We live hundreds of miles from our family so visits are somewhat rare.  To share a holiday or a birthday is even rarer.  I was thrilled when my dad called to tell me that he and his wife were planning to spend his sixtieth birthday with us.  What a privilege!  There were homemade cards, beekeeping discussions (he’s nearly convinced,) a visit to a favorite local museum, bowling, dinner out, fireworks and finally cake.  I hope we gave him a birthday celebration that demonstrated how much we love him, and worthy of six decades.


  1. I’m not sure why…but it brought tears to my eyes! Simple joys! <3

  2. I want cake!! So special to spend his day with him. How I long to see my daddy. You really do look like your dad Ginny.

  3. Wow. So beautiful. I love (and feel so good from) your photos. I haven’t visited here in so long- it’s on my list again.

  4. How wonderful!!! That little museum looks super cool.

  5. It look like a lovely time, I’m sure he felt the love.

  6. It is difficult to be so far away from our loved ones. I am so pleased you were able to spend your Dad’s special birthday with him. We are moving home to be nearer to my parents and I cannot wait to be able to share normal daily life with them once again. Its been a long 20 yrs away for us. xxx

  7. you and your dad look a lot alike 🙂 I know he loved his birthday celebration!!

  8. Your Dad is very lucky to have you for a daughter and all the wonderful grandchildren, and son in law!. It sounds like a perfect way to be 60, and I should know.

  9. My, my, you sure do look like your Dad! Lovely post!

  10. What a special treat your dad’s visit must have been. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the picture of the two of you…you look a lot alike.

  11. Happy Birthday to your dad! Our fathers seem to share the same birthday and we were able to celebrate with him this year also. (what a coincidence!) It looks like you all had a wonderful day.

  12. That is so special – I hope he had a great birthday. 🙂

  13. I know how special that must have been. My father turned 75 yesterday and we would have loved to have celebrated it with him. Thankfully with Facetime, we could at least see his face!!! The cake looks wonderful. You look a lot like your dad.

  14. Wow your Dad looks so young! You look a lot like him. That museum looks so interesting, I love the arrowheads.

  15. Elizabeth P says:

    What a wonderful treat. Time with extended family is sweeter, perhaps, when it is hard to come by. What a nice celebration!

  16. Sounds like it was a wonderful way to celebrate turning 60! Happy birthday wishes to your Dad.

  17. A lovely photo of you and your Dad, Ginny. So glad you and he were able to share his special day!

  18. That looks so fun! Happy birthday Ginny’s dad!

    P.S. is it just me or does your dad look like Tom Hanks?

  19. How fun! Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures. You look a lot like your dad, and you both look so happy together.

  20. Wow, Ginny, these pictures are great! You could send them into National Geographic. They would have a hard time choosing which one to print, though! xoxo

  21. Precious. 🙂 You look a lot like your dad to me. What a special birthday to celebrate with him!

  22. Awww the picture of you and your Dad is so good!!

  23. That’s just wonderful in every way. Lucky you – lucky him!

  24. Beautiful.

  25. WOW Happy birthday to your Dad, what a wonderful day for him. I would love to go that museum! I love American history and Civil War era is a fav. My Mom and I were going to follow my great great grandfather down from PA> to Missouri during the war. He was the tallest Union officer, a COL. I believe. My Mom died and I hope to do this trip sometime with my sister. We have his pocket watch as a starting point 😉

  26. Looks like a great 60th birthday with family. You are definitely your father’s daughter – you look so much like your dad.

  27. How wonderful! It looks like a wonderful day together.
    My goodness, you look just like your dad!

  28. Lovely family time that is so rare! Blessed! There were a lot of comments in your last post, so to make sure mine didn’t get lost I wanted to let you know again that I nominated your blog for an award. Check my latest post for the details.

  29. May God give him many years health and salvation! (as we sing to people at our church for their birthday or name day) :)… lovely photos! so glad you had this time. A treasure for sure.

  30. Aww, I love this. Your dad looks different than I imagined, but of course, now that I’ve seen his picture, I can’t think what I could’ve imagined. I’m so glad you got to celebrate with him.

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