shawl a couple of days before her birthday.  It was cold and snowy, and considering the fact that she saw her shawl blocking on the big desk in the living room, it was silly not to go ahead and let her have it.  She’s been walking around with it around her shoulders ever since.  I’m good about letting my kids wear their handknits and not worrying too much about them getting ruined.  But, I did ask Larkspur to mostly keep the shawl indoors because she has a tendency to fling things around and we have lots of thorny greenbriar and blackberry plants.  At some point I questioned myself on why I was knitting an adult sized shawl for an eight year old, but Larkspur loves how big it is.  She says she’ll have it forever.

Ravelry notes here, and yarn is here.