Welcome February Sponsors

Welcome to both new and returning sponsors!

handmade leather shoes
Aurora Shoe Co. :: We are a small group of dedicated artisans who have been making shoes in our rural, upstate New York town since the early 1990s. Our shoes are like our surroundings – beautiful in their simplicity and organic in their form. We use American made materials and assemble all of our shoes in house and by hand. With a focus on comfort, durability and quality American materials, we are proud to create shoes that reflect your values and lifestyle.

vintage posters
a Vintage Poster ::  I started A Vintage Poster in 2010 to offer simple, happy prints that would liven up any space. Since I was broke and in college, I also wanted them to be affordable. There are over 75 designs currently available, including customizable marriage and birth announcements. Each print is available in three sizes and twenty-five delicious colors.

metal detectors
Garrett Metal Detectors ::  Garrett metal detectors was founded by Charles and Eleanor Garrett in 1964 on the principal of making the best metal detectors and selling them at a fair and reasonable cost.  Since that time, they have been dedicated to making sure their customers are their number one priority.  Garrett’s mission is to continue the tradition of building great hobby and security detectors for many generations to come.

Armadillo Dreams
Armadillo Dreams ::  Armadillo Dreams makes waldorf inspired handmade wooden toys for all ages. The handmade wooden toys we sell are made from natural materials, friendly for little hands and are handcrafted with love!



Thank you to all of my sponsors for your continued support. If you are interested in sponsorship for your business, please contact me!