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Welcome March

Welcome to the newest Small Things sponsors!

children's wallet cards
SO Awesome offers gorgeous, educational, nontoxic, extremely durable card sets designed for how kids play and work. Owned by Michigan-based Graphic Designer, Marie-Claire Camp, momma of twin boys, and Montessori enthusiast.

vintage inspired stationery
Hi, I am Jennifer, the owner of Petite Paperie. I have always enjoyed vintage images and paper products and those two passions inspired Petite Paperie, a store specializing in vintage-inspired stationery, stickers, tags and digital images. It is so fun to see all the beautiful crafts made from the digital downloads offered in my shop and it always puts a smile on my face knowing that the stationery I create is used to send special messages to your family and friends.

handmade quilt art
Always intrigued by fabric arts, Cory started her business, Lady Cordelia Designs, making eclectic quilts and bibs. From there, things naturally morphed into making what she calls “Sewn Sketches.” A Sewn Sketch is a hand-sewn art piece made from material scraps, thread, embroidery thread, yarn and a piece of cotton muslin. (A sewn sketch is wall art to be framed.) Cory also makes unique baby and child-sized quilts that incorporate both a modern yet old-fashioned feel. Everything Cory makes is filled with consciousness and love.

restore workshop
The Restore Workshop is a six week online course geared towards adult women who have struggled or are struggling with or want to avoid burnout. It is for any woman who wants to nurture joy within her life and the lives of those around her.


And welcome back!

wooly moss roots
Wooly Moss Roots is a small family business.  We create with our hands on our homestead in coastal Oregon. We offer artisan buttons to make your handmades, that you pour so much time and energy into, even more special. We create high quality wooden buttons for knitters, sewers, crafters and creative people of all kinds and we’re happy to create custom buttons for projects. We also offer natural body care, including herbal salves and solid perfumes. We are excited to introduce some new things in our shop: fabric buttons (the most affordable buttons we offer), pure filtered beeswax, and wooden shawl pins.

{If you are interested in sponsorship for your business, please email me! You can download my sponsorship policies and rates here. Thank you all for your continued support!}

A Little Way

20140224-DSC_9359I can sense the coming of spring, although we keep having snow showers here.  On Tuesday the flakes were especially big and beautiful.  They melted almost as quickly as they covered the ground, remaining for just a little while on the tips of dry branches and plants.  As much as I am ready for warm weather, I know that spring is going to land suddenly and I won’t be ready.  Jonny and I are talking about scaling back in the garden this year, planting less for us, more for the bees.  But then, we can’t decided what not to plant.  We’ll probably do too much as usual, and end up with an overgrown mess because we can’t keep up with it all.  The travel baseball schedule is in, and it looks like it will dominate our weekends through early June.  That commitment is a hard one for me to accept.  I hate to miss watching the boys play, but I rely on weekends to regroup at the end of the week.  I’m sure we’ll strike a balance somehow.

I’m getting ahead of myself, stressing about a busy schedule that doesn’t start for another month.  Lent begins in less than a week.  I have a definite theme, one that evolved with the help of some friends.  I’m thinking small.  I’m thinking of St. Therese because I need her ‘little way’ right now more than ever.  It all started when a friend asked for family reading suggestions for Lent.  I mentioned Bringing Lent home with Mother Theresa and she answered that there is a new book out now, featuring the words and life of St. Therese.  She went on to recommend Shirt of Flame: A Year with Saint Therese of Lisieux.  And then she even mailed me her copy.  St. Therese’s message, that it’s not the greatness of our actions nor their difficulty, but the love with which we do them, is universal in its reach.  Her little way is accessible to a child just as it is to an adult.  We could all afford to love more.  So in these coming weeks I will pray for the grace I need to fill my every action with love, whether I’m cleaning a toilet, wiping a nose, or interacting with someone whom I find difficult to get along with.  I will encourage this family of mine, stir crazy and bickering as we near the end of winter, to join me.  While it seems that every year I start Lent with great intentions and end up falling short, I pray that by focusing on the small things this year, that we will emerge as a family with a strengthened faith, a deepened prayer life, and a greater love for Jesus and each other.  Oh dear, that doesn’t sound small at all.  Let me step back from the big picture, and focus instead on just doing the next thing, and doing it with love.

Our Lenten Booklist includes:  Shirt of Flame (for me) Bringing Lent Home with St. Therese of Lisieux (daily family prayers and devotions), The Little Flower (family read aloud), and the first six books in the Catholic Children’s Treasure Box which feature stories of Saint Therese’s childhood along with pictures (perfect for the younger kids.)  I’ve bought a few little reminders as well including some vintage holy cards and St. Therese bracelets for the girls.  I have sets of sacrifice beads hidden away for each of them as well for when they are ready.  I added my Lenten Booklist to the sidebar.  It includes the books we are reading this year, along with some from year’s past.  I especially recommend A Family Journey with Jesus Through Lent.