Waiting for the snow to fly

Keats turned eleven this week.  We celebrated quietly at home (He’ll have a few friends over for cake this weekend.)  Before opening his gifts, he requested his birthday crown, a good sign that he’s not too grown up yet.  The day after his birthday he and I found ourselves driving downtown after an errand and decided to make a quick stop to walk the grounds at Kenmore.  We were within an hour or so of the start of the impending big snowstorm and hoping to see the first flakes fly.  We did see them.  And then we scurried to the car, our frozen fingers thawing on the drive home.  This morning there is a thick blanket of snow on the ground.  A real snow day.


  1. I just realized that you live very close to my parents and cousins! I love the downtown area – so historic, so charming. I live across the country in Seattle, which has it’s own type of charming, but definitely different from the East Coast.

    Looks like Keats had a great birthday surrounded by loved ones. I don’t have children of my own yet, but I love the birthday crowns and will definitely include that in future birthday rituals. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Happy Birthday Keats! Enjoy the snow!

  3. Happy birthday, Keats! Thanks for letting your mom share your wonderful world with the rest of us. You have a very special wonderful family.
    Enjoy your snow.

  4. What an awesome day :-). Happy Birthday!!!

  5. happy day, keats!!!! (celebrate all week long if you can!) have fun in the snow, too!!!!

  6. Happy birthday Keats. Enjoy the snow, all we got was rain and ice down here.

  7. Happy Birthday Keats! What lovely gifts. I’m going to have to go find that cd now! We love cello music around here but I think it’s time to branch out a bit.

  8. Happy birthday Keats – may you never be too old to wear your birthday crown. Love Leanne from New Zealand.

  9. Such a lovely birthday. Happy Birthday to you Keats! You seem like such a nice young man.

    We have all of the snow in SC. Ugh. Way, way too much. It’s really pretty but now I’m over it.

  10. Happy Birthday, Keats! Looks like you got some great musical gifts (we have that same Rachel Barton Pine)! Enjoy your snow day!

  11. Happy Birthday to your boy! Great violin gifts– (I am a for-now-stay-at-home-with-my-babies Professional Violinist). Rachel Barton Pine is a friend of mine. Blessed to see so many worlds intertwined.

  12. happy birthday to your sweet keats! my oldest son will be 11 next month and i’m still trying to wrap my head around it 😉

  13. What a lovely birthday and that home is gorgeous. I’d never heard of Kenmore so I had to google it, sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

  14. Congrats!

  15. happy birthday to keats! !that last show is amazing!! and i’m guess a ‘blanket of snow’ is probably a gross understatement!!! we have more than 14 inches currently in blacksburg!! and it’s snowing again at the moment. we’re all headed out to sled.

  16. Happy birthday Keats! 11 is such a special age, my Adam is 11 too:-)
    Enjoy the snow!!

  17. Happy birthday, Keats! May you always be so full of life!

  18. happy birthday! Stay warm today, we are getting lots of snow as well, it still looks pretty to me. I keep waiting to see if the novelty will wear off and so far it hasn’t.

  19. This is so cool…..I used to live a couple blocks over from Kenmore (I went to Mary Wash). I’d walk right by it on my almost daily walks. Great place! I’m sure I’ll take my children one day when I show them around my old neighborhood……a great place to walk. Hope you guys are staying warm!

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